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 Wide Receiver Josh Boyce
TCU wide receiver Josh Boyce and linebacker Tank Carder will take part in live online chats on GoFrogs.com from Mountain West Football Media Days in Las Vegas. Carder's chat will be Monday at noon CT with Boyce on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. CT.
TCU Moderator: Greetings from Las Vegas and Mountain West Media Days. Welcome to Josh Boyce's chat on GoFrogs.com.

Travis Boyce (Copperas Cove): What do you consider to be the reason of some of your success to this point?
Josh Boyce: Hard work and keeping God first.

Caleb (Omaha, Nebraska): What is your major and how do you balance studying and playing football?
Josh Boyce: I'm a sociology major. I've been balancing academics and football for awhile now, so it seems to just come naturally to me.

Leilani Boyce: Hey uncle, do you love me?
Josh Boyce: Yes. I love you and miss you. You're my favorite neice!

David K. (Waco): Losing so many senior receivers last year, will it be different being a mentor to players this year?
Josh Boyce: It will be a little different, because I'll be helping teach the freshmen what I learned from all our seniors last year.

Andrew (Palm Desert, CA): What is your greatest TCU memory?
Josh Boyce: Winning last year's Rose Bowl Game is my greatest memory so far.

Shawn (The Woodlands): Who are your closest friends on the team?
Josh Boyce: We're all close on the team, but I hang a lot with Tanner Brock and Jonathan Jones.

Serena Boyce (Copperas Cove): What have you worked on this offseaon to better yourself and the team for this season?
Josh Boyce: I've worked hard on becoming a better leader as well as route running and just catching the ball.

Andrew (Palm Desert, CA): Is there any friendly competition between you and the other WRs?
Josh Boyce: We have a lot of friendly competitions. My favorite one is that every dropped ball in practice is 20 pushups.

Faithful Fan, Copperas Cove: JB Boyce (Josh) we certainly very proud of you from Small Town Copperas Cove, Texas. So excited about this season for you. What do you do off the field to relax and enjoy life?
Josh Boyce: I just like to kick back, play games and chill with my family.

Taylor Baker (Aledo): Do you have any pregame rituals?
Josh Boyce: After we come back in from warmups, I have to lay on the ground with my feet up on the stool. At halftime, I have to take off my shoulder pads.

Andrew (Palm Desert, CA): What other positions have you played?
Josh Boyce: In high school, I played quarterback, running back, cornerback and safety. Playing defense wasn't too bad, but I like offense better.

mr. dynamite: What made you decide to come to TCU?
Josh Boyce: It was close to home, a great program and Logan Brock, who's also from Copperas Cove, helped convince me TCU was the place to be.

tcumaniac (Aledo): Do you like to play any other sports in your spare time, like tennis?
Josh Boyce: I like playing basketball. I can still do a windmill dunk. When I was a kid, I actually hated football, but I just stuck with it and it turned out pretty good.

Matt (Brookings): Have you been keeping up with your former teammates signing free agent deals?
Josh Boyce: Absolutely! I've talked to Jason Teague and Jimmy Young, and one of my high school friends, Donald Buckram from UTEP, also signed.

Steve (Cupertino, CA): Are you an iPhone or Blackberry guy?
Josh Boyce: I'm an iPhone guy.

Andrew (Palm Desert, CA): What game do you already have circled on your calendar?
Josh Boyce: The first one.

New Football Fan, Copperas Cove, TX: Josh what do you do to encourage yourself? And what motivates you to play the game of football?
Josh Boyce: The opportunity to work on getting better each day and having more success for our team motivates me. It would also be great to maybe play at the next level.

megan: Did you expect to have the success you had last season?
Josh Boyce: This is a new team, but our expectations and goals are the same.

huck: Who is your role model?
Josh Boyce: My mom is my role model. She's been a great influence in my life and always been there for me.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's live chat with Josh Boyce from MWC Media Days in Las Vegas. Thanks for joining us.

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