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Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte chats live Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.
TCU Moderator: Welcome to today's chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte.

Joshua Forrest (Geelong Australia): Can we look at having TCU's bench changed to the student side. We really struggle at home and it would make the players feel like there is more support!
Chris Del Conte: Historically, the west side is our home side. It is my job to encourage fans to come early, stay late, cheer loud and provide a great atmosphere no matter what side you sit on or the team bench is located.

Nate Anderson (Fort Collins, CO): How do you plan to address the significant number of empty seats in the lower western bowl each game?
Chris Del Conte: The common misconception is that those seats were part of the plus-4 initiative and/or sold to corporations. In reality, only 10 of those nearly 1,200 seats were sold to a corporate sponsor. The rest are held by TCU season-ticket holders, many of whom have been purchasing large blocks of seats since we incorporated the Committee of 100 in 1994. I must and will do a better job of encouraging all our fans to use their tickets.

Jeff (League City): I went to the KSU game last weekend. Great game, great weather. Can we get a TCU flag to run out with the team? No band at road games, no team flag, can we do better next season?
Chris Del Conte: That's a great question. Our band does make select trips based on proximity. Typically, our cheerleaders do carry a flag with them on the road. You bring up a great point and we'll address that with our spirit team.

Jerry (San Antonio): I have gotten good service out of my hand-held fan/spritzer I received at one of the games when Amon Carter was under construction so all the games were played under the sun. If we must have day games in September next year, could you make those available again? If not as a giveaway, maybe for sale?
Chris Del Conte: Great suggestion. I will make sure that we have these available next season.

Fort Worth: Would you consider letting TCU (fans) ticket holders and GA to fill in the student section? Those are prime seats the students never fill up plus being thanksgiving weekend, it maybe more empty then usual. This is it, our last game of the season with a potential for a massive upset against our biggest rival.
Chris Del Conte: You have hit the nail on the head! We have a plan in place. More information will be sent to season-ticket holders later today.

Tim (Gunn Barrel City): In deference to your sartorial brilliance, I would appreciate your opinion on a classic purple velvet jacket from Tyrwhitt. Is it a bold step too far for TCU? A conservative white pocket square seems the perfect finish.
Chris Del Conte: I love the purple velvet jacket! That is not too bold for TCU, and a white pocket square is the perfect finish. Love your style!

Tommy G. (Fort Worth, TX): Any plans to have a Matt Carpenter recognition at TCU?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We're working with our baseball and marketing staffs on that very subject.

Gary Yeager (Aledo): Are you at every basketball game?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. If I'm in town, I'm at every home event that our student-athletes are participating in.

ron, Plano: Just wanted to say it's really cool to be in the Big 12. Thanks for getting us there!
Chris Del Conte: You're welcome! It's great to be home. Thanks for your support.

Wally (Aledo): We need you on twitter. Any plans?
Chris Del Conte: Twitter makes me nervous. Not in the near future. However, you can follow Coach P!

Stanley (Ft Worth): Why does the TCU golf program not host a college tournament in Fort Worth?
Chris Del Conte: Unlike other universities that may own their own course, we rely on off-campus facilities so availability is the No. 1 factor.

Stanley (Fort Worth): Where will the basketball programs play their home games next season?
Chris Del Conte: We're in the process of determining that. Our focus has been on securing the necessary funds to renovate the DMC. We're now researching potential sites and will get back to you in the near future.

Mike Wagner (Irving, tx): Can you update us on football recruiting?
Chris Del Conte: Per NCAA guidelines, we are unable to comment on recruiting until prospective student-athletes sign their National Letter of Intent.

Fred (Aledo): Can we get a led ribbon at ACS next year?
Chris Del Conte: That has been a topic of discussion, but I'm not sure it will be in place next year.

Damon (Burlseon): With the reconstruction of the DMC how will football gameday parking be modified next year?
Chris Del Conte: We have a plan in place and will communicate that after the new year.

Bob (Sacramento): How do you plan to improve your program so that team sports such as football and basketball can be successful in the Big 12?
Chris Del Conte: As with all our previous conference moves, there is a period of adjustment. We knew we had to address our facilities to be successful. With the renovation of the DMC and the Lupton Stadium project, we'll have completed that process. We have coaches and programs who are proven winners, and we believe we'll compete for conference championships.

Diana (Fort Worth): You mentioned a plan to allow fans to fill up the student section at the Baylor game on Nov. 30. I hope you don't allow anyone in that section wearing Baylor colors!
Chris Del Conte: Wear purple, arrive early and stay tuned!

Pat (Arlington, TX): Just want you, Coach P, all assistant coaches, and most of all the football players to know that I'm so proud of them for their hard efforts, determination, and that never-give-up-no-matter-what determination that I've seen this year. I just hope that none of the above mentioned people get discouraged. I'll be in the stands every year and will always support Coach P, his staff, and the players. I know they'll fight 'em till Hell freezes over and then they'll fight 'em on the ice. GO FROGS! Now, one question about the overhead camera that is strung across the stadium and field -- Why is it sometimes there and for other games, it's not there?
Chris Del Conte: Thank you for your thoughts regarding Coach P and our football program. I will be sure to convey your comments. As far as the overhead camera, it's called Skycam and it's up to the television network for each game on whether they choose to utilize it.
TCU Moderator: That concludes today's chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. Thanks for joining us.

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