Oral Roberts-Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

June 4, 2011

Oklahoma vs. Oral Roberts
June 4, 2011
Attendance: 2,765
Oral Roberts 7, Oklahoma 0

Oral Roberts coach Rob Walton
On staving off elimination
“It’s a new day, obviously, from how we played yesterday. What a difference a day makes. Like I said yesterday, pitching cleans up the game. [Drew Bowen] was really good for us today. He held them at bay. I think he only had one strike out and he used his fastball very effectively. He pitched in and out and got their hitters to get out in front a little bit. There were a few line drives hit early and I thought our defense made some great plays behind him. We also did a good job of taken advantage of their errors. They kicked it around a little bit and that obviously hurt them. That was the game today. We were in that situation yesterday and obviously for OU, that was a bad way for them to go out. It feels good to keep playing.”
On his advice to starting pitcher Drew Bowen after getting the lead
 “We just kept playing the game. I think Drew was pumped up a little early, so we just tried to slow it down and tried to execute. When Drew is on, he is very good. I trust him. I believe he can be something special on days. I think at times he can put too much pressure on himself. But when he is right, he is very, very good. I think he just tried to stay the course. I didn’t say too much to him.”
On how he felt after his team got an early lead
“Anybody can make a run. It’s regional time and anybody can make a run at you. You are even thinking it in the last inning when they have the bases loaded, but we got out of it. Baseball is a funny game and the ball can bounce funny ways. I just think you need to stay the course and do the things you’ve been doing all year and it will work out.”
Oral Roberts sophomore pitcher Drew Bowen
On his main focus against Oklahoma
“The main thing we talked about last night was to keep the ball out of the middle, so that is what I really concentrated on doing today. I think that helped me a lot. I also need to give a lot of credit to my defense, because they did a great job behind me.”

On growing up an Oklahoma State fan and facing the Sooners
“It felt really good. I’ve been wanting to do that for a very long time. I’m very happy I go the opportunity to do so. It was fun.”
Oral Roberts senior outfielder Nick Baligod
On his team’s performance
“We took advantage of some mistakes early and were able to get out in front of them and then we just kept it rolling from there. Drew was going good out there so we were all feeling good.”
On playing Oklahoma in the regional
“This is a big win for us and we are excited. We came into this game ready to go and we got payback from last year. All of the upperclassmen from last year were calling us on the phone last night, giving us encouragement and telling us to go get them. It feels pretty good to get this one.”

Oklahoma coach Sunny Golloway
On his team’s exit from the NCAA Baseball Championship
“It’s a frustrating end for us, there’s no doubt. It’s a frustrating end to; I think, probably, a little bit of a frustrating season. We had some high expectations and we just didn’t live up to them. We’re looking forward to next year. I thought, in the game today, Oral Roberts really played well. I thought their pitching was outstanding. Once they got the lead, I thought their hitters really attacked and did a great job. They clearly deserved to win the ballgame today. I wish them good luck the rest of the way.”

On digging an early hole while facing elimination
“I think it’s hard on any given day, especially with the new bat. I think, more so, when you’re facing elimination. When you’re a team that’s been to Omaha, last year. They jumped on us quick. They put doubt in our mind. They made each at bat just seem large to our guys. Probably too large to overcome, truth be told. At the end of the game, in summation, you see it was too much. We were really concerned early on trying to wiggle our way out of some big time jams. It’s frustrating. Once they jumped on us pretty quick, I think, facing elimination, it’s pretty tough on athletes.”

On his team’s offensive struggles in the regional
“I don’t want to take anything away from their pitcher. He was good. If I got a three-run lead, or a six-run lead with any of our guys, I’m going to do what he did and pound the zone with any of our guys. When he got some line-drive outs early on, you could see his confidence grow. He did a great job. We can’t take anything away from our opponent. Today, clearly, is again a microcosm of our whole season. Twenty-two out of our last 23 ballgames, we haven’t scored more than five runs. You’re not going to win. I don’t know what that is. It’s a time when you’ve got to be really good when you’re in the zone and you’ve got to take pitches when you’re out of the zone. You’ve got to learn that the ball is not going to jump, especially in this ballpark. The wind was blowing in and it’s a big ballpark to begin with. It didn’t fit us, I’ll be honest with you. It didn’t fit the way we play.”

Oklahoma junior pitcher Burch Smith
On his struggles in the first inning
“I just didn’t have it. I’ve got nothing to put the blame on. I feel like that game was my fault. I feel like I owe some of the guys an apology. I just didn’t have it. Jordan John did a great job of coming in and shutting them down for the rest of the game.”

Oklahoma junior outfielder Chris Ellison
On his team faltering in the postseason
“As coach said, we all had high expectations. Things didn’t go our way. Today, ORU pitched well. They hit well. They played baseball the way it’s supposed to be played.”

On team’s offensive struggles
“We didn’t hit as well as we wanted to. Like he said, in 22 out of our last 23 games we didn’t score over five runs. In college baseball, you can’t win that way. You have to put runs on the board. Baseball is filled with slumps and highs. We didn’t have all of our guys getting out of their slumps.”



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