Dallas Baptist-Oral Roberts Postgame Quotes

June 6, 2011

Dallas Baptist vs. Oral Roberts
June 6, 2011
Attendance: 2,856
Dallas Baptist 11, Oral Roberts 9

Dallas Baptist coach Dan Heefner
Opening statement
"I would like to start with something that we have done as a team everyday all year long. Before we stretch everyday before practice begins, a player will say something that he is thankful for and I think that would be appropriate for me to do right now. Our fans were unbelievable in how much that they supported us in this regional. The atmosphere in that last game, in the eighth inning when Chris [Haney] came in and got those two putchouts, I felt like we had a huge home-field advantage there. So I am so thankful for our fans and most importantly, so thankful for God for the opportunity he gave us and the ability that he gave these players. Our goal coming in was to try to win this thing, but even more than that, we wanted to honor Him with the way that we played and hopefully we did that this weekend."
On what this means for his seniors and his program
"Honestly, I don't know if it has sunk in a whole lot. You just get so focused on the next game and the next pitch. I couldn't be more proud of those seniors and what they have done to our program.They have turned it around. It has always been a good program at DBU, but this is obviously a whole new level. Chris [Haney] was a big part of the 2008 team that got to a regional, so I am really proud of him and Jason Krizan, Brandon Williamson, Tyler Robbins and all of the seniors that have pushed us into the next level."
Dallas Baptist senior pitcher Chris Haney
On the philosophy at Dallas Baptist
"I am from the Dallas area and I came on a visit. Coach Heef and Coach Frieling were really open and their big thing was player development. They said `We have one thing and it is to get one-percent better everyday'. As a smaller school and a not-so-big program, they really focus on making sure that we keep excelling daily, and if we can do that, we can surpass some of the bigger schools. They do a great job of teaching guys that there is more that goes into baseball than what goes on between the white lines."
Dallas Baptist junior outfielder Landon Anderson
On why he chose DBU
"I went to a small private school in Colleyville and I wasn't highly recruited going into college. When Coach Heefner came to see me play and brought me in on a visit, he wasn't asking baseball questions, but more about my walk with Christ. I'm a Christian Studies major and I plan on going into the ministry and make that a part of my baseball career, because God deserves all of the glory for what happens to me in my baseball career. Having him ask me questions about my walk was something that was a catalyst in my coming to DBU."

Oral Roberts coach Rob Walton
On his team's loss to Dallas Baptist
"Oh baseball, it's a funny game. I didn't think (Alex Gonzalez) would be off two times, especially as well as he's pitched down the stretch. It was one of those things where we could not throw a quality strike and we were missing up in the middle of the plate way too much. It just kind of snowballed on us out of the pen and then we got to the right guy. He started to execute. Joe Spring was really, really good and he allowed us to make a run."

On approaching this game from an offensive standpoint
"Going into the game, I knew they didn't have much pitching left. I never would have imagined they would be able to score eight runs. What did they score in two innings? They got eight in the first, three in the third and then six zeroes. I thought we were going to have a chance to score because I knew they were going to be really thin. We were trying to avoid the closer, because that guy is really good. He's a special guy; he's going to be as good as any closer in the country. They're one and two starters are good, then I think they're thin after that so I thought our opportunity was going to be really good."

On his team's approach after giving up eight runs in the top of the first
"We haven't played well from behind. I'd say today we did. We gave up eight in the first and then that three in the third. If we don't give up the three in the third, then we're walking out of here with the win. I needed to collect some guys in there and make sure they're not getting too emotional, then you start thinking about what's on the line and get away from your execution. Basically, I told them let's not scoreboard watch. Just focus on what you have to do to have a good at-bat and what you have to do to make a good pitch. If you don't scoreboard watch, you'll make a run and sure enough they did.

On what he said to freshman Alex Gonzalez
"I told him after the game `you've got to remember these moments are difficult and you can't blame yourself'. It just wasn't his time. Failure breeds success and he's a freshman so he'll recover and he'll be very good down the road. Make it clear, we would have no opportunity to be sitting right here without that kid."

Oral Roberts senior outfielder Chris Elder
On Chris Haney stopping a potential rally in the 8th inning
"I was competing up there and I felt like I had a good plan. He started off with the slider and then a fastball away. I knew he was going to come with some more fastballs because he throws pretty hard. I was battling and he got one by me."

Oral Roberts senior outfielder Nick Baligod
On freshman pitcher Alex Gonzalez's struggles
"He's our No. 1 guy. We're going to put him out there regardless of any situation. We have faith in him and we're behind him 100 percent. Even though he's a freshman, he acts more of a senior than most of us. We'd have him out there any day."



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