Volunteer Information

The purpose of the Membership Team has been to assist the Frog Club with its fund raising efforts by reaching out to its constituents for renewals as well as soliciting new members. Teams were formed to establish a competition amongst the group. The fund raising staff for athletics was very limited and therefore it was necessary to form a group of volunteers willing to assist in the fund raising efforts. This group has been, and still is, very important to the athletics department and the Frog Club.

As TCU Athletics has evolved over the years, the purpose and direction of the Membership Team has changed as well. While many things are now automated in the world of fund raising, the importance of one on one customer service is critical to our success. The Membership Team will now be one unit to support the needs of TCU Athletics and the Frog Club. Benefits will be rewarded based on the number of volunteer events attended. Volunteers help to disperse accurate information regarding athletics and the Frog Club by assisting with events, golf tournaments, orientations and donor events.

If you would like to be a part of the Frog Club Membership Team, please contact Rudy Weiser at 817-257-4174 or by email at r.weiser@tcu.edu.