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 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte chats live Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.
TCU Moderator: Welcome to today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. We'll begin shortly.

Jeff (League City, Texas): What would you think about teaming up with the Big 12 Conference and set up a TCU/Big 12 storefront in downtown Fort Worth maybe by the Cowboys store?
Chris Del Conte: That's a great idea. You might recall that we teamed with Texas this past year for the co-op store in Montgomery Plaza called House Divided, where we sell great TCU merchandise.

Jeff (League City, Texas): What did you find out about traveling trophies between TCU & UT, Tech, OU? Sam Houston's rifle,2 six shooters, indian tomahawk.Great post game photos.
Chris Del Conte: That's been a topic of conversation, but we have yet to formalize anything. I do like your suggestions.

Monument, CO: What will it take to get fans back to Daniel Meyer Coliseum? What if we were to re-name the court "the Pond" kinda like New Mexico has "the Pit". Any talk about when we will upgrade this facility?
Chris Del Conte: As our teams improve on the court, we know the fans will follow. We're in the process of a major redesign of the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum and hope to have a facility we can all be proud of in the near future.

Greg (Fort Worth): Can we expect to see a bigger video board at Lupton anytime soon?
Chris Del Conte: As part of our renovation project, we are doing new indoor cages and tiered seating down the rightfield line. We'll also be doing a new locker room and training room in the near future. A new video board is currently not on the docket.

Damon Hickman (Burleson): I noticed the SEC had their logo on their bowl teams, however the BIG12 logo wasn't on the Frogs, or other BIG12 teams, as best I could tell. Will this change in the future?
Chris Del Conte: This has been discussed among Big 12 athletics directors and will be on the agenda at our winter meetings.

Pat (Arlington,TX): When will current football season ticket holders be given the chance to put in a request for different seats for 2013? Have you determined the procedure for our requests? I understand the priority point ranking system, but that is not my question. I'm referring to whether our requests will be made in writing, and your staff will select our seats? Or will we have the opportunity to select seats from what is available at the time (as we did last year)?
Chris Del Conte: Thanks for the great question. We're in the process of putting together our renewal information. Keep an eye out for it in mid-February. Each season-ticket holder will have an opportunity to let us know they're interested in a change or upgrade to their seats. After the renewal period is over, and you did request an upgrade or change, you'll use the online Ballena system that was implemented and utilized last year.

Keith Robinson (Fort Worth): Who are you pulling for in the Super Bowl?
Chris Del Conte: I'm an NFC fan.

Darren: Any update on putting the TCU in the upper deck on the west side?
Chris Del Conte: The plan is to have that done this spring as we install bench backs throughout the stadium, except for the lower bowl.

Justin (Dallas): Any word on whether the LSU game will be a part of next year's season ticket package?
Chris Del Conte: The LSU game will not be part of the season-ticket package, but you will have the opportunity to request tickets during the renewal period.

Dustin (Fort Worth): I'm assuming that there won't be a spring game because of the new grass being put in at the stadium. Will there be a spring sale this year?
Chris Del Conte: You can count on a Spring Sale around the first week of April. As far as a Spring Game, no determination has been made yet.

Snoop- Fort Worth: Has there ever been any consideration to painting to endzones of the stadium purple for one of the headline games next football season?
Chris Del Conte: It's been a topic of discussion.

Fort Worth: Now that TCU is in the Big12, will softball be added to the program? Softball is big in the Big12! Bring on softball :)
Chris Del Conte: We are currently undergoing a study to determine which sports, if any, we add.

Jonathan: What plans does TCU Athletics have to improve ticket usage by season ticket holders in the lower bowl between the 40s?
Chris Del Conte: We're well aware of the issue. As we go through the renewal process, we'll encourage our fans on the importance of filling their seats each game.

Jonathan: What is the policy on monitoring athletes' social media? What is protocol when something inappropriate is posted? I've seem some questionable stuff!

Jonathan: What is the policy on monitoring athletes' social media? What is protocol when something inappropriate is posted? I've seem some questionable stuff!
Chris Del Conte: We constantly monitor our student-athletes' social media postings. It's an ongoing process. If you see something that's inappropriate, please contact my office.

Carleton Hurdle: So are you saying our season football tickets from 2012 are thrown back in the ticket pool to go through the same selection process as last year?
Chris Del Conte: No. Each season-ticket holder will have an opportunity to renew their current seats. You must first renew your seats to be eligible to move or upgrade to another area in the stadium.

Scott (Austin): Has a final decision been made about the fate of our Horned Frog logo? I love how open your Department is to the fans, but it seems this is one area where secrecy reigns.
Chris Del Conte: Any new Horned Frog logo has been put to bed. We're sticking with our current logos.

Bobby (Clear Springs): What is the best kept secret right now in TCU Athletics (team, student-athlete, cause, etc.)
Chris Del Conte: I would say two things. First, our culture of creating a true family environment. Second, our academic success.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. Thanks for joining us. We'll talk again next month.

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