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Brian Estridge

Brian Estridge

Aug. 8, 2001

Hold your head up: Maybe some people will call me the eternal optimist, but I think we may be on to something here in Fort Worth that other people around the country haven't caught onto yet. Coming back from the Conference USA Football Kickoff in New Orleans, it was apparent that many teams and coaches in our new league aren't exactly sure what to make of the Frogs. I think this also happens to be the case as I listen to people around town. The number one question always is: How are we going to be without Coach Fran, LT and the 28 seniors? Well, I am here to tell the doubters to relax. I am one of the people who is not worried. I have seen what Coach Patterson has accomplished on defense over the last several years and I have also seen the kind of recruiting that the TCU staffs have done over that time. Folks, let me just say, the cupboard ain't bare! If that were the case, Gary would be looking for true freshmen to play this year. That is not the plan. Instead, all of them will redshirt this season. Sure, we lack experience, but we don't lack talent, and that can make up for things in a hurry. If you need to make a tackle on the edge against some guy named Crouch, I'll take talent over experience any day of the week!

You would be proud: Speaking of that trip to the Crescent City, linebacker Chad Bayer and quarterback Casey Printers went along with us to meet the C-USA media members. I just wanted to let you know that these two men were exemplary citizens and represented TCU with maturity and class. They answered reporters' questions with candor and honesty, looking each of them in the eye every time. (Something that was missing from a lot of the other players in attendance.) By the way, Bayer, who enjoys taxidermy when he's not playing football or studying mechanical engineering, tells me that he has done fowl and deer and is now trying to move up to fish and bobcats. We'll keep you posted as to whether he gets his first "Cornhusker" mounted on August 25!

Frogments: I would be remiss if in my inaugural column, I didn't recognize David Breedlove, our new football color analyst this fall. David will bring a high level of football knowledge, not to mention a passion for the Frogs, to the booth each week. Not to put any undo pressure on him, but David was as close to a natural as I have seen when he put the headsets on for the first time during tryouts. Listen in each week because I think we will make a great team. I just hope he doesn't get too excited and throw me a forearm shiver during a big play!...Let's all welcome the newest member to the TCU family, women's golf coach Angie Ravaioli-Larkin gave birth to an 8 lb. 12 oz. boy, Braeden, on August 2nd. Drop her a note, I am sure she would love to hear from you...Congrats are in also order for head soccer coach David Rubinson, who just returned from a three-week trip in Israel, where he was traveling with the U.S. Under-17 Girls National Team as part of the Maccabiah Games. It was David's second trip to the holy land. His first tour came back in the 1970s, when after completing his fine four-year career with the Frogs, he played for the U.S. National Team in Maccabiah...The athletic department has announced that Donna Biasatti has been hired as an Administrative Assistant in External Operations. If the name Biasatti is familiar to TCU fans, it is because Joey Biasatti is the Frogs' talented junior punter. Think she'll be peeking out of the press box on 4th downs?

From the streets and avenues of North Texas to the information super highway, I'm Brian Estridge. We'll see you on the radio.

Known as "The Voice of the Frogs," Brian Estridge is in his fourth year at TCU. In addition to being the play-by-play voice of Horned Frog football and men's basketball, Estridge serves as TCU's Director of Marketing and Broadcasting. He can be reached via email at