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GO Frogs!
 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte Chats Live

Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now for the online chat, which is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 15 at 3:00 p.m. CT.

TCU Moderator: Welcome to today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte.

Cliff (Colleyville): Will there be any permanent stores in the new stadium like at other college stadiums instead of having the clothes racks clogging up the walkway?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We will have a permanent store in the stadium.

Matt (Denver): Has there been any consideration given to awarding priority points to those who buy away and/or bowl tickets? Appreciate all you do for TCU!
Chris Del Conte: Good question. We're looking at several opportunities to improve the Priority Points System. The current Priority Points System was written and approved by our Board of Trustees in 2006. Any amendments would require board approval.

Ryan(Amarillo): What's the word on about it there is goin to be a TCU vs. Texas thanksgiving football game and the rest of the schedule for the Frogs ?
Chris Del Conte: I met with the Big 12 athletics directors in New York recently and we should have our 2012 schedule shortly.

Jerry (Fort Worth): will that gap on the new scoreboard between the video board and score part be filled?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. Just like the stadium this fall, the scoreboard was not completed fully and will be in time for next season.

Stella from L.A: Any new updates on who will be the new soccer coach yet?
Chris Del Conte: We've had tremendous interest in our soccer program and should be naming a new coach shortly.

Luke (Fort Worth): Will the construction of the east side of the stadium be done by August 2012?
Chris Del Conte: It better be.

Bill (Houston): Have you considered allowing football season ticket holders to contribute tickets that they will not use to the Frog Club for charitable purposes for which they receive priority points and an income tax deduction?
Chris Del Conte: That's a great question. I'll add that to our laundry list.

Ron Barkley, Denison, Texas: What is the final seating capacity of Amon Carter Stadium when remodeling complete?
Chris Del Conte: The current plans are to seat around 45,000.

JP(Fort Worth): What is the process for season ticket holders getting seats for next year? When will it all happen? P.S. Great year athletics dept.!
Chris Del Conte: I plan to host a Town Hall meeting in January to outlay our current season ticket plan for next season. Materials will then be distributed in early February.

David (Fort Worth): How many fans do you expect to travel to San Diego?
Chris Del Conte: We have sold out our allotment of Poinsettia Bowl tickets and we plan on seeing well over 5,000 Horned Frogs in San Diego.

Mitch (Aledo): With the move to the Big 12, what are you doing to enhance the basketball facilities, so that they are up to par with the rest of the conference.
Chris Del Conte: We are currently working with an architect to develop a plan to re-do the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum.

Tyler (San Jose): Any chance that there will be more numbers retired in any sport? I know it is hard for football but we could dedicate the numbers?
Chris Del Conte: We have a committee that reviews this topic on an annual basis. Last year, if you recall, we honored men's basketball great James Cash's jersey.

Jeff (Saginaw): How is progress coming along in regards to the baseball stadium renovation?
Chris Del Conte: At our last Board of Trustee meeting, we received approval to proceed with the project. We are currently fundraising to accomplish this goal.

Andrew (Palm Desert, CA): Are there any works on having statues of former greats at the new stadium?
Chris Del Conte: We've had discussions of this very topic, and we're continuing to evaluate ways to honor our past greats.

chris (texas): Anything new on the football lockerooms, when will construction start?
Chris Del Conte: If you come by the practice fields, you'll notice a new trailer park that we've built. It's where we're temporarily locating our locker room and training room so we can begin construction in January.

jeff (nebraska): Any plans to add any sports at tcu?
Chris Del Conte: There are currently no plans to add sports, but never say never.

george (fort worth): Will you hit up in and out in san diego?
Chris Del Conte: You can count on that on a daily basis. Put me down for a double-double animal style with fries and topped off by a vanilla shake.

John (Fort Worth): Are there any plans in the works to expand Lupton Stadium? Keep up the great work!
Chris Del Conte: The current campaign we're under is to address student-athlete needs. Last year's expansion added 1,500 seats. We'll monitor possible growth down the road.

Chris (Dallas): Can we see renderings of the lockerroom?
Chris Del Conte: Yes. We'll have something to share with everyone in the near future.

John (Fort Worth): What is the Lupton renovation project and where can I find information about it?
Chris Del Conte: We'll be sharing information with the public in the near future.
TCU Moderator: This concludes today's online chat with TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte. Thanks for joining us and stay tuned for an announcement of a date for next month's chat.

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