"Total Commitment 2 yoU"

Texas Christian University Department of Athletics' mission is to guide, inspire, and support our student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence academically, athletically, and socially. A TCU student-athlete is provided with opportunities endemic to the exciting world of sports. Athletics furnishes avenues through which student-athletes may experience such facets as goal setting, teamwork, and leadership, among others. As an intercollegiate athletics participant, student-athletes are expected to embrace the role of a learner, utilizing these opportunities and experiences to enhance educational pursuits. Just as a student-athlete makes a Commitment to attend TCU and represent the university in competition, TCU Athletics makes a Commitment to the student-athlete to prepare them for the next phase of life after leaving TCU.

The TCU Athletics Commitment to the student-athlete has six guiding principles; Excellence, Integrity, Loyalty, Accountability, Respect, and Passion. These six Commitments to our student-athletes are detailed below:

Commitment to Excellence
TCU is Committed to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community. In order to achieve this mission, TCU Athletics will support all student-athletes to maximize their academic potential by providing top academic support. Each student-athlete chooses their own major or course of study with the support of an academic counselor that is specifically assigned to their team. This counselor will then work with the student-athlete to assist them with a graduation plan and applicable academic support. The TCU Athletics Academic Center is supported with world class technology, a writing center, individual and group tutors, mentors, dedicated study hours, and learning specialists.

In addition to providing top academic support, TCU is Committed to a comprehensive CHAMPS/Life Skills program. Within the program student-athletes receive creative, innovative and effective programming in the areas of personal development, community service, leadership, and career development; including a paid internship at Nike each year.

Commitment to Integrity
TCU is Committed to protecting each student-athlete's health, safety, and wellness with top medical support. This Commitment is upheld by ensuring a medically certified athletic trainer or physician is present at each practice and competition. Every student-athlete at TCU is insured and has access to a medical team comprised of primary care physicians, team orthopedic surgeons and consultants, athletics trainers, and dental, vision, psychological, and rehabilitation services. The medical services area focuses on preventative measures in order to allow our student-athletes to enjoy the rewards of his or her sport to the fullest extent.

Finally, TCU is Committed to a comprehensive concussion management policy and procedure plan to best protect our student-athletes wellbeing.

Commitment to Loyalty
TCU is Committed to full cost of attendance, multi-year athletics aid scholarships. Every full athletics scholarship that is offered to a student-athlete will have the following elements calculated; tuition/fees, books, room and board, and miscellaneous expenses. An equivalency scholarship will pay for specific elements but will also factor in the full cost of attendance into the equation.

Each student-athlete that receives an athletics scholarship to attend TCU is guaranteed to retain their scholarship through graduation or exhaustion of eligibility. Athletics scholarship terms will not be reduced because of an injury, illness, or physical or mental condition nor on the basis of a student-athlete's ability, performance, or contribution to the team's success. Scholarship terms will be honored unless the student-athlete voluntarily leaves the team, renders himself or herself ineligible, or violates NCAA, Big12, university, department, or team rules.

When a student-athlete makes a Commitment to attend TCU on an athletics scholarship, we make a life long Commitment to assist each of those student-athletes in obtaining their undergraduate degree. TCU has a comprehensive program that will assist former scholarship student-athletes through the process towards graduation.

Commitment to Accountability
TCU is Committed to the voice of the student-athlete through the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). SAAC is compromised of team representatives from each of TCU's 20 teams. SAAC representatives meet monthly with the Director of Athletics and other departmental administrators and voice their opinions on numerous issues within the athletics department, at the Big12 Conference, and at the national level.

TCU also conducts annual exit interviews with each student-athlete that exhausts their eligibility. Student-athletes are polled on their experience within each area of the athletics department. Commitment to Respect

TCU is Committed to fostering a culture of trust and respect. TCU values academic achievement, personal freedom and integrity, the dignity and respect of the individual, and a heritage of inclusiveness, tolerance and service. We encourage a healthy environment, free of prejudice and discrimination including demeaning language and physical, verbal, and emotional abuse.

Commitment to Passion
TCU is Committed to giving each student-athlete world class amenities and personnel to assist them in maximizing their abilities. We are Committed to hiring and retaining the best head coaches to lead our programs. Each student-athlete has access to a nutrition expert and specifically formulated nutrition products at a nutrition center. In addition each team has strength and conditioning coaches, top quality training facilities, and is fully funded when traveling for competition. TCU has a Nike contract through 2021 and outfits each student-athlete with top quality gear that maximizes performance in both practice and competition.

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