TCU Frog Club FAQs

Q: What is the TCU Frog Club?
A: The TCU Frog Club is the principal fundraising arm of the TCU Intercollegiate Athletics Department. The Frog Club, founded in 1940, provides critical financial support for student-athlete scholarships as well as a number of other programs and initiatives such as the Amon G. Carter Stadium redevelopment project, Daniel-Meyer Coliseum renovation and Lupton Stadium addition.

Q: How do I contact the Frog Club?
A: Please call us at (817) 257-7700, email us at or stop by our offices located in Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the Frog Club?
A: The greatest benefit of joining the Frog Club is the understanding that your contribution creates opportunities for our TCU student-athletes. Other benefits of joining the Frog Club include: tax deductions, a subscription to the Frog Club Sports Report, the TCU Frog Card, invitations to members-only events, an official Frog Club decal, and other benefits associated with the Donor Rewards Program.

Q: How can I contribute to the Frog Club?
A: You can contribute to the Frog Club in a variety of ways. Some examples include: by making an annual gift, purchasing football season tickets in either the Club Seating Program or the Scholarship Seating Program, participating in our Football Donor Parking Program, joining one of our sports specific groups, or by playing in the Horned Frog Classic or the Coody & Coaches Classic golf tournaments.

Q: What is the TCU Football Scholarship Seating Program?
A: The TCU Football Scholarship Seating Program is similar to what most intercollegiate athletics programs call a Preferred" or "Priority" seating program where select season ticket locations for football (and basketball in many cases) are directly tied to a seat donation level. Unlike many other institutions, at TCU, all donations generated from the program go directly toward funding scholarships for student-athletes. The annual donation levels for this program range from $25 to $600 in addition to the season ticket price.

Q: What is the Football Donor Parking Program?
A: The best parking for TCU football games is administered by the Frog Club! Donation levels range from $200 to $2,000 annually for both reserved and general lots. All gifts are tax deductible and count toward annual Frog Club membership.

Q: What is the Horned Frog Priority Points System?
A: The Horned Frog Priority Points System provides an objective means to distribute tickets to donors and season ticket holders for events including: away games, post-season competition games, and bowl games. Note: all football season ticket upgrade requests are accommodated annually based on availability and your priority points ranking as of June 1st of the prior calendar year.

Q: When are priority points calculated?
A: The Horned Frog Priority Points System is recalculated four times a year. The calculations are made prior to season ticket renewals and postseason ticketing opportunities.

Q: My employer participates in a matching gift program. Can that be applied to my Frog Club contributions?
A: Yes. Please contact the Frog Club for more specific matching gift information depending on the type of gift you are making.

Q: Can I receive priority points for all donations I make to TCU?
A: Priority Points will be awarded for cash gifts of $10,000 or more to non-athletic designations, beginning June 1, 2016. This applies to a single gift transaction to one or more non-athletic gift designations totaling $10,000 or more. Please contact the Frog Club office at 817.257.7700 for specific details.

Q: Do we receive points for in-kind gifts or donations?
A: Only under very special circumstances could priority points be awarded based on an in-kind gift or a unique service provided to TCU Athletics or to the TCU Frog Club. In these cases, points are awarded by the Athletics Director on a case-by-case basis and must be confirmed by the Athletics Director. For more information please contact the TCU Frog Club Office at

Q: Do priority points ever expire or lapse?
A: Yes, gifts made to the Frog Club and towards an endowed scholarship or capital project earn points during that fiscal year only. Priority points awarded based on cumulative athletic giving (not season ticket loyalty) lapse 10 years after the gift is made at the end of that fiscal year. In other words, 11 years after a specific gift is made, that gift will not be reflected in your point total. Priority points are only transferable to a surviving spouse.

Q: We are long time season ticket holders, why do we only receive priority points for tickets purchased since 1996?
A: TCU appreciates and recognizes the long time support of many loyal frogs. We understand that your respective priority point total may not be the most accurate reflection of your dedication to TCU Athletics over the years. However, we believe our records since 1996 are the most accurate indicators of season ticket loyalty and awarding points based on season ticket purchases prior to that year would be unfair to many frog fans.

Q: What if I lose my account number or forget my online password?
A: In the event you lose either your account number or password please contact Dan Riester by telephone (817) 257- 6723 or by email at