TCU Winning Streak Increased to Four After Victory Over Virginia Tech




Sept. 6, 2003

Final Stats

Raleigh, N.C. - TCU squeaked past Virginia Tech this morning in an exciting four-game match. Again, the second game proved to be the problem child for the Horned Frogs, but guts and scrappy play helped TCU hang on throughout the others to flex their dominant muscle and gain their fourth win in a row.

The game was up for grabs for the first third, but then TCU was on a roll, hammering out swings and floating tips just over the Hokies' fingertips, while Virginia Tech looked lost and confused. However, a well-timed time out by Tech's head coach Greg Smith set the Hokies on a seven-point spree unanswered by the Horned Frogs. One rally filled with tips and painful digs ended in the Hokies' favor; the Frogs worked too hard to have lost that point, and they took it back, along with the rest of the game. Junior Dominika Szabo had a solid game, hitting .333 with five digs. The score showed the Frogs the winners at 30-27.

The second game got away from TCU halfway through. After a time-out, Tech started to plug away at the TCU defense, bringing the score from 9-11 to 15-11. The Hokies were relentless, dishing out 53 total attacks and 19 kills. The Frogs fell 23-30.z,p. In the third game, Szabo again stepped up for the Frogs, hitting .500 with five kills, one error, and 14 total attacks. It did not take long for TCU to recover from their disastrous second game, getting a good jump from the starting blocks. Things got a little hairy in the middle third when another fierce tipping and digging battle ensued between the two teams to end in an attack error by the Hokies, breaking the 21-21 tie. However, the Hokies had not given up yet, and they took the lead for a few points before the Frogs tied it up again at 28-28. With tensions high, TCU showed they had the most guts, as they pulled out of the game the victors, 31-29 after a silencing block assist by junior Ellen Rehme and sophomore Erin Estep.

Series of errors set the Frogs behind in the fourth game, but after a time-out, TCU turned the tables on the Hokies, hammering out six points before Virginia Tech took their own time-out. Following this break, the Hokies had a brief surge; the Frogs decided they had enough and steadily regained their lead. Badly timed service errors at 25-26 TCU and 26-27 TCU set some nerves on edge, but two kills by Rehme finished off the Hokies. The end score showed TCU up three games to one, 30-27.

"This was a huge win for us," Coach Prentice Lewis said. "Beating such a great program that's been jumping up the rankings for three years is a great win." Coach Lewis was also pleased with the play of Szabo and Rehme, both who lived up to their potential today.

TCU came out big in their blocks at the end of the match, tallying nine by the fourth game, the most for the year so far. Szabo added another double-double to her list with 18 kills and 17 digs, averaging .342 for the match. Barlow also scored a double-double with 50 assists and 15 digs, while Rehme tallied a third double-double to her young list with 19 kills and fifteen digs. Freshman libero Britany Smith showcased her defensive skills with 15 digs and Estep had a solid match with seven kills, one error, and 14 total attacks, giving her a .429 average.

Later in the afternoon, the Horned Frogs take on the High Point Panthers in their final match of the tournament. TCU is now 4-1 with a three game winning streak. They look to increase both the numbers at 3:30 p.m. Central.

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