NCAA Baseball Regional Game #1 Quotes

June 4, 2010


NCAA Baseball Regional Game #1
Fort Worth, Texas (Lupton Stadium)
Arizona 10, Baylor 9
June 4, 2010

Baylor Head Coach Steve Smith

Opening Statement:

"We had one very poor inning defensively that in a game like this winds up being the difference in the game. I thought we competed well, as did they. I really felt their starter (Kurt Heyer) pitched very well. I thought he competed extremely well. I didn't think that Logan (Verrett) was really on his game. I thought that Shawn (Tolleson) was better and, had we been able to give him a little help through that one inning, I think we would have been in pretty good shape there. He was rested and I thought his stuff was pretty good. (The sixth inning) was a very atypical inning for us. There were three bunt plays in that inning that we played into hits. That's just something we haven't done much of. We've been pretty good in those situations. Why today? I don't know. I think both teams showed a bit of inconsistency defensively. They probably did some things they hadn't done either. I don't know when the last time (he saw) a third baseman tripped over his own feet and fell down. All of these guy on both sides want to win so badly, they're playing hard and you're going to see some things like that."

On starting pitcher Logan Verrett's performance:
"I thought he had a good first inning. After that, everything started to get elevated. He tried to get the ball down. I thought they did a really good job with two strikes. I thought they made good adjustments. I didn't think we made too many from a pitching standpoint. I thought he was basically just up."

On Baylor's late rally:
"The guys didn't quit. I think last outs of games can always be interesting. I don't know that we were any more hooked up in the ninth than we were in the innings where we left the bases loaded. We got some breaks. They made an error. We hit some balls where they weren't. It wasn't like we were just scalding (the ball). They walked us a few times, and we were taking some pitches to try to create a big inning. We gave ourselves a chance, and that's what you're trying to do. We had a chance."

On having Raynor Campbell at the plate with the tying run on third base in the ninth inning:
"There was a lot of pressure on them right there. You have to give (Bryce Bandilla) a lot of credit right there. I think he got that ball in on Raynor. If he was trying to do that, it was a good pitch."

On Arizona starter Kurt Heyer
"It's all about timing, and I think most (hitters) prefer fastballs. That's really what was the most impressive thing about their starter (Kurt Heyer). I thought he was throwing a heavy ball. He had some pretty good heavy sink. He didn't have much behind that fastball, but he pitched with it. He pitched to a strike zone. I thought the strike zone was very good in and out. A lot of games I saw in our league this year, a guy with that kind of fastball and command would have struck us out 15 times on called third (strikes). The zone stayed really good. You had to be able to get guys out in the strike zone, and I thought his stuff was good enough to do that."

On Baylor rebounding from the loss:
"They'll play hard (Saturday). They're just disappointed, because they didn't play well. We played a good team. There was another team on the other side of the field that played the game a little bit better than we did, although they didn't play great. They played a little bit better. That's why it was 10-9.

Baylor senior C Gregg Glime
On liking Baylor's chances in the ninth with the tying run on third and Raynor Campbell at the plate:
"Yeah, especially after what just happened with the last eight guys that went to the plate. Raynor's a guy you want up there at the end, because he delivers in big situations. It just showed how important every run was earlier in the game that we didn't get across."

On the importance of Arizona's ninth-inning run:
"It's just as important as us leaving the bases loaded in the sixth inning, having three guys go up and not produce there. It was just timely hitting for us in innings 1-8 that came back to hurt us."

On Baylor leaving the bases loaded three times in the game:
"It's very frustrating. As players, that's where you want to deliver. As a team, when we can't do that it's just frustrating."

Baylor freshman RF Cal Towey
On the hot conditions:
"We're used to it. We've been practicing and playing ever day the last few months in (this type of weather). It wasn't a big deal."


Arizona Head Coach Andy Lopez

Opening Statement:
"Obviously that's a great one to win, a tough one to lose. If you've been coaching long enough then you've been on both ends of those types of ball games. Credit to Baylor with the way they battled back. One thing our guys are doing over the last four to five weeks is they are starting to get old. And from a head coaches perspective I am very proud of them. Obviously we played well, although Bryce Bandilla is really struggling with the heat. He is in the locker room shaking right now, very dehydrated, but he kept pitching."

On the ending of the game:
"After 28 years of doing this, there have been some days where I have been on that end, and you get the big hit. It's a game played by young people, and young people have heart and they get after it. We ended up with one run more than they did at the end of the ballgame."

On the spirit of the team after a long game:
"It's seven o'clock tomorrow night. When you get into a regional it doesn't matter. I told my guys after the game, this isn't ice skating. They don't give you style points, they give you seven o'clock the next night, that's what you get."

On the sixth inning of the game:
"Baylor mishandled the ball a few times, we caught a few breaks. We had a few more breaks in that inning than they wanted to give us. I'm proud of the fact that our guys took advantage of it, got a couple base hits. I'm very happy with our execution. All in all, it's always good to win the first game."

On his pitching strategy going forward:

"We will go with Kyle Simon. He has pitched pretty well over the last few weeks. The error by our shortstop added more pitches to our pitch count than I would have liked. But (Bryce) Bandilla is big and strong, hopefully he will bounce back from the dehydration. I think I can use him if he bounces back for an inning or two tomorrow night. He has been our late inning guy. But we have a lot of arms, and I am really proud of this team. They give you everything you want on the field, and that's all you can ask for as a coach."

On who he would like to play Saturday:

"Honestly, and maybe it's because I am getting older, I really don't care. And I know that's the coach's answer, but I am at the stage in my life after 32 years of doing this, I am really proud that we are in the seven o'clock game tomorrow. We just need to show up and compete real hard. I have been in a lot of regionals where you think, `holy smoke, if there is an upset tonight then it is made to be.' Well I have done that a few times, and `made to be' turns into a loss, and you are fighting in the loser's bracket. At this time in the season, every team has an arm, and all you need is two guys in that lineup to get hot. Every team is worthy to be here, and you have a tough opponent to beat."

On reliever Vincent Littlemen:

"The process these guys are going through is just getting old. Every time we go to something, it's a big weekend. They will all be better for it, and he is going to be ok."

On his team preparation going forward:

"Honestly it won't change, all I talk about is playing the game. Don't worry about what's going on, just play the game. I was a little surprised we had two guys who got dehydrated, one of them wasn't even playing. (Bryce) Bandilla was bright red when I put him in the game, but I just told him that he needs to go. We had nobody else behind him. But it was very courageous on his part, he is a mess right now, he doesn't look very good. But those things you can't control. At the beginning of the season I give the team a schedule with all the games listed, but the opponent is listed as `the game' 56 times. Before the ball game, I told the guys whoever plays the best is going to win, so good luck. It's a vicious game, it can really toy with you."


Arizona junior DH Josh Garcia

On his home run:
"I went in there trying to act like I have played the whole season, like I do belong. I had some good at bats against Oregon State, so I knew I had a pretty good shot to play."

On his injured knee:
"My knee is alright, it feels good after a game like this. Its torn. Whenever we are done I will be getting surgery. During the game, adrenaline takes over."


Arizona freshman SP Kurt Heyer

On his performance:
"It felt great, everything was clicking at the right moment. I made some mistakes during the game, but I am just happy we battled back and got the win today."

On the run support he got during the game:
"I felt very comfortable with the run support. I kept trying to pitch as if we were just up by one run. If I make one mistake it can lead to another, and another. You have to keep that same mentality no matter what the run support is."



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