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 Tank Carder
TCU wide receiver Josh Boyce and linebacker Tank Carder will take part in live online chats on GoFrogs.com from Mountain West Football Media Days in Las Vegas. Carder's chat will be Monday at noon CT with Boyce on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. CT.
TCU Moderator: Thanks for joining us today for Tank Carder's live chat from Mountain West Conference Football Media Days in Las Vegas. We'll begin shortly.

MoNique (Dallas): Is it hard being a superstar football player and a dad while you are going to college?
Tank Carder: It gets hard sometimes, but my son is who keeps me going. Of course, football plays a big role in my life right now, but my son plays just as important a role.

connie rachunek sweeny, texas: are you ready to show your stuff son? a shout out from all your sweeny people WE LOVE YOU TANK CARDER! GO FROGS!
Tank Carder: I'm ready to get this season going. I love you Miss Connie!

Jenna (Dallas): Why do you go by Tank instead of Ricky?
Tank Carder: I got the name Tank when i was 18 months old, and I've haven't been called Ricky since as long as I can remember. My mom, dad and my whole family call me Tank. I don't go by Ricky.

Eve (Georgetown): What's your favorite part about playing defense?
Tank Carder: The best part about playing defense is whenever a receiver is crossing the middle, and the quarterback throws him the ball and he's not looking up the field, and I am coming downhill full tilt to get that big hit. That's what defense is all about.

John (Stockton, Calif.): Is there some sort of significance to wearing all of those bands on your arms? Do they give you special powers?
Tank Carder: The arm bands were passed down to me by the great David Hawthorne. If you can remember, he used to wear the three armbands like that when he played. He gave me the honor after he graduated.

Horned Frog Fanatic: You are one of my son's favorite players of all-time, do you have any advise for him as a young football player?
Tank Carder: The greatest advice I can give to your son would to be always keep your head down and stay humble.

Blly (Fort Worth): Do you feel like you are one of the power players on this years team?
Tank Carder: We're all just trying to do our 1/11th. It's a total team effort, and it's fun to be a part of it.

Jim (Bowie): Following in the footsteps of TCU greats Henson, Phillips, Hawthorne and others.. has TCU replaced Penn State as the new "Linebacker U."?
Tank Carder: We take pride in the tradition we've established with our linebacking unit and the entire defense as a whole.

Mike (Austin): How comparable do you think this years defense will be to last years?
Tank Carder: We have some similarities, but we have a whole new football team just like it is every year. We have to breakdown our team and build it back up. As a whole, it's a brand new defense.

Matt (Mansfield): As a senior leader on the team, what will you be doing to try and make sure the younger players don't begin to get a sense of entitlement after the great recent success?
Tank Carder: We can't talk about the Rose Bowl anymore or last season. This is a different team. We need to keep their mind focused on this year's task and what needs to be achieved.

Nick D (Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.): What TCU linebackers who played before you do you admire?
Tank Carder: The linebackers have always been a big part of the tradition at TCU under Coach Patterson. Having been able to be teammates with the more recent linebackers like Jason Phillips, Robert Henson, David Hawthorne and Daryl Washington (my former roommate), makes me want to emulate those guys.

Bryan (Houston): What new face on the defense are you most looking forward to playing with this year? Who are you going to miss the most from last year?
Tank Carder: I look forward to playing with all the new guys on the defense this year. We have a lot of young players who we need to grow up to be in a position to help us.

Mark (Orange County): Have you got to enjoy any of the sights in Las Vegas yet?
Tank Carder: This is a business trip for us, but I've enjoyed just walking around the hotel. In fact, I haven't even left the hotel.

Craig (Houston): As a lifelong TCU fan, what do you like to do for fun outside of football? Do you still ride BMX?
Tank Carder: Outside of football, I just like spending a lot of time with my family. I also like to wakeboard on the weekends.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's chat with Tank Carder. Thanks for joining us. Make sure to come back tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. CT for a visit with TCU wide receiver Josh Boyce.

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