TCU Horned Frogs
Around the Horned - Fourth Edition

Oct. 30, 2008

Oct. 8, 2008

In the fourth edition of Around the Horned - faithful of the Purple and White will be introduced to a new side of their favorite TCU student-athletes and coaches.

Have you ever looked at those who don the Purple and White and wondered what their lives are like off of the field of action? In Around the Horned - fans will get an opportunity to find out what goes through the heads of football's Cody Moore, volleyball's Sarah Joeckel, cross country's Jeff Pels and Kayla Duncan on the women's tennis program.


Cody Moore
Sr. | Defensive Tackle

Sarah Joeckel
Fr. | Outside Hitter
Women's Volleyball

Jeff Pels
Cross Country

Kayla Duncan
Women's Tennis

My biggest guilty pleasure is...
The Hills
Frozen Yogurt
Video Games
Ice Cream
My first Halloween costume was...
A Lion
Red Power Ranger
Jasmin from Aladdin
My favorite vacation spot was...

Maui, Hawaii
I could never understand why this was so popular...
Big Brother
Pokemon Cards
The worst job that I ever had was...
Hauling hay
Cleaning offices for one week
Working at an outdoor BBQ restaurant
Cleaning toilets at home was gross
Amusement Park or Water Park...
Water Park
Water Park
Amusement Park
Amusement Park
I can't live without...
My guitar
My roommate
My friends
My iPod
My first car was...
A Ford 150 that I still have
Red Jeep Liberty
2003 Four Runner
No car... :(
If I had one wish - it would be...
My family to be closer to Fort Worth
More wishes
A Super Bowl for the Cowboys
My dad to be healthy
The reality show that I'd love to be on is...
The Real World
The Gauntlet on MTV
The Hills
My dream date is...
I have mine... my fiancee
Tad Hamilton
Rachel McAdams
Edward Cullen...
My favorite holiday tradition is...
Christmas Eve on my dad's side
Christmas dinner
Watching the Cowboys on Thanksgiving
Gift exchange at Christmas
I can't believe this show was taken off air...
Rob and Big
There are a few
That 70s Show
Gilmore Girls
If I hit the lottery - this would be my first purchase...
A house
A Mercedes
A Ferrari
A Range Rover
I wish that I was talented at this sport...
Beach Volleyball
My favorite class at TCU is/was...
Speech Communications
Survey of Theatre Arts
My favorite part of the 90s was...
The music
The music
Boy bands
If I had to describe myself in one word - it would be...