NCAA Baseball Regional Game #3 Quotes

June 5, 2010

NCAA Baseball Regional Game #3
Fort Worth, Texas (Lupton Stadium)
Baylor 6, Lamar 4
June 5, 2010

Baylor Head Coach Steve Smith
Opening Statement:

"The decision that faced us going into the game was a pitching decision. We made the decision that we felt like would give us the best chance to play through to Monday. We were going to need Jon (Ringenberg) and (Josh) Turley both to give us some innings and to give us a win, and that'really what we got. I thought Josh's performance was just really special. He had a very similar outing to that a week ago at the Big 12 tournament. We found ourselves in our own tournament having already advanced to the championship after Friday, so last Saturday we got to play essentially a free game, which gave us an opportunity to give Jon a start. He hadn't had one in about two weeks. I really think moving forward in this thing is going to be significant. We're playing twice tomorrow, and that's going to be very challenging. We are as prepared for it as we can possibly be."

On how he viewed his team's performance:
"I didn't think we played very well today. I think we pitched it well. I think the park played big with the win blowing in. I think it was 0-for-15 combined before either team got a hit, so both sides (struggled early). I didn't think we took some really good at-bats in certain situations. Looking back on it now, I doubt anyone in the room thought (Max) Muncy was going to get the ball in play with two strikes (in the eighth inning), and that's the deciding factor in the game right there. I had us for four errors in the game, not that they could have all been scored errors. We can play better.

"There were certain parts of the lineup that took some good at-bats, but there were others (that did not). I was really curious to see what (Brooks) Pinckard was going to do when he went to the mound, because I saw what he had done at the plate and in center field. I think he struggled big-time (at the plate and in the field). He couldn't hit it and he couldn't catch it, so today he threw it. But that's the way baseball is."

On starting pitcher Jon Ringenberg's performance
"They key is that so much of the game is dictated by the guy on the mound. Jon (Ringenberg) was really, really good both fastball and changeup, both sides of the plate. Honestly, I think the most important thing he was able to do was finish some guys with the fastball. If you're just constantly trying to finish guys away (with the changeup), this time of year guys aren't going to chase a lot. They're not going to give you a lot of outs. He made some pretty big pitches in with his fastball that I thought was really important."

On Max Muncy's two-run single:
"If you're in (Lamar's dugout), that's phenomenally frustrating. You've punched this guy out three times, this is the one time you really need to do it, and you leave a breaking ball a little up and he grounds it through the middle of the infield. In our dugout you're going, `Great. What a bounce-back at-bat.' It's a crazy game."

Baylor senior 2B Raynor Campbell
On his defensive gem early in the game:
"(The infield is) fast and its bouncy. I did get a good jump on the ball. He was a big left-handed hitter, so I was kind of shaded over in the hole already. I just got a good jump on it. If my glove was any shorter, I wasn't going to get to it. I ended up making the play, and Max (Muncy) ended up staying on the bag on that tough throw with that big guy coming down the line. It was a big-time play on his part also."

On his sliding catch in the eighth inning:
"I called for it really late. When it was first hit, I didn't know if Max (Muncy) was going to be able to get there or not. I saw him back peddling and not going to get there, so at that point I knew it was my ball. I just called for it late. My instincts told me to slide, and luckily I did slide because I was sliding for like five feet before the ball got to my glove."

On playing better defense after Friday's performance:
"Greg (Glime) was huge for us behind the plate, and he did a nice job of stopping (Lamar from running) early. We did make some big-time plays. We didn't have to make many great plays today, because Jon (Ringenberg) was down in the zone, Josh (Turley) was down in the zone and they weren't hitting it hard. They had a ton of flyouts, and those are just routine plays. Our pitchers did a good job today of helping the defense out."

On whether he'd be able to play another game due to the extreme heat:
"Oh yeah. This is my last go-around at this thing. I'll play three (games in a row). We'll be ready to play two tomorrow, for sure."

On regaining confidence with the win:
"We kind of lost our confidence, especially defensively the other day, but today I think we gained a little of that back. Tomorrow we're going to win our first win and we're going to win our second one, so we're going to have a lot of momentum. We have two of our better arms going (Sunday), so we're going to be coming to play."

Baylor junior SP Jon Ringenberg
On the effectiveness of changing speeds while pitching against Lamar:
"Everytime I go out and throw, that's what I focus on, just being able to spot and throw my fastball in and out and being able to throw my changeup to keep them off-balance. They were an aggressive swinging team today, and that almost worked to my advantage with being able to go out there and throw my changeup to keep them off-balance."

On the importance of his Big 12 tournament start last Saturday:
"That definitely helped. That's kind of what I worked on the last week, was just keeping the ball down. I did well there and took it into this game knowing that if I keep the ball down, hit my spots and use that changeup, I can get outs like that."

On the effectiveness of his changeup when ahead in the count:
"I can throw a lot of changeups first pitch. That helps being able to get that first strike with the changeup. Most guys aren't expecting that. It definitely helps if I can get that first strike over to be able to do pretty much anything in the rest of the count."

On the key to keeping sharp despite his limited starts:
"Really, it's just keeping the ball down. After not throwing for a while, my arm's been feeling pretty good the last few weeks. I think that's really just helped me to be able to keep the ball down and hit my spots. The last two games especially, I really feel I've been able to hit my spots well with both my changeup and my fastball."

Lamar Head Coach Jim Gilligan
Opening statement:
"It was a real good ballgame. In contrast to last night, I thought Jonathan (Dziedzic) did a great job for us. They weren't having any good swings on him, only giving up five hits in the first seven innings. Against that ball club that's a real good outing, and he gave us a chance to win. We left one bad pitch up with a man on first and second that they drove into the gap, but that's all the damage they did on him. We had some opportunities we didn't capitalize on, but they did a good job of keeping us off balance for most of the game. We just couldn't get anything going, and when we did it was too late. We had second and third with two outs and we swung at ball four, that hurt us. We competed today, I was proud of the way we competed. Joey (Latulippe) hadn't been swinging the bat during the first part of the season, really turned it on for us and I was glad to see his last at bat today was a home run, and he nailed it. I was pleased with the way we played today, it was a good ball game."

On the spirit of the team through the year:
"If there is anything you can say about this year's team it's just that. There were several clubs that I saw this year that were in a similar situation and just folded up shop and went home. But we didn't, we stayed after it. When you lose seven in a row it's pretty easy to lose your confidence and go backwards, but we beat some of the better teams in our conference, and on the road, after that. We beat Southeast Louisiana two out of three at our place, and that's tough to do when things are going bad. That's the true test of character for our guys, what you do when you are down. I'm very pleased, I think our guys did as good as they could. Last night we ran into a buzz saw. If we had played real well I think we had a chance to play with them, but we didn't. We had a bad game, and they are a good ball club. Today, I think it was a better matchup. Two good ball clubs going after each other, two good pitching performances, but they won."

On Jonathan Dziedzic's posture after he got the final out of the seventh inning:
"He looked like a knuckleball walking into the dugout, he had a little wobble to him. That convinced me it was time to pull him."

On the team's two runners caught stealing:
"One of them was a missed hit and run, and the other one I thought we were safe. But it was a close play. That's not really our style, we don't do a lot of running. All you have to do is look at our stats to figure that out. But we try to steal when we need too, and that one would have been a big one for us. We are pretty vanilla."

On giving up  runs to Baylor with two outs:
"That's hard. The two out walk, a little base hit up the middle, and then a guy drives the ball. He (Joey Latulippe) hit a two out home run though. That's why we play three outs, it's much harder to get that third out than it is the first and second, for some reason. That happens, and I am not going to fault the guys for it. Every now and then you let something get away from you. But it certainly wasn't part of the plan."

On next year, and the experience the team will bring with it:
"We have a lot of guys coming back, and that should be helpful. But our conference is tough, there are a lot of great players coming back in our conference. It's not going to be a cake walk for us. But I would rather go after teams with guys that are experienced rather than with guys that are inexperienced. As the younger guys got more educated on how the game is supposed to be played, we got a little better this year. I think the experience is going to play a big factor for us next year."

Lamar junior C Joey Latulippe
On the team's season:
"Throughout the year there were a lot of ups and downs.  Our starting third baseman went down during the conference tournament, and we easily could have folded up shop then. But V.J. (Bunner) came in, stepped up and had a good tournament and also extended that to the regional. We had some other minor injuries throughout the year that came into play that could have caused the team to fold it, but it made us better and made us play above our ability."

On his ninth inning home run:
"I just wanted to extend the game. I was looking for a good pitch, and I got one up that I could drive out of the park, and I did."

On Baylor's starter Jon Ringenberg:
"I think early on he was throwing a lot of changeups, keeping us off balance. He didn't throw a lot of breaking stuff, just mixing speeds and we couldn't make the early adjustment. He got me in the second inning with a changeup, and I think that pitch kept us off balance. Our hitters have been hot for about a month or so, I think it's the first time in a number of games where we haven't had at least ten (hits). He did a real good job mixing speeds, working in and out, and I have to give him a lot of credit."

Lamar freshman SP Jonathan Dziedzic
On pitching in the heat:
"It was hot, but I couldn't really tell how hot it really was. I can't really blame the heat for the way that I pitched. I did alright, just had one pitch that gave up two runs, and that cost us."

On his experience this year:
"It was awesome. We won the conference tournament and made it to a regional, I couldn't really ask for more. It's been really fun playing with the seniors that we had on this year's team. I look forward to hopefully repeating this next year."



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