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 Chris Del Conte
Chris Del Conte's Online Chat

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TCU Moderator: Thanks for joining us for today's chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. We will begin shortly.

JP(Fort Worth): Is there any word on when there will be information about next season's ticket prices?
Chris Del Conte: With the announcement of the east side construction, we're in the final stages of the seat configuration. Once that is done, we'll have prices out shortly.

Jake: Obvious question that everyone will ask - What do you think of Patterson's comments regarding SMU and what do you personally think of SMU?
Chris Del Conte: I personally love Coach Patterson's passion and enthusiasm ... enough said.

Carol Magnusson: I am concerned about the parking problems in the future and with all the added stadium seating where will all these fans park.We left the game early saturday just so we would not have to wait an hour to be bussed back to Paschall. We were there more than an hour before the start of the game and waited more than 30 min.in the heat for all the small busses.We love our FROGS and our coach but it is hard for my husband to wait that long for a bus.
Chris Del Conte: Hi Carol! As I've said many times before, this year was going to be a challenging year with parking, whether it be shuttles or traffic. With the inconvenience of the stadium renovation, we apologize and hope to have everything rectified next year.

Jerry (San Antonio): Have you taken any surveys to see how many foreign countries listen to Frog football games? I don't mean on the radio, I mean hearing the PA system.
Chris Del Conte: So you're telling me you heard the PA. system in San Antonio? I hear you loud and clear ... We are in the process of working out all the kinks with our sound system and hope to have it perfected in the near future.

Fort Worth: Did I dream that there will be escalator access to the upper decks on the west side of the new stadium??
Chris Del Conte: It's not a dream. It's a reality.

Steve: Can Nike design a helmet with a new horned frog on it?? Missing the frog seems like it has caused some bad luck. thanks
Chris Del Conte: The Frog is alive and well. We are grateful for Nike's partnership and look forward to seeing the Frog in the future.

BC (Fort Worth): What is your favorite part of the new stadium and what do you think it will provide for TCU football?
Chris Del Conte: My favorite part of the new stadium is that every seat is a great seat. The sightlines to the field from every seat are greatly improved. Once the stadium is completed, it will provide one of the best home-field advantages in the country.

James: There are all sorts of confusion on the stadium. I have heard that the stands will wrap all the way around on one side when its all done. True?
Chris Del Conte: If you go to our website, you can actually see a rendering of what the stadium will look like in 2012.

JJ (Dallas): Will the SMU-TCU rivalry continue beyond 2012?
Chris Del Conte: I anticipate playing the game on a yearly basis.

Leonard (Fort Worth): In your time in college athletics, did you ever imagine the landscape to shift this drastically in a short period of time?
Chris Del Conte: Conference shifts have always happened, dating back to Chicago University leaving the Big 10 in 1930. You can look back to the formation of the Big 12, Conference USA, Mountain West Conference and the ACC expansion in 2004. However, I've never seen anything like this recent commotion in such a condensed period of time.

Pete Sanborn (Malibu, CA): You are my idol and I love the Frogs! Can we work on a home and home series in baseball with Pepperdine?!
Chris Del Conte: I'll talk to Jim Schlossnagle. By the way, there's a great surf break just north of Malibu.

Jim (FTW): Any chance of being chosen for another Pro Combat uniform this year or next?
Chris Del Conte: We obviously don't have a Pro Combat uniform this year, but we look forward to being a part of that program again in the future.

Kevin (dallas): can we do something about the scanners for the tickets to get in to the games and back in after halftime? Takes them a very long time to scan one ticket.
Chris Del Conte: I've received a few complaints about the scanners this year. From what I've been told, the stadium construction and all its equipment have caused a little hiccup with the scanners. We look to have it corrected when the new stadium is completed.

James (Ft Worth): Will we see any future renderings for DMC soon?
Chris Del Conte: I hope so. That's the plan. Want to make your first donation?

Jeff (Fort Worth): You have accomplished your two major goals that were thrust upon you when you took the job (New Stadium & BCS conference). What major goals have set for the future while at TCU?
Chris Del Conte: We have many facility needs that need to be addressed. The Daniel-Meyer Coliseum is one example, along with additional locker rooms and amenities for our Olympic sports.

Tim C. (Cupertino, California): Are you an iPhone guy? If so, what do you think of our new product we announced yesterday?
Chris Del Conte: As reluctant as I was to give up my Blackberry, the iPhone has been a Godsend.

Jay (Ft Worth): Why not put up banners of all the bowl games we've been to around the stadium?
Chris Del Conte: Great minds think alike. We are planning on having all of our past successes on display in the new stadium.

Ray: why is the froghorn not on the field? just curious
Chris Del Conte: We made a decision a year ago to move the FrogHorn to the top. With the construction on the west side, we had to keep the area and field access as clear as possible.

Allan(Fort Worth): I saw you in lot 4 during the tailgate, glad you came out and mingled with the fans for awhile. Do you do this often prior to games?
Chris Del Conte: I try to hit at least 3 lots each game. Last game, I was at lots 4, 5 and 6. The week before, it was three other lots. I enjoy visiting with everyone and thanking them for their support.

Tim (Austin): Any idea on how many tickets have been sold for the BYU game?
Chris Del Conte: At last count, we were well over 40,000.

Adam (Fort Worth): Would it be possible for TCU to set up a Ticket Exchange market for season ticket holders to find homes for tickets to games they can't make it to?
Chris Del Conte: That's a great idea. We'll look into it.

JC Fort Worth: Please pass on to the company staffing the football games that this fan appreciates their courtesy, helpfulness and enthusiasm.
Chris Del Conte: Will do. Thanks.

JW (Fort Worth): The temperature of these day games are brutal for the east-side fans. Will the preference be for night games when the project is complete?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. I prefer night games.

Fort Worth: What do you think of Mr. Sassan Sahba? Very helpful young man and worked hard and helped me out during the game with my requests when he didn't have to. Thank you!
Chris Del Conte: Sassan Sabha is a great young man and we're proud to have him as part of our team.

Sam (Houston): Do you have any TV shows that you can't miss?
Chris Del Conte: I'm a big fan of shark week on Nat-Geo.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. Thanks for joining us.

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