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 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte chats live Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.
TCU Moderator: Thanks for joining us for today's chat with Chris Del Conte. We'll begin shortly.

Damon (Burleson): How has the athletic program at TCU grown from being a part of the BIG12?
Chris Del Conte: The biggest difference we've seen in our short time in the league is the national exposure we've received. For example, every one of our football games has been on FOX. ABC or ESPN.

Lon from Fort Worth: Since the crowds are bigger this year, the FWPD has seemed to struggle managing the traffic after the game. Will there be changes for next year?
Chris Del Conte: We're always looking to improve the game-day experience for our fans. Game-day traffic is no exception. We will definitely re-evaluate our entire game-day experience at the end of the season.

Pat Woods (Arlington, TX): Does TCU transport football equipment etc. to Morgantown by an 18-wheeler? If so, I hope it doesn't run into bad road conditions on the way. I never thought about universities using 18-wheelers until the Boise State big rig hit a cow recently.
Chris Del Conte: Our equipment truck will be en route shortly to Morgantown. We can never control Mother Nature or an unruly cow, but we do believe our truck will arrive safely.

Jeff (League City, Texas): Is it cost prohibitive to do fly overs from the JRB for all the home games?If so,could we do them for the nationally televised games on ABC,FOX, etc?
Chris Del Conte: There are a number of factors that go into scheduling flyovers, including the availability of planes, time of the game and cost. We try to schedule these flyovers for special games.

MZ in San Antonio: Chris, The game-day experience is the best it's been in the past 12 years we've gone to home games with one exception. The sound system is too excessive in volume to the extent there is never a "break" and also conflicts with the referee's calls. Has there been any consideration in toning it down somewhat so we can feel like we're at a football game and not a concert? Thanks to you and your staff for the great work you've all done!
Chris Del Conte: I'll definitely pass along your comments to our staff. I also feel our marketing department has made great strides in providing a terrific game-day experience. Our sound system is a work in progress. We are continuing to monitor levels and are aware of the situation. We are striving for perfection.

Dustin (Fort Worth): Any chance we can move the "black out" game from the K-State game to the OU game? I know it's not the intent, but it feels like we're ceding our color to them.
Chris Del Conte: I understand your concern. Purple and white are always our primary colors. It's our Frogs for the Cure event and the slogan this year is "Black Out Cancer."

Mike (Fort Worth): Can we get a ring of honor put on the end of the upper deck? Like the Welcome to Amon g carter stadium message?
Chris Del Conte: That's been a hot topic of discussion. The Ring of Honor and recognizing our past bowl successes and national championships are being reviewed for best location to be displayed. When finalized, we'll announce the plans.

Clyde (Uptown Farmers Branch): Regarding stadium video boards- doesn't Big 12 allow replay of “controversial plays” (ie under review/uncalled penalty) up to 3x? What's TCU's policy?
Chris Del Conte: Our policy is to follow all guidelines established by the Big 12.

Charles (Fort Worth, TX): Is there a way to set up some type of rope or paint a don't cross line to keep the standing room crowd from overtaking us in the handicap section?
Chris Del Conte: Your suggestion is noted, and we're in the processing of reviewing this topic.

Larry Small- Hurst,Tx: Chris, Please tell the sound man to TURN IT DOWN. It's very painful. You can't even visit with the person next to you! Larry Small
Chris Del Conte: Hi Larry! As mentioned previously, the sound system is a work in progress and we're continuing to work on finding the right balance.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's chat with Chris Del Conte. Thanks for joining us. We'll look forward to visiting with you again next month.

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