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 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte chats live Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.
TCU Moderator: Welcome to today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. We'll begin shortly.

Jeff (League City, Texas): How about some traveling trophies between us and UT, Tech, and maybe OU? Sam Houston's Rifle, Two Southwestern Six Shooters,and TX/OK Indian Tomahawk?
Chris Del Conte: I like the concept, and I'll bring it up with my colleagues at our next Big 12 meeting.

chester swinnea fort worth: whats behind no stadium seats people with bad backs will just stay at home be going to see the frogs since 1949 since i am handicaped my wife cant sit in stands with out a back rest thanks chester swinnea
Chris Del Conte: We have handicapped seating as well as accompanying seats for those that need it. Please contact Sean Conner in our ticket office for assistance.

Jason (Fort Worth): How is the final stadium construction coming and when can we see more pictures and video of it? Also, why the towel over the stadium camera? Why not just take down the link?
Chris Del Conte: The stadium is coming along very well. I'll double check, but I believe the camera was covered up when our team was practicing.

BigFrog (Fort Worth): You mentioned that there will be another time to possibly view the stadium. Any way we can get the self guided tours extended into the evening for those who can't take off work? Can't wait to see this amazing stadium! Go Frogs!
Chris Del Conte: We're currently working with our facilities department to have another time with organized tours. There are some areas of the stadium that a self-guided tour won't have access to.

Alex (Seattle): I enjoy following the Horned Frogs up here in the Pacific Northwest. I have been counting down the days inbetween the end of last season and the start of this one. One item that always gets myself and my friends excited about the upcoming season is the new intro video that will be shown before games. Last year it was posted before the season, is it going to be posted soon for us to see or is the program waiting until after the first home game?
Chris Del Conte: We just shot the final scenes of the video last week, and we should have something to share soon.

Tyler: Have ya'll thought about having TCU enter the stadium on game day, to a song like "Enter Sandman" or etc. like they do at Virginia Tech and other schools that gets the crowd really pumped up!!!
Chris Del Conte: We've had so many discussions on what we should and shouldn't do in the new stadium, and we'll add this to our discussion list.

Leonard, Fort Worth: There was an article in the Daily Oklahoman last Friday saying that TCU would be playing at Oklahoma State in 2013, the same as 2012. Is there any truth to this? Also, would that mean we would only have four Big 12 home games in each of our first two years in the conference?
Chris Del Conte: When we accepted the offer to come to the Big 12, we inherited Texas A&M's schedule which had them playing in Stillwater back-to-back years. Hence, we'll only have four Big 12 home games again next year.

Doug (Hurst): When will Basketball season tix info be available?
Chris Del Conte: We will begin selling basketball season tickets after the football game with Grambling State.

Diana Stone (Arlington TX): How does the height of the top of the new upper deck compare to the height of the old upper deck? Just wondering if I may need to get my distance glasses changed.
Chris Del Conte: If my memory serves me, it's about seven feet lower than the old stadium. No need to change your prescription.

Dustin (Fort Worth): Why wasn't the decision to not rent seat cushions with chairbacks made before seat selection day? That information would have changed which seat a lot of people chose.
Chris Del Conte: This has been a hot topic of discussion. Let me first say that I understand your frustration and do apologize. In the old stadium, we had roughly 3,000 chairs or benches with the back on them. In the new stadium, we had an increase of 9,000 seats with a bench or chair back for a total of 12,000. As I mentioned previously, we've been consistently inconsistent with our longstanding rule of not allowing outside stadium seats. To compound the problem, the seats that were being sold in the stadium were wider than the allotted space for each person. As we began to see a rise in our season-ticket sales over the past couple of years, we received numerous complaints that there weren't enough space for others in adjacent seats. We will address this issue at the close of the season. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dustin (Fort Worth): Will KTCU still be able to live stream games now that you have introduced Frog Vision?
Chris Del Conte: The broadcasts will still be heard on local radio, but all streaming through the internet will be through Frog Vision.

Matt (Mansfield): Are you ready to deal with the week-in, week-out grind of directing athletics in the Big XII? Do you have the depth necessary on your staff to compete?
Chris Del Conte: I know our staff is up to the challenge.

Kathy (Abilene): Where will the Frog Horn be located? The game day experience is much more enhanced with it on the field and where we can hear it!
Chris Del Conte: That's been another popular topic, and we have yet to determine the exact location. I hear you loud and clear on your preference for it on the field, and we will take your comments into consideration.

Ken in Weatherford: Will the 2013 conference schedule in football be basically the same or will there be some adjustments to create a more balanced schedule. Bottom line is are we always going to play the final games as they exist this year?
Chris Del Conte: The schedule was just in place for 2012. Other than us traveling to Oklahoma State, nothing has been determined yet for 2013.

Darek (Lincoln): Can you go over the timeline for the announcing of TV and gametimes for the Big 12 contract? Should we expect that for most TBA gametimes we won't know the gametime until 12 days before or so?
Chris Del Conte: Per our contract with our TV partners, we won't know the start times until either 6 or 12 days out.

John (Dallas): There are rumors about a mobile-based concession ordering service in the stadium for football games. If true, are there any preliminary details?
Chris Del Conte: We are creating a bypass lane option, where you can order and pay through your mobile device. This will be available throughout the stadium. More information will be coming shortly.

Dale (Fort Worth): When is the earliest Lupton renovations would begin?
Chris Del Conte: Fundraising is progressing nicely, and we'll begin when we have secured the necessary funds. If you'd like to make a donation, please contact our Frog Club.

Jeff (Ft. Worth): What about the stadium do you think fans will be most impressed with on Sept. 8?
Chris Del Conte: My hope is that you'll be impressed with every aspect of the stadium, from the sight lines to the concessions, ease of access in and out and the decor of the stadium. We believe we have built one of the finest stadiums in the country.

Ben (houston): Do you think the plus 4 system will lead to a lot of empty seats especially for the home opener since there are so many tickets available on stubhub?
Chris Del Conte: My expectations are that we'll have a packed stadium. I don't anticipate anything less.

Adrian (Ft. Worth): Any changes to the plan to include TCU in the west side upper deck?
Chris Del Conte: After testing and due to the current configuration of the bench back seating in the upper deck, it will not be available for this year. However, we will be addressing it for the 2013 season.

McLean, VA: I just want to say that you guys are doing great. The operations of the athletics department is shockingly more professional than when I was there.
Chris Del Conte: Thank you. We have a wonderful staff that works tirelessly day in and day out to serve the Frog faithful.

Hank (Fort Worth): Will standing-room-only tickets be sold for any of the sold-out home games?
Chris Del Conte: We will have standing-room only tickets available, but not until the week of that particular game.

Stan (Plano): USC has Will Ferrell, Texas has Matthew McConaughey...who is TCU's go-to celebrity fan on the sidelines?
Chris Del Conte: We can lay claim to Chris Klein (Oz) from American Pie.

Henry (Dallas): Are there any ways to utilize public transportation to get to TCU games?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We have shuttles coming from McKinney Bible Church, Paschal High School and Travis Avenue Baptist. We will be posting additional information on

Max (Fort Worth): Whats the latest on the Big 12 tv contract?
Chris Del Conte: We hope to have that finalized soon. Commissioner Bowlsby is working diligently on it and look to have that wrapped up in the near future.

Sam (Fort Worth): How loud will the new stadium get? Should I bring ear plugs?
Chris Del Conte: I'm not sure how sensitive your ears are, but we hope to have one of the loudest stadiums in the country.

George (Weatherford): What does the extra revenue TCU will earn in the Big 12 allow you to do that you weren't able to do before?
Chris Del Conte: Whatever extra revenue we receive will be used to enhance the student-athlete and fan experience.

Jim (Fort Worth): Outside of TCU football and the Armed Forces Bowl, what events will be held in the new stadium?
Chris Del Conte: We have no plans for anything right now, but are always open to discussion.

Ted (Grand Prairie): What are your go to pre- and postgame meal spots on TCU game days?
Chris Del Conte: My pre-game ritual is to walk each lot and sample the tailgating treats. Let me know where you'll be, and I'll try to stop by.

Heath (Fort Worth): Rhetorical question: Why will A&M play SMU in Dallas, but not TCU in Fort Worth?
Chris Del Conte: Now that Eric Hyman, our former AD, is at Texas A&M, we'll be giving him a call.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's online chat with Chris Del Conte. We look forward to speaking with you again next month.

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