TCU-Dallas Baptist Postgame Quotes

June 4, 2011

TCU vs. Dallas Baptist
June 4, 2011
Attendance: 4,010
Dallas Baptist 3, TCU 2

Dallas Baptist coach Dan Heefner
Opening statement
“There is not much more that we can ask for there. We played one of the best programs in college baseball in their ballpark. For Jared to give us the pitching performance that he did and for our guys to play with complete freedom in the moment and enjoyed the game. We didn’t seem intimidated at all in a great atmosphere, a great crowd. I thought Matt Purke and Trent Appleby did a great job for TCU tonight. We just feel blessed to come out on top in that game.”
On how the Patriots are feeling after the win
“Like a lot of coaches talk about, you are just trying to play one game at a time and one pitch at a time. It’s not our first time in a regional, but we didn’t win any games the last time we got here. I’m just really proud of the guys of how they are competing and doing a great job of taking it in stride.”
On his team’s history of playing well against TCU
“Like I said before, they are one of the top programs in college baseball. Not just in this area or in the state of Texas. They have hosted three regionals in a row here and to do that is incredible. I’ve got tremendous respect for Coach Schlossnagle and his staff and what they have done. I think our players recognize that. For them to be so close and be one of the top programs in the country, it’s not hard to get up for those games and play your best. They have just done a great job in this environment.”  
On his pitching staff’s approach at Lupton Stadium
“It doesn’t change a whole lot. No matter where you are playing, you are going to have to pound the zone. I thought Coach Keller did a great job of calling pitched for Jared and he did a great job of executing. If it does anything different, you can be a little more confident as a pitcher when you are behind in the count to throw a strike in there and let the hit ball because you have a bigger margin for error here. You still have to make your pitches.”
Dallas Baptist junior outfielder Landon Anderson
On his diving catch in the eighth inning
“We do a lot of over-the-shoulder stuff in practice. Austin Knight is our outfield coach and he does a great job with us during practice of making sure that we can extend our range. Off of the bat, I looked at [Jason] Krizan and I was saying “take it, take it”, because I didn’t think I could get to it. All of the guys were giving me a hard time about that. I guess the wind took it down and I blacked out and there it was. I’m kind of known for being a high energy guy, so I don’t really remember what happened after I made the catch all the way to the dugout. In this kind of atmosphere, playing a great team like TCU with a great crowd and with a crucial play, it was a fun play to make. God really gave me a good opportunity to get there and make a catch. That was cool.”
Dallas Baptist senior pitcher Jared Stafford
On his game
“I just tried to keep the same routine and not change too much. God’s blessed me this whole year, so I really didn’t want to change much. I just wanted to give my offense a chance to put up some runs and my defense a chance to make plays.”
On his game plan against TCU
“I just wanted to change speeds and mix it up. In, out, up, down.  I’ve never had velocity in my whole life, so that is something that I have always had to do. I just stuck with it tonight.”

TCU coach Jim Schlossnagle
On his team’s loss to Dallas Baptist
“It was a great ballgame. DBU did just enough to win. I thought Jared Stafford was really good. He did exactly what we had talked about going into the game; we just never really adjusted and got good swings on him. I thought Matt Purke had a couple of negative things happen for him, but that’s the best he’s pitched since he’s been back and I thought that was a really good sign for us. It was a great ballgame, we just didn’t do enough to win the game.”

On Matt Purke’s no-decision start
“It’s one thing to sit for a month and come back and find your velocity. It’s another thing to come back and find your command. In pro ball or the big leagues, you get to go have rehab starts. Unfortunately, for Matt, he’s got to go try to figure it out in the postseason. My money is still on him. He gave up two runs in five innings and punched out six. Their guy was just that much better.”

On the parody in college baseball
“It’s baseball. If you look across the country, other than Virginia or Vanderbilt, I said going into this thing, there’s maybe 20 or 25 that have a legitimate chance of getting to Omaha. We are still one of them. The bat has leveled the playing field for everybody. It allows a pitcher without premium stuff to get people out. That’s what you’re seeing everywhere.”

On Dallas Baptist
“They’re good. They deserve to be here. I promise you Oklahoma knew that coming in here and I promise you we knew it. All of the other teams they’ve played this year knew it. They’re a good club. That’s one of the beauties of college baseball, you don’t have to have a football program, you don’t have to have a basketball program. If you want to be good at baseball, you can be good at it and they’re good. They’ve been good for a long time.”

TCU junior shortstop Taylor Featherston
On the team struggling to get to Jared Stafford
“He kept us off balance all night. He threw all of his pitches for strikes early in the count, in and out. It wasn’t hard velocity. He challenges your discipline at the plate and we didn’t have that tonight.”

On TCU’s psyche going into tomorrow’s elimination game
“We’re better when we’ve got something to prove and our backs are against the wall. The mood doesn’t change. We’ve got a loose, confident, experienced group of guys. We’re going to go into tomorrow just like we went into today and that’s ready to win a ballgame up and down the order. We’ve got to play with more offense and trust the guy behind you. You can’t do it with one swing of the bat. I’m 100 percent confident we’re going to come out tomorrow ready to play.”

TCU sophomore pitcher Matt Purke
On his progression on the mound
“I felt a lot stronger out there. My velocity was a little better tonight. I made a couple bad pitches and gave up some walks when I shouldn’t have and got myself in trouble. I was able to get out of it a couple times, but sometimes it just didn’t go our way. They did well. They put the bat on the ball. They never gave up and they were disciplined at the plate. We didn’t get a lot of chases tonight. Other than a couple pitches and a couple walks, I gave them a little too much.”



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