Go Frogs!
GO Frogs!
 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte chats live Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.
TCU Moderator: Welcome to today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte.

Jim (hurst): So what are the odds of selling all available seats before non existing seat holders have a chance to select.
Chris Del Conte: I can't predict the odds, but I do believe we're going to hit our goal of 30,000 season tickets.

Taylor (Aledo): Will students be able to get tickets to away football games through TCU or do we need to start finding out other ways to acquire tickets?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We'll have an allotment set aside for students.

Robert (TCU): Will the stadium be ready for the opening game? I'm getting nervous
Chris Del Conte: As of today, we are right on schedule for opening day.

James Woods (Arlington,TX): Has a definite decision been made to offer the cushioned seatback stadium seats that we purchased last year? Looks like the benchback seats are almost gone.
Chris Del Conte: We'll have a cushion available for purchase.

Craig (Seattle): Chris, please tell us there will be a new brick wall, surrounding the field, inside The Carter?
Chris Del Conte: We've looked at adding a brick wall. However, because of our limited space on the sidelines, we'll have to put a padded wall up instead for player safety.

gmfp: Are priority points transferable to other family members accounts?
Chris Del Conte: Unfortunately, no.

Dustin (Fort Worth): What are TCU's plans to monetize its Tier 3 Assets?
Chris Del Conte: All I can say is that we're currently in discussions.

Bill (Houston): Have any progress been made on creating a program whereby football tickets can be donated to Project Purple or other charitable organizations?
Chris Del Conte: Our first priority is to reseat the stadium. Once we are done with that, we will address this topic.

Ray (Clark Hall): Now that we're joining the Big 12, can we finally paint the end zones purple? Please? Pretty please!?!
Chris Del Conte: I agree that a purple end zone looks fantastic, and I'll take your request under review.

Christina Barnes (Fort Worth): Why is TCU changing its frog logo for athletics? Our current logo with the arched TCU is perfectly fine and represents this current golden age of success. Please keep what we have. Thank you.
Chris Del Conte: I agree. We're not changing anything. We're keeping the arched TCU as our primary logo. Our frog will still be a part of our look as well.

SeaofPurple (fort worth): 400+ individual home football tickets and 37 season tickets are listed on Stubhub. Capitalism is great but can TCU stop this?
Chris Del Conte: I'm not sure what we can do to prevent people from putting their tickets on Stubhub. It is just my hope that they sell their tickets to people rooting for TCU.

Coach (Flower Mound): Why is there a 3 second delay in the videooboards at AGC stadium and will it be fixed to be real time this year?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. There was a delay early on, but the problem was rectified midseason.

Lonnie Ivie (Fort Worth): What are the plans for placement of the Frog Horn in ACS?
Chris Del Conte: The FrogHorn will be in the same location as this past season, under the south end zone videoboard.

Michael (Dallas): Is the season ticket demand stronger than you anticipated? Many of the better sections appear fully sold-out at this point.
Chris Del Conte: No. I had faith in the Purple Nation.

Heath (Fort Worth): How will the Big 12 membership change non-conference scheduling for the various sports?
Chris Del Conte: I don't see much change in how we'll schedule our non-conference opponents.

Stan (Plano): What is the absolute most people the fire marshal would allow in the new stadium?
Chris Del Conte: I have no idea, but I'm willing to test the limits.

Tom (Dallas): Will the re-do of Daniel-Meyer involve the concept of using the arena as a concert venue to attract top touring acts?
Chris Del Conte: Our first focus is to address the needs of our student-athletes and fans. Anything else is secondary.

Beau (Fort Worth): Has the Demand for away game tickets been overwhelming? does it look like a lot of season ticket holders won't be able to buy tickets through TCU?
Chris Del Conte: Each Big 12 team receives 4,000 tickets for road games, and I have yet to look at the demand or waiting list.

Travis (Phoenix): When would it be announced if the department is going to be adding any sports?
Chris Del Conte: We're looking at which sports best fit TCU and the Big 12 and hope to have an answer in the near future.

Michael (Dallas): How many season tickets have been sold at this point?
Chris Del Conte: As of this past Friday, including suites and club seats, we are just over 22,200.

Tommy Causey (West Monroe, LA): I obtained my season tickets for 2012 last Friday through the online process. Today I am told via email that this is a general admission area and "There are no reserved seating options in this area". I have tried calling the 817-257-SEAT and 817-257-FROG numbers but they are busy. I have tried to send email to "tickets@tcu.edu" but the email won't go through. Can someone please call me (318-450-2119) or email me and help me?
Chris Del Conte: I will have someone from the ticket office call you this afternoon.

Scott (Austin): Early images showed an LED ribbon (for showing scores, etc) on the west side of the stadium, but the later ones do not. Has that been removed from the plans?
Chris Del Conte: You are correct. Upon further review, it was determined that our investment would be better served in other areas of the stadium.

Big Bob (Big Bend): Is the season ticket total include the student sections?
Chris Del Conte: No. It does not.

Ryan[fort worth]: Does TCU have any plans of renovating Daniel meyer?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We are full steam ahead in the planning stages for a renovation of Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's chat with Chris Del Conte. Thank you for joining us.

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