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 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte chats live Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.
TCU Moderator: We will begin today's chat in 5 minutes.

Rhino: Heard TCU is going to go D1 in hockey. Can you confirm this?
Chris Del Conte: Ice or field? No truth to the rumor on either one.

Shane: With the B1G being so public about expansion, Are we (Big 12 )prepared to make meaningful additions?
Chris Del Conte: As Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby has said on several occasions, we are happy with 10 members. However, the league does always keep an eye on the future landscape of college athletics.

Travis, Prosper: Since the regular admission season tickets for baseball are once again sold out this season, which is a great thing, have you thought about offering a GA family season ticket package? (I'd buy 5 right now if were put together) I am mindful about earning my Frog Club priority points, and it would also be nice if this package was tied into that system as well. Thank you and keep the movie quotes coming!
Chris Del Conte: Thank you for the suggestion. This is something we will certainly consider in the future.

JT (Fort Worth): Has the Athletics Department given any consideration to adding wrestling and softball? Both are great Big XII sports, and scholarships could balance.
Chris Del Conte: As I have mentioned in the past, we are reviewing our entire athletic department now that we have moved into the Big 12. We will take your suggestions under consideration.

Jake (FW): Will there be a spring game this year? Can you at least please tell us your gut feeling? Great way to keep the fans interested and involved.
Chris Del Conte: Due to field contruction at Amon G. Carter Stadium, opportunities to hold a spring game are still being reviewed.

Harry in Granbury: I believe attendance at men's & woman's basketball games would improve with better/more parking. Any changes coming there? Would help stunent parking also.
Chris Del Conte: We understand that we have limited parking around Daniel-Meyer Coliseum but hope that the future addition of a parking garage to campus will help to alleviate some of those issues.

Damon (Burleson): When are football parking renewals being sent out?
Chris Del Conte: I anticipate parking and ticket renewls will be sent out within the next week or two.
Chris Del Conte: Our Marketing Department will send out final information at a later date, but we tentatively are planning on holding the Spring Sale on April 6, the same day as our Football Banquet.

Pierre (Fort Worth): What is your impression of the performance of the men's golf team so far this season? Does Wild Bill's Horned Frogs have a chance at nationals?
Chris Del Conte: Our golf team in on fire right now! If they keep playing the way they have so far this spring, a national title certainly is within reach.

Johnny (Dallas): Are you headed up to Lawrence this weekend to watch the Frogs at Allen Fieldhouse?
Chris Del Conte: Sure am. Can't wait.

Jeff (Parts Unknown): The new berm looks great, but have there ever been any thoughts about adding outfield seating to Lupton?
Chris Del Conte: I agree the berm looks great. Phase 2 of our Lupton Stadium project does include the addition of outfield seating.

Kenny (Euless): Do you sometimes look around and think - Wow - TCU is a different place from when I first got here?
Chris Del Conte: I tell everyone the same thing. Chancellor Boschini has helped to transform TCU into one of the most beautiful campuses in the country in a very short period of time.

John (Fort Worth): Would it be possible to expand electronic ticketing with baseball to StubHub as we do with football? It's currently next to impossible to trade baseball tickets on StubHub.
Chris Del Conte: Once our stadium renovations are complete, you can count on electronic ticketing at Lupton Stadium.

Tommy G. (Fort Worth, TX): Who were your role models in the profession as you aspired to be an AD? What advice do you have for others?
Chris Del Conte: In addition to my parents, my biggest role models have probably been the previous AD's who I have worked with: Jim Livengood (Arizona), Rick Dixon (Washington State) and John McCutcheon (UMass).

Donny (Brock): What's next on our facility list after DMC?
Chris Del Conte: Let's just get the DMC done before we worry about what's next.

Jerry Russell (FW): What makes you most proud to be a Horned Frog?
Chris Del Conte: What I enjoy the most is watching our student-athletes graduate.

Kelly Clark (Houston, Texas): Is TCU rifle going back to back on national Championships?
Chris Del Conte: That's Coach Monez's plan.

Jeff Spicoli (Ridgemont High School): Did our football team recruit my friend Charles Jefferson?
Chris Del Conte: Are we are talking about Charles Jefferson, one of the top recruits in America? If I recall correctly, didn't he drive a silver Trans Am that's currently in the repair shop?

Chris (DFW): What's our next biggest challenge as Horned Frogs?
Chris Del Conte: I think our biggest challege is to field competitive teams that are challening for championships, both at the Big 12 and national levels.

Ron (Ft Worth): Find an answer to get people to come to basketball games! Our kids play hard and deserve better. Athletic marketing dept is not doing their job!
Chris Del Conte: I agree that our student-athletes are playing hard. However, I can assure you that our Athletics Marketing department is working diligently to promote our basketball programs on a daily basis.

Kip (Round Rock): Any chance we can get replays on the video board at basketball? Think it could really help crowd atmosphere.
Chris Del Conte: I don't know if you've been to one of our recent games, but we have tried to address that issue. Replays are shown more frequently now.
Chris Del Conte: We used to have a training table in the past for our student-athletes, but our coaches felt that the services provided by the new Brown-Lupton University Union are second to none.

Keith (Weatherford): How come TCU doesn't have a training table for its football players? I think that would be a great recruiting tool.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's chat. Please be sure to join us next time.

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