TCU-Oregon State Quotes

May 31, 2009

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TCU Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle
Opening Statement:
"Obviously a historic night for our program. I couldn't be more proud of our guys. I couldn't be more proud of our fans, administration and anybody remotely involved with TCU Athletics and baseball. It doesn't get any better than that. The day that I took this job, I remember walking out to center field by myself and I all I thought about was a night like tonight; the big crowd, the kids playing hard. I couldn't be more proud of our team. I'm excited and glad to have the opportunity to keep playing baseball.

On hosting and winning a NCAA Regional:
"I'm just really excited. I'm caught between my job as a head coach, to think about the program as well as the team. These guys are supposed to think about the team and whatever it is they have to do to win two more games to where we can keep playing. Programmatically, I've seen how hosting a regional and winning it changes everything. Look at how our fans were cheering. There were days even this year where I was standing on the corner of the dugout and I started clapping, feeling like half cheerleader, half coach. Now, the fans did all of those things, they jumpstarted us. One thing that I was reminded of, spending two years at Tulane, five of my first six regional experiences were in Baton Rouge, listening to the crowd and that L-S-U chant. I told my wife that in the last couple of innings, we replaced the L-S with a T-C and it felt like a major, major college baseball atmosphere and that's what I think we have a chance to have here for the long haul."

TCU freshman outfielder Jason Coats
On the knocking in the game-winning run:
"I was battling throughout the at-bat. He threw me some 3-2 sliders that I a little bit in front of. Then he left a fastball over the plate and it was a good pitch that I could hit the other way. I got the barrel to the ball and I got it to the right side. It was the best feeling ever. I saw everybody charging at me and I was like 'Oh my gosh'."



TCU senior infielder Corey Steglich
On being a senior on this team and coming to TCU:
"I just remember sitting up in Coach Schlossnagle's office and beforehand, I really wasn't a TCU baseball fan. He told us that one day soon that we would be a super regional-type team and I believed him. Being here for four years and all of the work that we all put in, it's amazing and I'm really proud of the way our team and how hard we worked. It's the best feeling I have ever had and I'm just really proud of everybody."

TCU junior pitcher Tyler Lockwood
On keeping the game close:
"I knew that once I could find the zone, knowing that our team would battle all night, I wanted to keep it as close as I could. I just stuck with my approach that has been working for me for the whole three years that I have been here and it worked."


Oregon State Head Coach Pat Casey:
Opening Statement:
"I wish that our whole club could sit in here because I can't tell you how proud I am of Oregon State's baseball team. These guy's put up one of the finest efforts today, battled for 11 hours and I can't tell you how proud I am of them. Just a wonderful effort and a great bunch of guys. It was a great ball game. Congratulations to TCU, they are a very good club. Once again, I'll just tell you that this club fought, battled, scratched and proved what kind of character they have and what kind of men we have at Oregon State."

On mixing up the lineups daily:
"I'm proud of those lineups. They beat Texas A&M and put themselves in a position to beat TCU. They did everything that you could do on the road, staying out in the heat hour after hour. Warriors, battlers, I can't tell you enough. It reminds me of the '06 National Championship club that had to face six elimination games. These guys will be back, you'll see them again somewhere."

On fatigue playing a factor:
"Nope, our guys put that completely on the back burner, bowed their neck and battled. There wasn't one guy that bought into fatigue. A great bunch of young men."

Oregon State sophomore infielder Stefen Romero
On the game:
"We just came out battling hard. Everyone competed and unfortunately the game ended on one swing of the bat. We just have to capitalize more often, but we still competed hard. We just came out on the losing end."

Oregon State junior infielder Aldaberto Santos
On the Beavers' year:
"It was a great season. I've been on a lot of teams from junior college to summer to high school, but once I came here, the team is a family. Everybody is for each other; we pick each other up. We got out together. Everybody has everyone else's back and we showed that tonight. Unfortunately, we lost today, but it has been a great season and I'm glad I was here. I love my coaches and my players. It was a long road and every road comes to an end."

On losing the momentum:
"Just being on their home field, the momentum shifted quickly when their fans were in it. We didn't score some runs when we needed to, but I'm not going to sit here and talk about what we could have done better, because at the end of the night, we didn't."

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