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 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte Chats Live

Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now for the online chat, which is scheduled for Monday, July 18 at 2:00 p.m.

TCU Moderator: Welcome to Chris Del Conte's live chat. We'll begin shortly.

Jeff (Houston): Can we work with city & rail authority for the intersection of University and I-30/Vickery to purple up that intersection w/ "Entering TCU Kingdom"?
Chris Del Conte: I love the idea. I have a meeting with Mayor Price next week to continue the Purple Fridays and TCU partnership with the city. I'll bring up this idea.

Richard Fort Worth: What is TCU's view on scholarships providing full cost of attendance? Can you actually put a value on differences for 'major' sports versus 'minor' sports? Aren't all athlete the same becasue they all represent TCU?
Chris Del Conte: I'm in favor of all student-athletes, regardless of sport, receiving the full cost of attendance.

Carlos, Weslaco: Since we will now have to break down earlier to make the trek in from our new lot, will there be any consideration to adding more time to tailgate?
Chris Del Conte: The current plan is to still open the tailgate lots five hours before game time.

tcumaniac (Aledo): Where will coaches, such as offensive and defensive coordinators, sit in the new stadium?
Chris Del Conte: Because the new club will not be operational this year, we'll be building temporary locations for the coaches in that section.

Taylor (Aledo): Is the student section going to stay the same size for next season? Will there be something done to prevent unoccupied seats in our limited stadium?
Chris Del Conte: We're still continuing to raise money for the east side. If all goes according to plan, we'll have a new student section in 2012 as well as a fully completed stadium.

tcumaniac (Aledo): What is your opinion of the website killerfrogs.com? Do you ever visit the forums?
Chris Del Conte: Killerfrogs is a great tool for passionate TCU fans to express their opinions. I rarely visit the forums, but people on our staff do.

tcumaniac (Aledo): What is your favorite dish at Macaroni Grill?
Chris Del Conte: I was there last night. The barbeque salmon was outstanding. There was a TCU sophomore there. I believe his last name is Baker. Ask for him. He's a great young man.

Norris (McKinney): How many TCU sporting events do you NOT attend each year?
Chris Del Conte: I don't believe I've missed a home event in my two years here.

Frank (Ft. Worth): Will tailgating rules change at all once we enter the Big East?
Chris Del Conte: No, not if I want to keep my job ... :)

Shannon (Denver): You didn’t work at TCU together, but what was your reaction to the Neil Dougherty news?
Chris Del Conte: I was saddened to see such a good man pass at such a young age. His reputation around the country was second to none. It was a great loss for society.

Charlie - Chicago: Does TCU have in policies in place for the athletes and Twitter/Facebook?
Chris Del Conte: We have extensive policies regarding Twitter and Facebook, and we constantly remind our student-athletes that their jersey never comes off. The new forms of social media have provided another challenge we have to deal with on a daily basis.

greg- dallas: First the stadium upgrade, then the Big East...what's the next BIG news for TCU sports?
Chris Del Conte: I'd like to catch my breath first, but at some point we'll have to address Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

Ed (New Braunfels): I've heard rumors of night games being moved to the afternoons..Are you worried about games in the middle of the Texas heat?
Chris Del Conte: Due to conference television agreements, TV will dictate when our games will be played. I would always prefer to play at night for the enjoyment of our fans.

Robert (Fort Worth): Has there been any thought about changing our endzone to having a purple background like it did at the Rose Bowl?
Chris Del Conte: It was the first thing I thought of after the Rose Bowl. However, the paint really takes its toll on the natural grass.

Amanda (San Diego): We all know coaches have contracts and bonuses, but how do you keep your staff excited to keep working at TCU?
Chris Del Conte: People want to work for a winner. I want to thank our previous coaches, administrators, Chancellor, Board of Trustees and others for creating an environment where TCU is a winner.

Leonard (Fort Worth): How big of a hire for the basketball program was Rob Evans?
Chris Del Conte: He's a great hire. I've known Rob since his days at Arizona State and Ole Miss. He's a winner in every sense of the word. He provides great leadership and experience for our team.

Charlotte (New Orleans): How close are you to your season ticket goals for this year?
Chris Del Conte: We're doing great. As of this morning, we're at 19,400. At this time last year, we were at 14,300.

Marv (Monroe): I am confused about the club seating. I was told when I put my money down that it was based on first-come, first-served. Now it is on priority points?
Chris Del Conte: I sm ao sorry for the confusion. Any written material out of my office has always stated that the deadline would be May 15 and seating would be based on the Priority Points System. If you'd like, please send me an email and I'll resend the brochure.

Carter (Frot Worth): How is progress going for the new weight room?
Chris Del Conte: We are right on schedule and looking to open Sept. 1.

Phil (Dallas): Can we buy Nike apparel in the TCU bookstore? I know we can buy a lot of Under Armour clothes there.
Chris Del Conte: Yes you can.

Jeanette (Austin): Did you take your daughters to the midnight showing of the latest Harry Potter movie?
Chris Del Conte: No. The lines were too long. We went to Zookeeper instead. They weren't thrilled by my choice.

Charles (Birmingham): Is it true TCU is considering to move the LSU game scheduled in FOrt Worth to Cowboys Stadium?
Chris Del Conte: I've answered this question before. There is no truth to the rumor that we are moving the LSU game, especially with the amount of money we are spending to upgrade Amon G. Carter Stadium.

Kelsie (Fort Worth): Is the bleacher creatures program going to continue after we join the Big East?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. The Bleacher Creatures are critical to the family atmosphere at our games.

Will (Fort Worth): The Grateful Dead played at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum in the 70s. Would you ever consider letting TCU athletic facilities be used to host major concerts like that?
Chris Del Conte: I am a fellow "Deadhead," but can't tell you how many of those concerts I've been to. I'd love to have future concerts at Amon G. Carter Stadium and Daniel-Meyer. If the Grateful Dead want to come back to campus, I'll leave tickets for Bill Walton.

Davis (Houston): I know you have said we are getting close to the needed funding for the east side, is HKS working on renderings yet, and when will we get to see them.
Chris Del Conte: Fundraising is going great. We're excited about the progress. We hope to have an announcement on that very soon.

Andrew (Lincoln, NE): For the various issues affecting the Big East (such as scheduling), does the league ask for the TCU perspective even though we aren't in the league?
Chris Del Conte: Absolutely. We've been involved every step of the way wtih the Big East. In fact, I'll be at the next Big East meetings in a few weeks in Newport, Rhode Island.

Bud (Fort Worth): What is your favorite sports movie?
Chris Del Conte: Depends on the mood. I can go from Slapshot to Rudy.

Jack (Fort Worth): What is that structure in between the athletic complex and the student section for? Another Jumbotron?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We'll have two jumbotrons, which is very unique for a stadium.

Jeff (Aledo): You never hear TCU mentioned in trouble with the NCAA, are you as proud of that as I am?
Chris Del Conte: Our compliance office does a terrific job, but it's always something I'm concerned about.

David (Dallas): Who decides which uniform the football team is going to wear each week? Has it been decided what they will wear for the Baylor game?
Chris Del Conte: The head ball coach makes that decision.

Steven (Fort Worth): What has been your biggest challenge at TCU and your favorite moment not including a sporting evet?
Chris Del Conte: The biggest challenge is meeting the expectations set forth by our student-athletes, coaches and fans. My favorite non-sports moment since I came to TCU was seeing my children win a character award at All Saints Episcopal School.

Leonard (Fort Worth): Has the Big East finalized the home/away games for our first season in the conference?
Chris Del Conte: Not yet. We hope to have that finalized at our upcoming Big East meetings.

Matt (Dallas): Where did the Frog Club Priority Points rank link go on the season ticket holder 'My Account' page?
Chris Del Conte: We're in the process of recalculating everyone's points and should have that back up shortly.

Cynthia (Fort Worth): I keep hearing about ticket prices going up in 2012. Will there still be affordable options for season tickets?
Chris Del Conte: Contrary to popular belief, no prices have been set for 2012. We're still in the process of evaluating the stadium. I guarantee that there will be price points to accommodate everyone.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's online chat. Thanks for joining us. We'll be in touch on a date for the next online chat.

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