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 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte chats live Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.
TCU Moderator: Welcome to today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte.

Matt (Mansfield): Are seat backs still being added throughout the stadium except on the lower bowl? The only stadium work I've heard about recently is the new grass being put in.
Chris Del Conte: We'll be adding the bench backs this summer.

Colorado Springs: What will be the new capacity of Daniel Meyer Coliseum after the 45 million dollar renovation? How does this compare to other arenas in the Big 12??
Chris Del Conte: The capacity will be about 7,500 seats, which is a perfect size for us. When the renovation is done, we'll have one of the finest facilities in the Big 12.

Pat (Arlington,TX): At our time to make an upgrade to our football season tickets, will we be able to change just some of our seats and KEEP the others the same as 2012? For example, I have 5 seats. Could I change 3 of them and keep the other 2 in the same location as last year? Or will the computer just make my seats available to others while I'm in the process of changing just 3 seats?
Chris Del Conte: It will be no problem for you to move whatever number of seats you'd like to change.

Durango, Colorado: Mr. Del Conte, I am an avid TCU fan and live up in the mts. of Colorado. I rely on TCU GO FROGS to get most of the information on sports. Would it be possible to keep the rosters more updated? Also, would it be possible to list the information on the recruits that signed LOI to play at TCU in all the sports, not just football. Example, you can't find anything about the womens Basketball team. Thanks for all you have done and will do. GO FROGS!
Chris Del Conte: Rosters are up-to-date on our website with new signees added in consultation with our coaches.

Ryan (Denver): Do you expect funding for DMC to be different from that of ACS? For ex., will you try to get somewhat smaller donations for specific rooms? Either way, initial plans look awesome and I'm looking forward to watching that program improve under coach Johnson.
Chris Del Conte: The funding model will be the same. We must have the funds in hand before the renovation can take place. We will take gifts for naming areas inside the coliseum ... care to make a gift?

Froggie (Fort Worth): What's the latest on us adding new sports?
Chris Del Conte: We just finished a review of our athletic program and will discuss adding sports in the near future.

Tommy G. (Fort Worth, TX): What kind of beer do you drink?
Chris Del Conte: I don't normally drink beer, but when I do it's Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends!

Gary Yeager (Aledo): What are your thoughts on the ACC news? Is realignment now done?
Chris Del Conte: I'm happy for the ACC. I'm hoping it brings stability to collegiate athletics but if recent history is any indicator, I'm not sure if realignment will ever be finished.

Super frog: TCU Baseball is always on TV. I love it! Will we have our other sports on as much in the future?
Chris Del Conte: Yes! With our new relationship with FOX Sports Southwest as our third-tier provider, you will be seeing a plethora of TCU sports on TV for your viewing pleasure.

Chris (DFW): How is fundraising going for DMC renovation?
Chris Del Conte: Fantastic!

Tony: What made you want to work at TCU?
Chris Del Conte: First and foremost, our Chancellor. He's the very best in the business. Secondly, the success of our athletic programs and the fantastic support from our fans.

chester swinnea fort worth: are stadium seats still banned
Chris Del Conte: Personal stadium seats will not be allowed. However, we will have stadium seats and seat cushions that you can rent for the entire season. Ordering information will be available this summer.

Greg (Aledo): Hi Chris, How are the renovations coming along with the DMC?
Chris Del Conte: Let us raise the money for the facility before we discuss how we're going to reseat the DMC. I can assure you I learned many lessons from our reseating of Amon G. Carter Stadium.

Damon (Burleson): We have season tickets in section 221 Row W which are just below the standing room only/handicap area. Last year during games where the standing room area was full "Tech" drinks and trash were kicked/dropped on us from those patrons in the standing room area. Could a small partion be added to the bottom of the existing railing to combat stuff being kicked?
Chris Del Conte: This is the first I've heard of this problem, and I'll make sure to address it with our facilities team.

Greg (Fort Worth): Can you elaborate on the plans of a TCU hall of fame in the new DMC?
Chris Del Conte: We have yet to determine any specifics for the Hall of Fame. My hope is to have an area that is accessible to all fans on a daily basis to share our rich athletics history.

Nate Anderson (Fort Collins, CO): Is there going to be expansion on the East side of the football stadium in the near future?
Chris Del Conte: The east side is built to address expansion, but there are no plans for that right now.

Houston, Texas: Will a new pool be built for the TCU Swimming and Diving team any time soon?
Chris Del Conte: Richard Sybesma has done a wonderful job with our swimming and diving program. At this time, our attention is on Daniel-Meyer Coliseum. We'll address all our facility needs in the years to come.

South Padre Island: Tim McClendon was the ONLY member of the 1971 TCU BASEBALL team to win a conference championship. The BASKETBALL team must be jealous.
Chris Del Conte: Tim was indeed a very prominent member of our basketball program.

John (Dallas): One observation I made throughout the football season was the unique construction of the 2nd level of Amon G Carter. Were there certain reasons that this level of the stadium is not continuous from the east side to the west? Why are there gaps in certain parts of this level?
Chris Del Conte: There are certain architectural and structural elements that created the unique design we have at Amon G. Carter Stadium.

Not Sure (Fort Worth): When will we be notified of our season ticket upgrayedd date?
Chris Del Conte: We'll be sending a letter and email to you on May 1. The process will begin May 6 according to priority rank.

Mike (Fort Worth): Any more renderings of the renovated DMC besides the one exterior view?
Chris Del Conte: In the announcement last week, we made available all interior and exterior designs to date.

Ryan (Ft Worth): Is the Big 12 really satisfied with staying at 10 teams in the conference? Did we have the opportunity to get any ACC teams before they announced their GOR's?
Chris Del Conte: Our Commissioner has been steadfast in our commitment to 10 teams.

Anthony (Euless): With Daniel Meyer being redone is there (will there) be a push to get bigger non conference home games here
Chris Del Conte: My goal is to always put together the most attractive schedule possible.

Damon (Burleson): When will the tickets to the Cowboy Classic be distributed? I am excited to see the Frogs play LSU!
Chris Del Conte: Seat allocations will take place this summer, and tickets will be mailed the first part of August.

Malcolm (Fort Worth): Are you the best dressed AD in the Big 12? In the Country? If not who is?
Chris Del Conte: Hi Malcolm! I think the best dressed athletic director is Eric Hyman, followed by Danny Morrison and the retired Frank Windegger.

Randy (Coppell, Tx): Hi Chris. There are many things that lead to a great atmosphere at the football games. One of those things is hearing the band throughout the game. This is difficult for those on East Side. Any thought to moving the band to the South end zone?
Chris Del Conte: There are no plans to move the band, but we're looking at ways to expand their reach throughout the stadium.

Colleyville: When do you think there might be a male equestrian team? Thanks!!
Chris Del Conte: There are no plans to add any men's sports in the near future.

Hampton Roads: I know you're a great family man, heard news of your brothers recent engagement... Offering any advice to him?
Chris Del Conte: I'm super excited for my brother that he's found a lady to spend the rest of his life with. Nothing is better than watching your children grow up.

Tyler: If I give a donation can I make the donation for a "statue fund" I do not have the funds to donate a large sum but I would love to help with that
Chris Del Conte: If we are ever to do an honorary statue, we would welcome any and all donations.

Anthony (Euless): Will non season ticket holders be able to buy tickets to the Cowboy Classic
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We're working on an email to send to alumni and friends in the very near future.

Adrian (Fort Worth): Any suggestions on being able to sleep at night? I am too excited for the opener vs. LSU.
Chris Del Conte: I don't sleep much, so I don't have the ability to help. Please let me know if you find a cure.

Rhett: Congrats on your assistance in the move forward to the Daniel Meyer renovation. I realize that it is "way too early" for concerns and that it is a very different venue, but I am interested in your thoughts on the process of seating when the new Daniel Meyer is ready. Did we learn anything from the reseating of Amon Carter?
Chris Del Conte: Everything is contingent on fundraising. We announced a significant commitment from Rae and Ed Schollmaier last week and we hope to begin renovations at this time next year.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's online chat with Chris Del Conte. Thanks for joining us.