TCU vs. Dayton Postgame Quotes

June 2, 2012

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GAME 3: TCU 28, DAYTON 12 JUNE 2, 2012

Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle Opening Statement
"It was obviously an offensive day for both teams. I'm excited about the way we swung the bat, especially about the way we rebounded after they went up 9-6. I thought that Justin [Scharf] coming in and stemming the tide a little bit there in the middle of the game settled things down for us from a pitching standpoint. It's just one of those days, with the way the wind was carrying the ball out of the ballpark it seemed like anything we hit hard fell in for a hit and anything we hit soft fell in for a hit. It could have easily been the other direction, but we'll take it."

On starting out with small ball and ending up with 28 runs
"That's a good point, you know, squeeze in two runs with the 30 mile-per-hour wind blowing. We had a team meeting last night and talked about a lot of things but one of them was just trying to play our brand of baseball, regardless of the score. We play in a pitchers' park so we normally have to hit and run and squeeze and do a lot of different things to score runs. So I think that gave us some energy early in the game and then we just built on that throughout the rest of it."

On how he felt when TCU was down 9-6
"When I went to the mound and took [Trey] Teakell out I told the guys that, you know they had their closer in the game and he pitched an inning last night. With him in the game in the middle innings, I felt like that was a sign, that that was the best guy they had left. On a hot day with a big old strong guy like that I felt like if we could just get through him and get him tired and get to whoever's left then we'd have a good chance because I felt like we were swinging the bat pretty well and the wind is blowing out. We just needed to contain our composure and we needed somebody to stop them for just one inning. Justin did that and I thought that was really the difference in the game."

On using momentum going into the next game
"I told the guys last night that if there's a game to lose in a Regional, it's probably the first one because if you win your next one you're playing someone that lost the previous day. A lot can be said for momentum. Us coaches try and find the right things to say in any given time. Ole Miss has a great club and A&M has a great club. We'll see how it plays out. I think the beauty of our game today, as I told the team is that we didn't use two of our frontline pitchers in [Stefan] Crichton and [Brandon] Finnegan, and the guys that pitched today either pitched not very many pitches, like Scharf, or they pitched poorly like [Andrew] Mitchell, to where I could get them out and get them back in before the weekend is out. We like where we are. We're just going to keep grinding."

On Nick Frey
"I was real happy with Nick. It's been over two months (April 1) since he pitched. He did a good job. We just needed somebody to eat up some outs and innings and save anything and everything we have left."

On injury opening an opportunity for Jerrick Suiter to play
"I like to think there's a silver lining in everything. It kills me to see Jason Coats in our dugout not playing. He's one of the greatest players in the history of the school but we're real confident in Jerrick and what he can do. For a guy who's been an all-state football player, all-state basketball player and all-state baseball player in the state of Indiana, a Regional shouldn't be that big of a deal and he showed that today."

Senior Right Fielder Brance Rivera
On coming out of a slump at the plate
"It feels really good, obviously, any time you can step up to the plate and help the team in any way - getting a bunt down, getting a hit, getting walked. It feels good."

On using momentum going into the next game
"I'm really excited to play either team again. With how the guys swung the bat today, once you get some hits in there your confidence builds and I know us as hitters, we're confident. I think the pitchers are coming into this game confident too. We're not going to see anything we haven't seen before with them."

Junior Pitcher Justin Scharf
On coming in with a tight situation
"Coming in there, he told me to throw strikes and that's what I did. I picked the dude off for the third out and then coming in for the next inning I thought they probably haven't seen a submarine so I just throw strikes and let them swing over and make outs themselves. That's all I'm supposed to do, so I did. I just shut them down so they don't score anymore."

Freshman Left Fielder Jerrick Suiter
On being able to play in the Regional
"It's just another game. Yeah, it's a Regional and it's a big deal but you've got to just think of it as another game."



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