TCU Horned Frogs
Student-Athlete Tutor Services

Academic Tutors are available for all student-athletes in all TCU Core subject areas and are free of charge. They are available on a one-to-one basis and small group sessions. In most instances the student-athlete's assigned Athletic Academic Advisor will mandate tutorial assistance in specific subject areas. Tutors for courses that do not fall under the TCU Core may be requested by the student-athlete and should be requested through his/her Athletic Academic Advisor.

All tutorial appointments are arranged on an appointment basis and will be conducted in either The Davis Academic Leaning Center and/or The Abe Martin Academic Enhancement Center only. Tutor sessions will not be conducted outside of the AASO premises. Student-athletes who utilize this service are expected to keep all scheduled tutoring appointments. Missed tutor sessions may result in disciplinary action and may be charged to the student-athletes bursar account.