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 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte Chats Live

Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now for the online chat, which is scheduled for Monday, May 16 at 3:00 p.m.

TCU Moderator: Good afternoon. Welcome to today's online chat wtih TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. We will begin shortly.

Kelly (Southlake): Are there any projects in the works to enhance the baseball suites and pressbox at Lupton Stadium?
Chris Del Conte: Funny you should mention that. We just secured a lead gift that covered the renovations this fall and have engaged an architect to undergo a study that would include additional suites, a new locker room, training room, team room, new cages and other modern amenities for our fans and the team.

Cody (Fort Worth): When will renderings of the new football locker room be released?
Chris Del Conte: An architect is currently working on those right now with anticipation on starting that project in early November.

TCU Fanatic (fort worth): 1.) What should TCU look to accomplish in it last season as a part of the MWC? 2.) As AD of TCU, what do you find most rewarding about your job?
Chris Del Conte: Our parting gift to the Mountain West Conference would be to win a championship in all our sports. That's our goal.

Jeff (Houston): Will the new club service area be open after fall football games for TCU alums to spend money on beverages and food and watch other game highlights and socialize if we are people who come from out of town to one or two games a year and don't have season club seats? I heard the NCAA allows those club areas to be open for up to 3 hours after a game ends. Will that area of construction be complete and available for the 2011 season?
Chris Del Conte: A lot of stadiums, whether it be at Texas or Texas Tech, have hired a company called Club Corp that operates the club as a 365 day enterprise. We're currently exploring that option to see if it's viable for us. The new club will be open two hours before game time and one hour afterwards. However, only the lower bowl seating will be available in 2011. The club area and upper deck will not be ready.

Matt Traylor (Fort Worth): What is your response to criticisms on the lowered seating capacity of the new stadium despite overcrowding during the last home game versus Utah?
Chris Del Conte: I understand the criticism of lowering the capacity but our goal is to sell out every game. Secondly, the stadium has the infrastructure to go to 50,000 at a moment's notice.

Sean Anderson (Fort Worth): Have we raised enough money to complete the stadium early?
Chris Del Conte: I want to thank Coach Patterson, Davis Babb and the development team for their incredible effort. To date, we've raised $133 million. We are still working on having the entire stadium renovated by September 2012.

Seth (Dallas): What's the best way for young alumni who might not have the resources to financially support TCU athletics to give back to the program?
Chris Del Conte: Buy a season ticket, wear purple and be vocal for the enthusiasm of TCU. Go Frogs!

Sarah (Keller): I don’t have a question, just wanted to say “Thank You” for hiring David Roditi as the men’s tennis coach. My family had such a great time watching th
Chris Del Conte: Thank you for acknowledging David Roditi. He is a great addition to TCU.

Arnold (St. Pete, Fla.): Do you have a Nike tattoo?
Chris Del Conte: No, Arnold. I do not have a Nike tattoo, but that's hilarious.

Anders Holmgren (Fort Worth): What is your response to long-time alumni who are unhappy with the parking situation planned for the new stadium?
Chris Del Conte: That was the challenge from the outset when we decided to play on campus this year and not move our games to the Cotton Bowl. We lost Lot 1 and Lot 2 for parking as part of our construction zone. It was important to stay in Fort Worth. In 2012, we expect to be back to normal.

Joel (Fort Worth): Are you replacing the seats in Daniel-Meyer? I noticed some new ones at the last basketball game I attended.
Chris Del Conte: Thanks for noticing. We're doing it in phases and we'll have all new seating in the DMC by the 2012-13 season.

Hank (Fort Worth): What percentage of 2010 season ticket holders renewed for 2011? How many do you think we can sell for this fall?
Chris Del Conte: Last year was a record-setting year with over 19,000. I'm happy to report we're a little under 18,000 with a goal of 25,000 by our home opener.

Jim Reyes (Fort Worth): I've held season tickets since 2004 for football and was a little hesitant to purchase them this year based on the non-conference schedule. Did TCU have problems scheduling major schools, due to the renovations?
Chris Del Conte: Typically, football schedules are set years in advance. When we lost Utah, BYU and Texas Tech this year, it was a mad scramble to find games. In future schedules, we have Oklahoma, Virginia, LSU and Arkansas coming to Amon G. Carter Stadium.

Malcolm Louden: What is the status of TCU getting a Regional NCAA baseball game? What can TCU do to help get this tournament, Money, guaranteed tickets, or what can the citizens do to help get this tournament?
Chris Del Conte: If we continue to take care of business on the field, I don't see how we couldn't host a regional. The TCU community has done everything it can. We've set a record for season tickets and are ranked in the top 10 in attendance.

jack (san diego): What is the TV situation when we join the Big East
Chris Del Conte: The current TV situation in the Big East is the four best words in collegiate athletics - ESPN.

Jeff (Austin): I don't have a question either, but I'd just like to say thanks for making the new stadium a reality. I know my seats probably won't be as "good" or my parking as close, but everything else will be better and I am more than happy to sacrifice a little for what is undoubtedly a great step forward for the program.
Chris Del Conte: I can't thank you enough for your loyal support of TCU ... the future is bright.

Matt (Fort Worth): When will those people who submitted deposits for 2012 club level seating know if they will receive club seats based on their priority?
Chris Del Conte: Thank you for purchasing club seats. The response has been overwhelming. Sometime in the fall, we will have a "Pick Your Seat" Night. Based on your priority points, you will be allowed to come to the stadium and choose your seat. More info will come this summer.

Steven (Fort Worth): What is the new scoreboard going to be like? ie size, HD, or like the DMC scoreboard
Chris Del Conte: We will be three times the size of the previous scoreboard and in HD.

Austin (Lubbock): Is the expansion to 50,000 seats "at a moments notice" going to consist of temporary seating, or will that be a permenant addition? Thanks for all of you and your offices efforts to promote TCU.
Chris Del Conte: It will be permanent seating.

New Horned Frog (Ft Worth): Is the completion of the football stadium still running on time as planned?
Chris Del Conte: Barring any major weather delays, we're on schedule to have the stadium fully completed in 2012.

Charles (Nashville, TN): First, thanks for the great job you are doing. Are there any updates for the proposed rennovations of Daniel-Meyer?
Chris Del Conte: Thank you and yes, we are currently in the early stages of discussing a major renovation to the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

Pat (houston): What do you think the biggest challenge for TCU you will be once we join the Big East?
Chris Del Conte: One of the biggest challenges is continuing the momentum built by our great coaches and student-athletes.

Mike (Irving): Is there a plan of some way to honor past TCU greats with statues or a ring of honor type thing when the stadium renovations are complete?
Chris Del Conte: Great question. We've engaged Nike and HKS to help identify spaces in and around the stadium to honor our TCU greats.

Charles (NYC): Is a bird in the hand better than two in the bush?
Chris Del Conte: I'll take a bird in the hand every time.

Matt (Mansfield, TX): You said that there are now more deposits on club seats for 2012 than there are seats. So does this mean that even though I have paid $1000 for two club seats I may not get them?
Chris Del Conte: Not at all. As we said before, all seating will be based on our priority points system.

Virginia Beach: I've overheard news you're in the midst of personal fitness regime- "how's it coming along"? Great work Mr. Del Conte
Chris Del Conte: I'm in my ninth week of P90X. I'm asking Tony for a refund.

George (San Antonio): What's the biggest challenge you're facing as Athletic Director at TCU right now?
Chris Del Conte: The biggest challenge is following outstanding athletics directors like Frank Windegger, Eric Hyman and Danny Morrison. They cast a big shadow.

Kyle (Seattle): Can you describe in any more detail Nike's branding involvement around campus?
Chris Del Conte: We've engaged Nike to do an overall branding of our product. We expect to have it unveiled in time for the 2012 season.

Johnny (The Big Easy): What book are you reading right now? What is your favorite read?
Chris Del Conte: Nelson DeMille's Up Country is my latest read. My favorite book is Dead Solid Perfect by the great Dan Jenkins.
TCU Moderator: Thanks for joining us this afternoon. We'll talk to you again next month.

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