AASO Policies & Services

Academic Development
At the core of the AASO academic support program is the tutorial and mentor programs. A pool of over 60 qualified tutors provide a comprehensive tutorial support program assisting Horned Frog student-athletes in their academic studies while providing supplemental learning strategies in group and one-on-one settings. Each of the Athletic Academic Advisors act as mentors implementing various study skill strategies, time management guidance, and oversight of class schedules. The Athletic Academic Advisors work closely with each student-athlete to determine their schedules and register for appropriate courses. This directed scheduling is critical to maintaining NCAA continuing eligibility and successful graduation.

Study skills assistance is available for those student-athletes who need additional help in such areas as note taking, time management, and test preparation student-athletes should see their Athletic Academic Advisor for assistance.

Every student-athlete's academic progress is continuously monitored by his/her assigned Athletic Academic Advisor during each semester for such things as class attendance and class performance. Regular weekly meetings are mandated for all incoming freshmen, transfers, and "at-risk" student-athletes in order to address any academic deficiencies. This type of one-on-one interaction is critical to the development of TCU student-athletes as self-directed learners.

Career Development
One of the primary purposes of obtaining a university degree is to prepare for meaningful employment following graduation. Choosing a major can be a daunting task because of the variety of options. Career development is available through the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills program and through the close relationship that the AASO has developed with the TCU Career Development Center. Assistance is provided to TCU student-athletes in the very important process of selecting a major that will lead to a desired career.

Personal Growth & Development
This component of the student-athlete development program consists of presentations and workshops that address the needs and concerns of today's student-athlete. The NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills program addresses issues such as cultural diversity, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual awareness and responsibility, and sportsmanship. The goal of the Life Skills program is to provide student-athletes with information that allows them to make informed choices about their own personal behavior.

Student-Athletes of the Month
Each month, a male and a female athlete are chosen as Student-Athletes of the month. They are chosen based on their performance and recommendations from different areas within the Athletic Department, including the Academic Services Office staff. The student-athletes that are chosen each month exemplify balance between hard work in the classroom, hard work in their sport, and service for others.

Academic Advisement | Mentoring
Each specific sport program in the TCU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is assigned an Athletic Academic Advisor. The Advisor is responsible for oversight of weekly mentoring meetings with assigned student-athletes, class advising and scheduling in conjunction with the student-athlete's departmental and/or college advisor, tutoring, time management, and study skills. The Advisors work closely with all coaches, trainers and Professors to ensure good academic progress by a student-athlete. Athletic Academic Advisors assist student-athletes throughout their educational experience at TCU and are available by appointment and walk-in basis. All student-athletes are encouraged to utilize the services of their assigned Athletic Academic Advisor.

Priority Registration
Because of the extra demands placed on student-athletes due to their practice and travel schedules, student-athletes at TCU are given the opportunity to register for courses earlier than the rest of the student body. The student-athletes work with their Athletic Academic Advisors along with their Academic Advisors in the Department of their Major to determine suitable classes and schedule for each semester. Priority registration enables the student-athletes to pick specific class times and arrange their course schedules around their responsibilities to his/her team.

Educational Skills Assessment for Incoming Students
The AASO provides educational skills assessment for all incoming student-athletes, both freshmen and transfers. The assessment process is designed to provide the Athletic Academic Advisor with knowledge of the student-athlete's strengths and weaknesses in such content areas as reading, writing, and mathematics. With this information, the Athletic Academic Advisor can determine if a student-athlete possesses the necessary skills to succeed in standard entry-level courses at TCU.

Scores below the established minimum do not disqualify a student-athlete from continuing and achieving scholastic success at TCU. It may however, indicate a need for additional testing, enrollment in developmental courses, and/or the use of the various academic services provided on campus for the student's ultimate collegiate success. The focus of the assessment process is to ensure that all student-athletes have access to appropriate academic support services to ensure academic success.

Supervised Study Hall
Supervised study is a monitored study program designed to provide student-athletes with organized study/tutoring time in flexible environment conducive to successful learning. All first semester freshmen and transfer students are required to attend Study Hall as well as student-athletes designated by their Advisors. Student-Athletes have access to smaller study rooms during the day and the larger Study Hall in the evenings is monitored to maintain a quiet study environment.

The ultimate goal of supervised study is to assist student-athletes in developing their intellectual and academic potential as well as to familiarize the student with all services offered by the AASO staff.

Class Attendance and Excused Absences
Student-Athletes at TCU are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes and be punctual and prepared. Student-athletes who miss class due to team travel are granted excused absences but are expected to speak with their Professors about missing work and/or tests. It is the student-athlete's responsibility to discuss a make-up date if a test is missed due to travel.

The various coaching staffs also submit travel rosters to the AASO Administrative Assistant for subsequent submission the TCU Office of Campus Life. In turn, Campus Life will then send an e-mail to university faculty listing those students and student-athletes who have been excused from class as a result of university travel.

Again, any student-athlete absent from class as a result of a university excused absence must be permitted to make up missed work within a reasonable span of time, or have alternate and reasonable grades substituted for missed work. Student-athlete absentees as a result of a university sanctioned reason are given the same privileges as regular students on campus.

Laptop Checkout for Travel
Laptops are provided by the AASO for use by student-athletes who are traveling and need to complete coursework while they are gone. The ability to checkout laptops provides student-athletes with opportunities to continue their coursework while away from campus for an extended period of time.

Grade Checks
The AASO has implemented a comprehensive grade checking system for all Horned Frog student-athletes. Multiple times each semester, a grade check form from the AASO is sent to each faculty member on campus requesting an update on a student-athlete's academic progress. AASO grade checks are sent out in addition to the Unsatisfactory Grade Report compiled at mid -semester by the University. The data received from the AASO grade check forms is entered into a database for sport-by-sport analysis and reporting.

The Director of Athletics, Associate AD for sport oversight, and the Head Coach is provided a copy of the grade report. The coaches are asked, in conjunction with the sport specific Athletic Academic Advisor, to address those student-athletes having academic difficulty and to adhere to team/departmental policies pertaining to academic neglect. In addition, the Athletic Academic Advisor will meet with the student-athlete to discuss his/her status and to recommend the appropriate support services.

Academic Textbook Loan Program
This service is offered to those student-athletes who have been provided a textbook scholarship by their respective sport program as part of their athletic grant-in-aid package/scholarship. Textbooks are picked up at the beginning of each semester in The Davis Academic Learning Center. The textbooks are charged to a student-athlete's scholarship account and are on loan by the Athletics Department. Student-Athletes with textbooks on loan must return their books by the end of the semester, or after their last exam. The book process at TCU ensures that the student-athletes receive their required books in a timely manner.

Academic Tutors are available for all student-athletes in all TCU Core subject areas and are free of charge. They are available on a one-to-one basis and small group sessions. In most instances the student-athlete's assigned Athletic Academic Advisor will mandate tutorial assistance in specific subject areas. Tutors for courses that do not fall under the TCU Core may be requested by the student-athlete and should be requested through his/her Athletic Academic Advisor.

All tutorial appointments are arranged on an appointment basis and will be conducted in either The Davis Academic Leaning Center and/or The Abe Martin Academic Enhancement Center only. Tutor sessions will not be conducted outside of the AASO premises. Student-athletes whom utilize this service are expected to keep all scheduled tutoring appointments. Missed tutor sessions may result in disciplinary action and may be charged to the student-athletes bursar account.

Courses Taken at Other Institutions
In order to receive TCU academic credit for classes taken at other institutions, the student-athlete must first obtain and complete an Academic Action Plan from his/her designated College. Once the Dean's Office in that specific College has approved the course for TCU transfer, then the student-athlete may take the class. Please remember that grades or GPA do NOT transfer into TCU from other institutions, only credit hours will. If a student-athlete is in need of repairing or increasing his/her cumulative GPA, taking classes off campus will not help.

Summer School Aid Program
Student-athletes receiving athletic grant-in-aid who are wishing to attend summer school at TCU are able to apply for summer school assistance. This is an application process, but there is scholarship money available to student-athletes. Summer school assistance is not a given and all applications will be reviewed by the Summer School Aid Committee.

Fifth (5th) Year Aid Program
Student-athletes who have exhausted their athletic eligibility but have not yet completed their undergraduate degrees may apply for 5th year Aid under the conditions of the respective scholarship applications. These student-athletes are given the opportunity to complete their coursework in a 5th year so they can graduate and receive a University Diploma.

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