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 Chris Del Conte
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte Chats live Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. CT. Fans are encouraged to submit their questions now.

Diana (Arlington, TX): Did you ever ask Coach Patterson why he reties his shoes so often during football games? A superstition???? to know the story!!!!
Chris Del Conte: Hi Diana! I've often wondered that myself, and I believe it's just superstition.

Jeff (League City, Texas): Our tailgating scene is awesome. Would TCU consider building a couple outdoor bathroom facilities in the off season on the west, north and east?
Chris Del Conte: I was told by many of our conference visitors this season that we have the best tailgating experience in the Big 12, and I believe that as well. However, I'm not sure we will be able to build any permanent restrooms in our outside parking lots. I will take your suggestion under advisement.

Gary S. Force Fort Worth: Why can't we bring our stadium seats and cushions into the stadium? Some of us need special seating due to age and infirmity. I have been attending games for sixty years and bringing my comfortable stadium seats in for over twenty years. Why do something so negative to loyal fans?
Chris Del Conte: Hi Gary! We've heard from a number of fans on this topic. Beginning next year, we'll have a seatback in the entire stadium except for the lower bowl. If you happen to sit in the lower bowl, we will provide a specially-made cushion that you can rent for the season.

Kevin (Ft. Worth): I have been to nearly every Men's basketball game since the Billy Tubbs years. I was so excited when we got the new high-tech scoreboard in the DMC, but in my opinion it is being under-utilized. It has instant replay capabilities and a great quality screen. My question is why do we not use this great scoreboard for what it was meant for? (replays, game visuals, etc...) THANKS, and Go Frogs!
Chris Del Conte: I have yet to miss a home game as well. Let me get with our video department to discuss this.

Roger (Fort Worth): When is the concept art of the new Daniel Meyer Coliseum coming out?
Chris Del Conte: We had a meeting with our designers yesterday and are in the process of reviewing different options. We hope to have something to share in the coming months.

Anne (Dallas): What is your favorite Christmas song?
Chris Del Conte: Good question, but I'll go with Silent Night.

Howard (Aransas Pass, Texas): How are bowl ticket sales going?
Chris Del Conte: Sales are going great. As of this afternoon, we just crested 6,000 tickets sold. We very much appreciate everyone who has supported our football program by planning to make the trip to Arizona or donating their tickets to Project Purple.

Traci (Fort Worth): How are single game sales going for men's basketball and the Baylor women's basketball game?
Chris Del Conte: There's a lot of interest in our upcoming basketball seasons in the Big 12. We have less than 500 tickets remaining for the Feb. 6 men's game versus Kansas, and we're over 3,500 tickets sold for the women's game against Baylor.

Wyatt (Gladewater): Will the Mayans be right come Friday?
Chris Del Conte: I'll let you know on Saturday.

John (Dallas): Is there a chance TCU will bring back Kurt Thomas to have him recognized at a home game after his NBA career ends?
Chris Del Conte: If and when he ever retires, you can count on it! He's the oldest active player in the NBA. He actually played in the Southwest Conference.

Marissa (Keller): What are the Christmas plans for the Del Conte family?
Chris Del Conte: We leave Christmas Eve with our football student-athletes for Arizona.

Sammy (Phoenix): Where can I find out about activities for the bowl week? Look forward to seeing a few more Frogs out here!
Chris Del Conte: Visit our alumni office's website for a full schedule of bowl game activities in Arizona.

Delores (Fort Worth): T-C-U! T-C-U! Hi Mr. Del Conte!!
Chris Del Conte: I hear you Delores! Merry Christmas!

Hugh (Overland Park, Kan.): What is being done at the baseball stadium with the fencing?
Chris Del Conte: If you recall, we've launched an $8 million project to make upgrades to Lupton Stadium. The first phase of this project will be to move the fences in per Coach Schlossnagle's request. We'll also build a new batting cage and hitting area.

Christian (Fort Worth): Will there ever be a designated student seating at Lupton?
Chris Del Conte: Our student seating area in Lupton Stadium will continue to be in section 208 on the third-base side of the upper deck.

Grant (Bishop Neuman): I really liked the student rewards program that t marketing depart. did last season. Anything in the works like that again?
Chris Del Conte: I also liked our student rewards program, and our marketing department is looking to launch a new program soon.

David (Fort Worth): Del Taco, Taco Bell or Abuelos?
Chris Del Conte: Have you noticed on the back of our tickets that Rosa's is a proud sponsor of TCU Athletics? I'd have to go with Rosa's, especially with their Taco Tuesdays.

Jeff (Fort Worth): Will you be sporting a christmas pocket square tonight?
Chris Del Conte: Not tonight. It's purple since it's game day for our women's basketball team against No. 6 Georgia.

Andrew (Fort Worth): Now that the football season is over, how did the first year in the stadium go?
Chris Del Conte: It was simply amazing!

Brian Estridge (Fort Worth): Who is the best looking guy on TV?
Chris Del Conte: It's close, but I'd have to go with John Denton.

Sam (Norman): Just wanted to say that I really impressed with your stadium, it looked awesome and everyone of your fans were great.
Chris Del Conte: Thanks, Sam. We're looking forward to our trip to Norman next fall.

Carly Rae (Fort Worth): Call me, maybe?
Chris Del Conte: My wife wouldn't be too happy with that.

Gary (Indiana): Who's a better softball player Jennie Finch or Cat Osterman?
Chris Del Conte: I'd have to go with my former Arizona Wildcat Jennie Finch.
Chris Del Conte: We wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and hope to see you in Arizona.

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