Oral Roberts-TCU Postgame Quotes

June 5, 2011

TCU vs. Oral Roberts
June 5, 2011
Attendance: 2,878
Oral Roberts 8, TCU 4

Oral Roberts coach Rob Walton
Opening Statement
“First of all, I think the world of Coach Schlossnagle. He’s been a good friend of mine for a very long time. When I was working with the Cleveland Indians as a scout and he was at Tulane, I’ve known him for a while. He does a great job. I think he’s one of the best coaches in the country and he’s got a great program. We took advantage of some big hits and then we just tried to piece it together the best we could and tried to match up. I thought was one of the biggest keys late in the game was when Martony came in and was able to get a double play and stops the momentum. We feel good about it. Now we’ve got tot try to cool off and go get another one.”
On TCU’s starting pitcher coming out of the game early
“I think the shame of the deal was when the kid that started the game had to come out because of injury. He’s special and he has really good stuff. It’s just really unfortunate that he had to come out. I’ve been there and done that myself. I pitched and had surgeries and that’s just a tough deal to go through. We’ll be praying for him and hope that he is able to get back healthy and go. I think that definitely hurt them, because he is a go-to guy and he could have shut us down today if he was going good. From an emotional standpoint that could have deflated them a little bit.”
On the grand slam by Chris Elder in the sixth inning
“He hits lefties better than he hits righties, so when he got on-deck, I told him that it would be a very good matchup for him. I also told him to take the first pitch, because he hadn’t seen a lefty that drops down so that he could get a good look at it. He was having trouble getting his breaking ball over for a strike, so he was sitting on one pitch up there and he had the chance to lead one up. That’s what he has done against lefthanders all year. To his credit, he got the ball up and had a good swing on it and got it out.”
On his team’s momentum
“We are starting to play better, because of the fact that we are getting healthier. None of them are 100 percent, but they are 80 percent and gutting it out. I think a lot of that has to do with your team chemistry and make up. When you see multiple guys gutting it out, other guys will feed off of that. Everyone knows that they don’t have their ‘A’ game, but they are still gutting it out and making it happen. I think you can rally around that and our guys are feeding off of that energy.”

TCU coach Jim Schlossnagle
On his team’s exit from the NCAA Baseball Championship
“It was a tough day. I thought we competed. Losing Kyle Winkler early really didn’t set us back that much, other than just emotionally. Anytime you lose a teammate in that kind of fashion, and we all love Kyle like we love any other player, you’ve got to recover from that a little bit, emotionally. I felt like our guys did a good job. I felt like we had good at bats. We made some mistakes on the bases there in the beginning and middle innings that cost us. Obviously, we were on fumes there at the end. Oral Roberts did a good job. They made just enough pitches and made enough plays. Certainly the grand slam was something that took the wind out of our sails. This is a disappointing finish to the season. It’s interesting. You go 43-19, set a school record for attendance and host a regional, you’re ranked in the top 12 of the country most of year, and everybody is really disappointed. That’s fine. We’ve always wanted to create high expectation here. If you fall short of Omaha, everybody is upset about it.”

On Kyle Winkler being forced to leave the game early
“He’s been trying to pitch with what’s called a stress reaction in the back side of his triceps. It’s not really elbow. It’s toward the elbow. He’s been trying to fight his way through it. He said he felt great all week. He felt pretty good in warm ups. By no means did he have his best stuff or anywhere close to it. He was throwing strikes. He through one pitch and Danny Wheat and I could tell in his body language that something wasn’t right. He said he was fine and he was going to pitch with it. Two pitches later, he felt like he felt something else happened. We’ll find out if it actually fractured or not.”

On the seniors’ contributions to the program
“When the season end, it’s hard to come up with something to say to your team. Within 90 seconds, you’re in the season and then it’s over. A lot of what you say is largely forgotten. In my opinion, those guys legacies at TCU is going to be what happened over time. We’ve been pretty good. We’ve been to Super Regionals and a College World Series. We won 40 games every year and set school records for attendance. They’ve completely changed the face of the program. That’s what everybody is going to remember over time.”

TCU junior outfielder Jason Coats
On the team’s offensive struggles the last two days
“I think we were trying a little too hard instead of just relaxing up there at the box. We were trying to do too much at the plate. We needed to stick to our approach, which was just driving the ball back up the middle. We did that in the first game against Oral Roberts. Starting against Dallas Baptist, we started trying too hard instead of just sitting back and waiting for our pitches. We were swinging at pitchers’ pitches and couldn’t really get any offense going.”

TCU sophomore infielder Jantzen Witte
On Chris Elder’s deflating grand slam
“It hurt. There’s no getting around that. The game wasn’t over. I’m not sure what inning it was in. The game wasn’t over and I thought we did a good job of fighting to the end. It just didn’t go our way.”



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