Meet Hayley Harmon


Hayley Harmon

Nov. 26, 2003

Fort Worth, Texas - Full name: Hayley Harmon

Nicknames: Hay, Hays, Hails

I wear number 7 because: in high school I was #34 and that number was too big here so 3 + 4 = 7 and that's the story.

Music I listen to: I listen to it all, rap, country...everything

Favorite TV show: Friends

Favorite class at TCU: I like all my classes

Favorite junk food: Honey nut chex mix

Most impressive person you know: my mom or my best friend Breahn

Person in history you'd like to meet: JFK

First thing you'd do if you were head coach for a day: give everyone a day OFF!:)

Person you would most like to trade places with for a day: my sister

Teammate who makes you laugh the most: Jenna, Skye, and Ellen

Person who has most influenced your athletic career: my sister and older players I've played with

Most memorable moment in athletics: when I set the kill record at my high school making it over 1,000; I was the 7th person in the state to get it


Best player you've ever faced: Michelle Collier (South Florida)

Craziest ambition: to go skidiving

One thing you wish you were better at: having patience with certain people

Favorite sport besides the one you're playing: I like to watch football

One possession you'd keep if you lost all but one: my bible

The best advice I've ever been given is: to stick with something even though it may be the hardest thing I've ever done or have to do

If there were a movie about your life, who is the actress who would play you?: Meg Ryan

A place I've always wanted to visit, but never had the chance is: Italy

What motivates you?: my peers and family and sometimes myself (on good days):)

My dream job would be: cardiac surgeon

Why did you choose to attend TCU?: I really liked the campus and to play volleyball.

SInce I've been at TCU, I've learned: that college is tough and being a student-athlete is even harder; it's all about time management

The best thing about being a Horned Frog is: the school spirit and fun times I've had here.

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