Priority Points



Due to the increasing demand for tickets to premium TCU athletic events, the Athletics Committee of the Board of Trustees at TCU, the full TCU Board of Trustees and the TCU Frog Club Directors approved the Horned Frog Priority Points System effective June 1, 2015. The purpose of the system is to provide a fair and equitable method of distributing premium tickets to donors and season ticket holders.* The TCU Frog Club is responsible for administering the system and providing information and guidance to all priority points account holders.

*Beginning in the 2015 Football season the Horned Frog Priority Points System will be used to allocate seats in the new Amon G. Carter Stadium.


All priority points account holders shall have the right to view their priority points total and their ranking at their convenience by setting up an online account. To set up your online account or to visit your account click here. Any account holder who wishes to obtain additional information can contact the TCU Frog Club Office via telephone, email or facsimile.


Donors and season ticket holders can earn priority points based on the following criteria:

TCU Frog Club Membership:
5 POINTS per year of membership in the TCU Frog Club (Calculated at 5 points per year from June 1, 2015 - present. Point totals from prior to June 1, 2015 will remain at 1 point per year.)

TCU Frog Club Annual Giving:
2 POINTS per $100 given per year to the TCU Frog Club (points awarded for gifts made during the fiscal year only, beginning June 1)

Athletic Capital Projects / Scholarship Endowments:
3 POINTS per $100 given per year to Athletic Capital Projects / Scholarship Endowments (points awarded for gifts made during the fiscal year only, beginning June 1)

Purple and White Points:
20 POINTS maximum one-time calculation. (2 points per season in which football season tickets were purchased. This is a one-time calculation on purchases made from 1996-2005)

Cumulative Season Ticket Commitment:
1 POINT per season ticket purchased (calculated for Football, Men's & Women's Basketball, and Baseball from Fall 2006 forward)

Season Ticket Loyalty Points:
2 POINTS per consecutive season (points issued each consecutive season in which tickets are purchased for Football, Men's & Women's Basketball, and Baseball from Fall 2006 forward)

10 POINTS one-time (must be a verified TCU Letter Winner who is a current member of both the Lettermen's Association AND TCU Frog Club)


Each individual's priority points are calculated quarterly, to determine the account holder's current point total. At that time your priority points ranking will be determined. Ranking is important because:

  • All seating in the new Amon G. Carter Stadium is based on your ranking;
  • It determines future ticket allocation for sports such as baseball and basketball;
  • It determines seating priority for road games; and
  • It determines seating priority for post-season competition and away games.


Horned Frog Priority Points are not property. Subject to the following exceptions, they may not be sold, transferred, pooled or assigned under any circumstances:

Marriage and Divorce
If two individuals (while legally married) have accounts in their individual capacities under different names, priority points accumulated by either spouse may be combined in one single joint account. The new joint account shall be re-calculated to reflect the overall point total of the previously held individual accounts. This rule shall only apply to married spouses and shall not include couples who are engaged or couples who live at the same residence. In the event of a divorce, the TCU Frog Club shall adhere to the specific order or instructions set forth in the marital settlement agreement or divorce decree and shall allocate priority points accordingly. In the event that the allocation of priority points are not specifically addressed in a divorce decree, all priority points amassed during the course of the marriage shall be divided equally between the two spouses.

Gifts Made for the Benefit or Credit of Another Individual or Business
Prior to or at the time an eligible gift is made, a donor may request that the priority points earned from the gift be credited to another individual or business entity. Once credited to another individual or entity, these points cannot be transferred further to any other individual or entity except under the other express provisions of this points system.

Dissolution of a Business
In the event that a business entity dissolves or ceases to do business, the entity shall direct the TCU Frog Club in writing, after the entity has complied with the appropriate statutory requirements for winding up its affairs, how the priority points shall be allocated. In the event that the entity does not direct the TCU Frog Club with respect to how the priority points shall be allocated within thirty (30) days of winding up its affairs, the priority points shall lapse and become non-transferrable. In the event an entity dissolves or ceases to do business and the entity has failed to direct how to re-allocate its priority points, the TCU Frog Club may, on its own initiative determine whether particular individuals have been instrumental in the entity's support of TCU Athletics and allow a re-allocation of some or all of the entity's priority points.


Season tickets and/or donor parking, for any sport in which they are sold, may be transferred to an immediate family member. This transfer request is limited to: children and grandchildren. In order to transfer season tickets and/or donor parking to another account holder:

The transferor must make a formal request to transfer tickets and/or parking to the TCU Frog Club in writing by submitting a Season Ticket and Donor Parking Transfer Request Form. Both the transferor and the transferee must consent to the transfer.

The transferee must pay a one-time transfer gift per season ticket or parking space to the TCU Frog Club.

The transfer gift will be based on current face value of the season ticket or parking space (including any required gift amount attached to the seat location). For example:

a. A ticket price is $250 with a required gift amount of $250; a transfer gift in the amount of $500 per requested ticket transfer is therefore required for the transfer.

b. A parking space value is $2000; a transfer gift in the amount of $2000 is required for the transfer of the parking space.

Tickets and/or donor parking may be transferred into the name of the surviving spouse with no required transfer gift. If no surviving spouse exists or no transfer request to an immediate family member is made within sixty (60) days, the tickets and/or donor parking will be released and made available to the public based on Horned Frog Priority Points System Rankings.

TCU will abide by any court ordered decision as to the re-allocation of any tickets and/or donor parking. Upon both spouses' consent, TCU will allocate the tickets or parking as desired.

In the event of a sale or acquisition of a company, the tickets and /or parking may be transferred to the acquiring company or an individual personal account for the previous company owners. In the event of dissolution, the tickets and/or parking will be allocated to the former owners of the company at TCU's discretion. The transfer gift is required if consolidating individual, family or business accounts into one account such as an LLC.

ADA Parking
The Parking Transfer Policy requires proof of an official ADA parking permit before TCU ADA Donor Reserved parking can be transferred.

Priority Points are non-transferrable. In the event the tickets and/or donor parking are transferred, any previously acquired priority points remain with the original account holder. The only exception is when a death occurs and the surviving spouse becomes the new account holder.


If you have more questions or would like to speak with a TCU Frog Club representative please call 817.257.7700.


Beginning June 1, 2014, TCU started awarding priority points for non-athletic gifts according to the following guidelines:

    For non-athletic gifts, donors must request priority points at the time the gift is made. Priority points will not be automatically awarded nor retroactively awarded.

  • Priority Points will be awarded for cash gifts of $10,000 or more to a single non-athletic designation in a fiscal year, beginning June 1, 2014;
  • Points will be awarded for non-athletic gifts of $10,000+ except for gifts from private foundations and donor-advised funds;
  • Points will be calculated at 1 point per $100 of gift value;
  • No points will be awarded for gifts-in-kind
  • No points will be awarded for deferred gifts
  • One point per $100 for single gifts of $5,000 or more to the Dee J. Kelly Center Alumni & Visitors Center Building Project


The TCU Frog Club shall review and make binding decisions with respect to all aspects of the interpretation and administration of the Priority Points System when formally requested by an account holder. Properly submitted requests for review shall be considered and a decision will be made within a reasonable time period.

Eligibility and Procedure
All priority points account holders may formally request a review by following the instructions below:

  1. Submit the precise nature of the account holder's issue in writing to the TCU Frog Club Office via U.S. Mail, email or fax;
  2. Provide the resolution sought;
  3. Provide supporting materials in support of the account holder's contention (i.e. copies of checks, receipts, bank statements, letters or emails); and
  4. Provide a current phone number, email address and mailing address for future contact from the TCU Frog Club.

Subject Matter Ineligible for Review

The TCU Frog Club will not review:

  • Policy questions
  • Hypothetical questions
  • Questions or issues not related to the account holder
  • Questions not related to the Priority Points System
Many issues may be resolved very easily and may not be necessary for review. All priority points account holders are encouraged to contact the TCU Frog Club Office at (817) 257-7700 or email the office at with questions relating to their account prior to submitting a formal request for review.


Decisions of the TCU Frog Club are Final
All decisions made by the TCU Frog Club with respect to formally submitted reviews are final.

Errors and Miscalculations
Errors in the calculation of priority points will be promptly corrected when brought to the attention of the TCU Frog Club.

Not Liable for Losses or Damage
Under no circumstances shall the University, the TCU Athletic Department, the TCU Frog Club, the TCU Lettermen's Association, any of their affiliated organizations, or any of their officers, directors, agents, employees or consultants be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from errors, whether intentional or negligent, including miscalculation or omissions, failure to correct errors, or the award or failure to award priority points or benefits in accordance with the Priority Points System.

Subject to Change Without Notice
Priority points policies and procedures are subject to change without notice to account holders. Regardless of actual or constructive notice to account holders, all changes shall have immediate effect.

Loss of Priority Points Account / Frog Club Membership for NCAA Violations
Any donor, account holder and/or Frog Club member who is found to be in violation of NCAA, affiliated conference or TCU rules or regulations is potentially subject to loss, suspension, denial or non-renewal of priority points. Donors dissociated from TCU as a result of action taken and upheld by the NCAA or the affiliated conference are not eligible to receive priority points during the period of their disassociation.