TCU vs. Ole Miss Postgame Quotes

June 3, 2012

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GAME 1: TCU 5, OLE MISS 2 JUNE 3, 2012

Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle
Opening Statement
"Obviously that was an exciting finish to a really good day for TCU. I'm really proud of the way our guys competed throughout the day. They played with great energy - the guys on the field and the guys in the dugout. We certainly got two phenomenal pitching performances from [Stefan Crichton] and then Brandon [Finnegan]. I can't say enough about Brandon, especially after taking the loss on Friday you you're not pitching as well as you're capable of out of the bullpen. To come give us what he gave us today was just phenomenal. I wish the day would have won us something but it hasn't. It feels good, but certainly we have to forget about it really fast."

On timely hitting after struggling offensively during the regular season
"I know it's hard to believe this but we've always felt like we had a better offensive club than we have shown. Our ballpark is predominately a pitchers' park and sometimes that weighs on the minds of our hitters. I think when we get away from home our guys play with a little more confidence. In the game of baseball things can turn on a dime and you start having some success, you start seeing some balls fall in and it just feeds from one guy to the next. I'm excited about the way we're playing but again, the past never equals the future. We're just going to have to keep grinding it out for one more day. We're playing for all of the marbles in this Regional tomorrow and I know Ole Miss will be ready to go as well, so it will be a dogfight."

On Brandon Finnegan's performance on the mound
"When he gets on top of the baseball and throws downhill he's just really tough to beat. Obviously he has good velocity and he pitches with a good angle and throws off-speed pitches just enough to keep you honest. When he throws strikes he's just tough to beat. There's a reason why he was drafted by the Rangers and there's a reason why we just think he's an All-American type pitcher for us in time."

On the TCU freshmen
"It's neat to see them grow up before your eyes. They're all playing well. They all had things to overcome, whether it be maturity away from the field or overcoming injury in the case of Kevin Cron. Keaton [Jones] - I'm really proud of him as well - and Jerrick [Suiter]. If [Jason] Coats doesn't get hurt, Jerrick may not even be on the field or maybe [designated hitting]. Those guys are our core players for years to come. They're cornerstone guys and as long as they continue to believe in our program and the things that we stand for, the sky is the limit for all of them."

On Kevin Cron's big catch in the camera well
"Big, big play in the game. Two outs, they'd loaded the bases with two outs. I think [Finnegan] - I was real close to getting him. Huge play. If you ever come watch us take batting practice, we shoot pop-ups out of a machine during [batting practice]. We don't necessarily practice that one but we practice a lot of pop-ups right on the line every day before a game starts. I told him that he should give a little credit to the coaching staff because we practice that. That was a great play. It was a very athletic play and the ump did a great job of staying with it as well."

On whether [Andrew] Mitchell will be pitching tomorrow
"Other than Finnegan and Crichton, it will be all-hands-on-deck tomorrow. What order we go, I don't know. But certainly anybody and everybody who is on our pitching staff with the exception of the two starters today are going to have to give us something tomorrow, likely."

On whether he's made a decision on tomorrow's starter
"No I haven't. I want to get back and get a shower." On how long momentum will last "To me, momentum is the next day's starting pitcher. That's the old baseball saying. Momentum today was Crichton and Finnegan. We swung the bat well. I've always said this and I may be wrong, but the game begins and ends with starting pitching. When a guy goes out there and keeps them at-bay, that gives your hitters confidence. If you're always fighting from behind, then it's a nightmare. I'm hoping we can continue swinging the bat, but we're playing one of the elite teams in the SEC and they have some guys that they haven't pitched yet. Our pitching is going to have to give us a chance, and then hopefully we'll get enough timely hits." 

Freshman Pitcher Brandon Finnegan
On his performance tonight compared to Friday
"After Friday I was a little nervous because I got the loss. I was going to give it all I had because I knew our baseball team was. I'm not going to quit on my team and they're not going to quit on me. I know they're behind me 100 percent so I was pretty confident after that first inning."

Freshman Second Baseman Derek Odell
On his home run
"There were two strikes and it was a cutter down-the-middle but it cut in. With two strikes I was just trying to stay short with it and I guess since I was short with it, it got up in the wind and went over the wall. I used the wind to my advantage a little bit."

On whether he still feels like a freshman
"I definitely still feel like a freshman. I'll carry my bag everywhere and I'll be ok with it. I do feel more experienced now that the season has gone by but I have definitely grown from this atmosphere, the Regional atmosphere. I feel like I've grown a whole lot from it baseball-wise."

On how hard it is to play two games in a day
"It's hard but in these circumstances it's not really that hard because you want to win so bad that you don't really realize that you're that tired. The guys in the dugout keep it fun. The games - I can't explain how fun they are. It's really not as bad as it seems until after the fact."



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