Big East News Conference Coach Quotes

Nov. 29, 2010


Head Football Coach Gary Patterson
On TCU's move to the Big East
"This is my third or fourth conference change since I have been at TCU, and every decision we have made has made TCU better. I know that I am excited, and I thank the President and Commissioner of the Big East for giving us the opportunity.  I am a very loyal guy, so I feel badly because of the friendships I have in the Mountain West Conference, but we felt like that as a University, this was the best move to make."
On the effect the move will have on players
"It changes it, but I think it's going to be better. You play earlier games and you gain an hour coming back from the east coast instead of losing two hours coming back from the west coast. One of the reasons we stayed overnight in Las Vegas is because we played a 10 o'clock ball game central time and didn't finish until two in the morning. We have played a lot of these teams before, South Florida, Cincinnati, Louisville, so we know a little bit about going in that direction."
On giving the Big East a boost as a football league
"The Big East is a very strong conference. Teams go as seniors and experienced quarterbacks go, and this happened to be one of those years where they have had some problems. I also think it is an issue of parity, with teams beating each other up. We expect to go into a strong conference every week, and we will have to escalate our game over the season. It's no different from when we went into the Mountain West Conference and had to play BYU. We will look at our landscape and formulate how we need change our team to play week in and week out to play in the Big East and start recruiting towards that goal."
On how this moves helps toward the BCS Championship Game
"I don't know. I don't know if we would be any higher than where we are now. You have two very good teams right ahead of us. I have always said it doesn't matter what conference you are in, you should be judged by what type of football team you have. We feel like we have a very good football team."
On joining an automatic-qualifying conference
"Obviously there is an automatic qualifying berth that goes along with this, so for us, that plays into the realm of things and how we wanted to do this. We have more TV markets when you play on TV, more people will watch us on a national scale. So I think it's a great move."

On the last seven days and how those have affected him
"It is a great scenario for us. As I told a lot of people via email and text, it has been a hard road, an interesting road. But the last two seasons we have gone to BCS games, and I have been proud of how the DFW community has embraced us, becoming Frog fans. It should be interesting, we certainly don't seem to be getting bored."
Head Men's Basketball Coach Jim Christian
On competing in the Big East
"It starts with recruiting, it starts with quality players. And being in that league opens up a lot of doors for us. It is a total commitment for us; you don't play at this level of competition without total support from the top down. I have lived in New York, coached in the Big East, basketball is very important to them and I think this shows an awareness by our University that we have a supreme interest in playing at that level."
On playing the Big East Tournament
"Everyone goes to New York, everyone plays in the tournament. I am assuming that is going to be the same going forward, I haven't heard anything different. Again this is a process, this is just the introduction. I am looking forward to watching the entire process, and have some great discussions about membership and how we are going to move forward."
On how the move affects recruiting
"What do you think? Yes, it's new, its different, its something everyone is going to know. Recruiting is telling stories, but it is going to be hard work. It doesn't change the process, it just opens the door to new things we can take advantage of."
On the popularity of Big East Basketball in Fort Worth
"I think it can, no question about it. It's awareness, there has to be an awareness of both our program as well as of the teams in the Big East. We have had exciting basketball here and we have had packed houses. It is not going to be totally new, sometimes we get caught up to much in the moment as this process is building, you can't worry about the future, you just have to focus on right now."

Head Women's Basketball Coach Jeff Mittie
On the differences in the travel schedule with the Big East
"When you travel east, it's better. Because of it's a travel league and we've always been in a travel league, I would much rather travel east."

On how the move will affect his team
"Because of the nature of this, I didn't have individual discussions with them. I think they'll be excited with it. We've got seniors that won't play in the Big East. This will be down the road so this is more of a recruiting thing. As we talk to recruits across the state of Texas and the rest of the country, I think it will be a great thing for us."

Head Baseball Coach Jim Schlossnagle
On playing increased competition in the Big East
"Last year, the Mountain West was the ninth or 10th-best league and the Big East was No. 5. This is an upgrade from an RPI standpoint. They had two teams that hosted regionals last year. Louisville is traditionally a power in the conference. Connecticut hosted a regional and Notre Dame played in Omaha."

On if TCU will have the same advantages it enjoyed in the MWC
"Four or five years ago, you could have said that. I think we'll have advantages because we're in Texas and we're going to try to sign the best players in Texas. With the season being shifted back and starting later, the better players in the New England area are starting to stay home which is going to make the league better. Connecticut is a perfect example, they may have two first-round picks this year."

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