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Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte chats live Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.
TCU Moderator: Welcome to today's online chat with Chris Del Conte.

Pat (Arlington,TX): With our "Amp It Up" theme, will there be microphones in front of our band (when they are in the stands)? Really would be nice to blast their sound on the whole stadium's speakers. I can't hear them when I sit on the East side in sections 231, 232, etc. Also, are we going to have purple end zones this year? PLEASE SAY YES. Last year was beautiful!!!!
Chris Del Conte: We will be mic'ing the band through our sound system in Amon G. Carter Stadium. Count on the end zones being purple again!

Sam, Fort Worth: Where will the new Sand Volleyball complex be?
Chris Del Conte: For the 2015 season, we will utilize the sand courts in front of the Rickel (Rec Center). A permanent facility is still being reviewed.

Hunter #90 (HP): CDC, I expect big things from TCU mens basketball this season. When does the full schedule come out? Why are we not playing SMU this year?
Chris Del Conte: I, too, expect to see significant improvement from our men's basketball program this season. We will be releasing our schedule in the next few weeks. Due to scheduling conflicts with both schools, we couldn't find a mutual date with SMU this season. You can count on us playing SMU in future years.

clarence midland: Why do you do a great job at TCU and this picture of you is on this chat. You look like you are drunk. Just saying.
Chris Del Conte: Thanks, but I can assure you I was not three sheets to the wind when I took that picture.

Jeff (League City): Are we getting a flyover, maybe vintage planes, for the first, and hopefully, all home games? Fort Worth is an aviation town. And, when are we going to see some TCU football hype videos? August is a long month. Keep up the good work.
Chris Del Conte: When I think of the pageantry of college football, a flyover always comes to mind. We're in discussions with vintage aircraft but nothing is imminent. Be on the lookout for hype videos soon.

Kyle Riggs (Fort Worth): Have you officially given up on putting TCU lettering in the upper deck?
Chris Del Conte: We haven't given up on the thought process. We just don't currently have the ability to do so with our current bench back configuration.

Scott Nix (Fort Worth): Any insight into the new white helmet floating around the inter-webs?
Chris Del Conte: As the famous Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes said, "I see nothing ..." However, be on the lookout. You never know what Coach Patterson has up his sleeve.

John Swint: What's the real reason you're not willing to sell alcohol at football games... Is it because you don't want to take away from the exclusivity of the club section?
Chris Del Conte: Alcohol sales in stadiums are a topic of national discussion, and it's something we're currently reviewing.

Andrew Sullivan (Ft Worth): Yo CDC, how long until I get to sing the national anthem at a TCU football game?
Chris Del Conte: Andrew: We do have an impressive won-loss record when you sing the national anthem at our games, so it's something for us to ponder. We'll keep you posted.

Nathaniel Hamontree (Argyle): Any chance of implementing a dress code at TCU football games? There's no reason we shouldn't be the best dressed fan base in the country. Ban T-shirts and cargo shorts at games. You feel me?
Chris Del Conte: As you well know, I do like the finer points of fashion. However, I'm not one to dictate clothing for others. You can count on me being suited and booted every Saturday ... You feel me?

Wes Phelan (Fort Worth): Mr. TCU, Taylor Baker- Love him or hate him?
Chris Del Conte: I love me some Taylor Baker!

Justin Stevens (San Antonio): I work at a retirement home. Anyway we could establish a partnership to cater towards our west side fans?
Chris Del Conte: I'm open to suggestions. Email me your thoughts.

Justin (Denton): If you could be AD at any school in the country, where would it be?
Chris Del Conte: Texas Christian University! I know it's a cliche', but I truly feel I have the best job in the country.

William Fucci: Who will start at QB this year?
Chris Del Conte: That's a question better left to Coach Patterson! I can tell you what suit I have picked out for the opener.

Jerry (San Antonio): Why would the NCAA consider paying football players stipends when many athletes in other sports still receive only partial scholarships? Wouldn't this disparity at least cause problems under Title IX?
Chris Del Conte: The stipend wouldn't be for just football. It's for all scholarship student-athletes.

Randy Eagleton (Ft Worth): What is the status of parking in Lot 13 for football season? Much of it is fenced off for the baseball new construction.
Chris Del Conte: At this point in time, the baseball project is on pace to be completed by Aug. 25. The fence should be removed by the time of our football opener.

Collin (Southlake): I've heard the LT lot (between AGCS and the Ranch Mgmt School) will be converted into a parking garage after the 2014 season. How will this work with 2015 parking:renewals for folks currently parking in that lot?
Chris Del Conte: The parking lot has been a topic of discussion for the University, but none of the details have been worked out yet.

Collin (Southlake): Any early info on what to expect for 2014-15 men's basketball season ticket renewals? Any special deals to try to get more folks into the fold during the off-campus year and ahead of the grand DMC re-opening?
Chris Del Conte: We will have details forthcoming. Be on the lookout for your renewal package in early September.

WootScootBoogieRTDF (Munday, TX): Will we finally bring back a Flying T helmet on Dec 6th when we celebrate the 1984 team reunion? How about a video montage of the the Coach Wacker Show's greatest hits?
Chris Del Conte: I am happy to announce that we'll have the "Flying T" available through our vintage vault program in select stores. However, there are no plans for the "Flying T" to be on a helmet. I do like your way of recognizing that special 1984 team.

David P. (Plano): What a great season for Schloss and the Baseball team! I couldn't help but notice the construction during the FW Regional & Super Regional and read that it's an indoor batting facility and turf practice area. Any other Lupton upgrades in the works for next year, like additional seating or an improved video board?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We're in the process of raising money for the second phase of the Lupton Stadium project, which will include locker rooms, offices, new seating and a scoreboard. Would you care to contribute?

J&J QB Factory (Azle, TX): I've heard rumors that this new Meacham/Cumbie offense is so fast that Athletic Department personnel are no longer allowed to sit down at their daily desk jobs. Have you given the stand up desk a try yet? #ATMO20
Chris Del Conte: I've heard a rumor about the speed of our new offense. However, I'm not a fan of a stand-up desk. My back couldn't handle it.

Brian (Godley): A former teammate of mine is returning to TCU to complete his degree. He was amazed at how much help and attention he received. He felt like he had never left campus. What is TCU's stance on former athletes returning?
Chris Del Conte: We welcome them with open arms! They are the foundation of our success.

Victor (Grandview): What do future TCU football schedules look like?
Chris Del Conte: We have home-and-homes with Minnesota, Arkansas and Ohio State. Be on the lookout for more scheduling news in the coming days!

Delany E. James (South Orange, NJ): What comes first: A Big XII Championship game or an expansion of the playoff beyond four teams? Would the Big XII need to expand to consider a championship game? Is the Big XII at a mathematical disadvantage in that the SEC scheduling format allows for more one and two loss teams?
Chris Del Conte: With the four-team playoff, it is our belief that we'll have one true champion because everyone in the Big 12 plays each other. If you win the Big 12 championship, you're in a great position to be one of the four teams in the playoff.

Lanny (Flower Mound): What are your thoughts on playing basketball off campus this year? The Recreation Center will be rocking for the ladies!!
Chris Del Conte: The Rec Center will indeed be a great home court for our women's basketball program, just like it is in volleyball. Keeping our men in the great city of Fort Worth was our best option, and we look forward to an exciting season at Wilkerson-Greines.

LacesOut (Dover, TX): How did the game with Samford come about? Was it the Pat Sullivan connection? Did they initiate it or did we?
Chris Del Conte: Our current scheduling philosophy is to play a Power 5 conference opponent, SMU and an FCS opponent. With the 20-year anniversary of our 1994 Southwest Conference championship team, we reached out to Pat and he agreed.
Chris Del Conte: Fantastic! Drop on by! It looks like a demolition zone out there and inside.

1994 Frogs (Reeder, TX): Has Max Knake inquired about the sand volleyball coaching job? He spent a lot of years dominating out there.
Chris Del Conte: I heard the rumor that Max Knake had an affinity for the sand, but I have yet to receive his application.

Scott Nix (Killerfrogs): Chipotle or Freebirds?
Chris Del Conte: I'm partial to Freebirds, as they were the burrito of choice on the campus of UC Santa Barbara during my collegiate days.
Chris Del Conte: I'm sorry I can't get to everyone's questions due to a pending 4 p.m. meeting.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's online chat with Chris Del Conte. Thanks for joining us.

Jerry Jones: CDC. what will it take for TCU football to get back to the glory hole?
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