Coach Anderson's Journal

Oct. 22, 2007

TCU head coach Darryl Anderson recently sat down with to give fans an inside look into how practice has gone following fall break.

Coach Anderson will give readers an inside look at what each week of practice has been like through a weekly journal. Below is the fourth installment of the journal.

Darryl Anderson

Fourth Installment

The last week of practice has been exceptional and I feel like we are growing as a team and getting better. We are tying up loose ends with some conditioning stuff and we're finally starting to get into the meat and potatoes of practice.


I think the women continue to move forward. It helps that Virgil Hodge has been out there now for three weeks and showing some leadership capabilities. Once we get everybody on the same page, I think the group is going to be really good. In the hurdles, Kishelle Paul has been looking really good and because this is her third year in we can speed some things up for her, not only in the intermediate hurdles, but also in the high hurdles. The expectations for her are really high and I think she has handled that really well so far. The new jumpers are doing a good job. Amber Anderson has looked pretty good and she just needs to keep coming to practice every day and continue to improve. Neidra Covington has been exceptional this fall, while LaQuinta Ross has looked good in practice. I think that group as a whole is doing a good job. Candis Kelley and Stormy Harrison are doing an exceptional job.



Finally, our distance kids have been doing a good job during the cross country season. I like the fact that Tanja Ivandic has come in and really asserted herself and made her presence known.

Really, everybody is doing some things and moving forward at a pretty good rate. We are handling the work load really well and we just need to focus in on the long term. I have been pushing the kids to make sure that they come into practice and continue to work hard.

On the men's side, I think the leadership has been good and the older guys like Otis, Che and Justyn have really been exhibiting leadership. They are handling the work load well. We are not having to do a lot of one-on-one stuff anymore and that has been a good thing. We started in on some split quarter stuff this week and I am pleased that seven weeks in we are moving forward exceptionally well. Dell Guy has been training well and coming to practice focusing in. He has really started to bring something to the table.

I'm really liking what Festus and Matt Manly have been doing during the cross country season. I think they are doing an exceptional job and that is only going to help them in the long run.

Overall, I am quite pleased with how things are going. A lot of stuff from this point on will start to be race specific and at some point our kids will have to start to make sure that they are getting the rest they need because it is like a roller coaster ride from here on out.

Really, the fun begins and now we get to see how good this team can be. The expectations are high for everybody on this team and they should be. At TCU you want to be a national meet team and because of that our training has to reflect our team philosophy.

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