NCAA Baseball Regional Game #4 Quotes

June 5, 2010

Recap |  Box Score

NCAA Baseball Regional Game #4
Fort Worth, Texas (Lupton Stadium)
TCU 11, Arizona 5
June 5, 2010

TCU Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle
Opening Statement:

“It was a great ball game, a great night, outstanding atmosphere, two really good teams. I thought Matt (Purke) pitched outstanding. He did a good job of handling the emotions of the first three or four innings of the game. Certainly Joe (Weik) had two really, really big hits. I thought the last one was as big as the first one. Taylor (Featherston’s) was really big too. I’m really excited about the way we played, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

On deciding who his DH will be each game:
“It’s tough. Just trying to ride the hot streaks. Up until today, Jimmie (Pharr) was usually the guy to hit the ball in the air and hit the most homers. (Josh) Elander is a guy who can run. He’s a guy who we feel has a great future as a catcher and an outfielder as well, so we try and get him some at-bats. Joe (Weik) probably has been the most consistent guy throughout the course of the season. I met with those guys probably three weeks ago and just stood them in the outfield and said, ‘Listen I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know what to do. I’m just going to try and give each of you as many equal at-bats as we can. Just take it for what it’s worth. Don’t feel that you need to get four hits that day, because if you do I (still) may not play you the next day. I’ll give the next guy an opportunity.’ I’ve just tried to get keep all three of them relatively fresh so that they’re either ready to pinch hit or ready to go when someone is down. This time of year if someone takes it and runs with it like Joe has, that’s the guy you’re going to go with.”

On generating offense from the bottom of the lineup:
“In any other ballpark, Schultz probably has two home runs in this tournament. Holaday would have had one today. We feel really confident (in the bottom of the lineup). That’s why our three-hole bunts a lot. That’s because he can bunt and we’re not afraid for whomever to come up. That’s a pretty good situation to be in as a coach, knowing that in any given inning you can put up some offense.”

On the electric atmosphere surrounding the game:
“It was fun. It means a lot to these kids and to this University to see people come out and cheer at a baseball game the way you are supposed to.”

On tying Frank Windegger for second place at TCU in all-time coaching victories:
“I have a lot of respect for coach Windegger, but my goal is to be the first coach to take TCU to Omaha and win a national championship. We don’t think about numbers or anything like that. That just means we’ve had really good players and a great staff, but I have a lot of respect for coach Windegger and coach (Lance) Brown (No. 1 in all-time wins).”

On Sunday’s game:
“I know (Steven) Maxwell will be ready to go. But we haven’t done anything yet. We’ve won two games. Big deal. I know our guys are going to take it that way. Whoever we play tomorrow is a team that is going to be coming off a win, so they’re going to have momentum. I don’t know much about Arizona’s team, but I know a lot about Baylor’s. I know how much pitching they have left, and that’s a lot. I’m sure tomorrow night will be a dog fight.”

TCU junior DH Joe Weik
On making an impact despite not being an everyday player:
 “I work my routines and my mental game when I’m not in there, and then when I get a chance to go in, I actually feel more relaxed. The results really don’t matter much, I just to in there and try to feel loose.

 “We work with the mental game a lot. When I’m in the dugout and not playing, I go through an at-bat mentally. That helps me stay in the game. I just support my teammates. We’re team-first here. When I get a chance to play I want to prove myself, because I know they type of player that I am.”

TCU freshman SP Matt Purke
On Arizona trying to break his rhythm on the mound:
“When you get in a rhythm as a pitcher, everyone tries to get you out of it. I just took a deep breath and figured they eventually have to get in the box and I still have to make my pitches. I just focus on making my pitches. Some of them just took a little bit longer to get to the plate than others.”

On whether the importance of the game affected him:
“I was a little nervous going out for the first time (in regional play), but I felt like I took it and used it to help me out there. I felt great today. I just took all the energy in the stadium and dugout and really focused on putting it into each pitch.”

On being the visiting team in TCU’s home ballpark:
“It was a little different, a little weird. We had to sit on the other side. You warm up in a different spot, but this team we can do it either way. We’re not afraid to go out and score first, and we’re not afraid to go out and throw up a zero then come back and score. It really shows what this team can do (offensively and defensively).”

Arizona Head Coach Andy Lopez
Opening statement:
“Obviously we faced a very good team tonight. They are an outstanding club. They took advantage of a couple pitches that were up in the zone and did what you need to do in a post-season situation. They hit them out of the yard, and that put the game into their hands. Very good pitching performance by Matt Purke, I saw him last year while I was out recruiting. He is a pretty special freshman. All the credit to TCU, they have an outstanding program, outstanding coaching staff. Their head coach is a class act, just a real good program.”

On having to now win three games in a 24-hour span:
“It is going to be a difficult task. I try to tell the truth, and I think this is going to be very challenging for these guys. I have done it a couple times, but someone will have to take a courageous step for us. We are going to need a performance out of someone who we don’t expect a performance out of. We will need someone to pitch a little longer than he has pitched all year. It all comes down to pitching. If you are pitching well, you are winning. As your pitching goes, your program goes. In no way do I take any credit away from what they did offensively, but we did not pitch very well tonight. There have been some nights where we pitched poorly and people didn’t score eleven runs off us, so you give credit to TCU. They have a great coaching staff, a real class act for a head coach, and a great program.”

On Baylor Head Coach Steve Smith predicting a win in tomorrow’s game:
“Steve (Smith) is a good man. I’m not smart enough to figure that stuff out, I just go one day at a time. I like Steve, he is one of the good guys out there. I have been doing this for 28 years at this level, and you meet some real knuckleheads. In coaching you meet some real knuckleheads, guys you have a hard time losing too. Steve is a good man, he is a great coach and a good guy.”

On Kyle Simon’s availability going forward during Regional Tournament Play:
“No, he’s not available.”

On who will be pitching during Arizona’s upcoming games:
“(Stephen) Manthei will start tomorrow. He threw thirteen pitches tonight and is one of our seasoned freshmen. We have about four or five guys who haven’t thrown a lot, but we will figure that out tomorrow. If it gets to tomorrow night, we will probably piece it together. We have done that a few times, just tell one guy to go pitch two innings, the next to go pitch two innings, and so on. And you have to hope you score a lot of runs, that’s what it will come down to.”

On whether or not he recruited TCU pitcher Matt Purke:
“We called him a lot, I made my official calls once a week. He is good, they have a very good team.”

On the heat during the tournament and how it is affecting his pitchers:
“Tonight things didn’t go very well, so maybe we need an afternoon game. I am a little surprised. We are from Tucson, I used to coach in Florida with some humidity. I even joked with (Bryce) Bandilla a little, he’s from Sacramento (California). Doesn’t it get to 100 degrees? I am a little surprised by it, but our trainer is a good trainer, they can handle it. It is a good experience for the guys, it will be something they can talk about in their old age.”

Arizona sophomore SP Kyle Simon
On his pitching performance:
“I just didn’t have command today. If you don’t have command of your fastball you are going to be in a rough spot. My movement was off, and I just couldn’t locate. I just have to go out next outing and hopefully pitch better.”

On the heat during the tournament:
“I’m not really used to the humidity, it’s just a different atmosphere. But it really shouldn’t be a factor. I just didn’t have command tonight, and that’s really what affected me.”

Arizona junior DH Josh Garcia
On the task ahead for the team:
“It is going to be a tough task, but we are still in it. We are here to compete and are up to the challenge. Obviously it’s going to be hard, but we are not just here to belly up. We are here to compete.”

On his offensive performance as of late:
“I am seeing the ball pretty good. Every hitter goes through a hot streak, hopefully I can stay hot.”



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