TCU-Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 27, 2013

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No. 15/18 Oklahoma State 64, TCU 47
Fort Worth, Texas (Daniel-Meyer Coliseum)
Feb. 17, 2013
Attendance: 7,046

TCU HEAD COACH Trent Johnson
On the keys to the game:
“There was a five-minute period there right before the half, we made a substitution to get Kyan (Anderson) out with Chris Zurcher and Clyde (Smith III). You know what, Marcus Smart being the player he is took advantage of it and hit mid-range jump shot. Before you knew it, it was an 8-1 run. That’s a credit to Oklahoma State. I mentioned to the guys before the game, in my opinion, that is the most versatile team that we have in our league. They can play fast; they can play slow. We didn’t have an answer for (Le’Bryan) Nash. But make no mistake, the key to that whole thing is what Smart does. He’s special. We had great shots.

“I don’t know what you guys were seeing, but we had Garlon (Green) come on early. We had a lot of open shots. We put so much pressure on our defense when we do not make shots. When you look at our seniors, we need to get more production. Tonight, they were 6-for-27. We have 14 turnovers and they have nine of them. Again, that is a good basketball team. We play well in spurts and obviously this has been a theme all year long. You can’t play well in spurts versus a team like that and expect any type of success.”

On why Nash had so much success tonight:
“He is bigger, stronger, is quicker, and he has more of a skill set than anybody we have. They do a good job of putting him in spots where he can score. Probably more importantly, they are such an unselfish team.”

On the play of Anderson:
“He has done a good job of managing the team. It’s real tough for him right now. No. 1, he has done a good job with managing this team, and he has done a good job with holding up physically. He has been challenged like he has never been challenged before these last six or seven games. His body language is better.  A lot of guys in this league are bigger and stronger. Kyan’s had every opportunity to mope. I would like him to be a little more vocal, but that’s just not his nature. He wasn’t vocal in high school when he won a lot of games. That has got to come out. Kyan has been doing a pretty good job. He has just got to build on it, because we are on the road now and I would like to see him play better on the road earlier.”

On the encouragement of his team’s improvement at the free-throw line:
“The only thing that is encouraging is when you win and you play well. That is where I am at. Playing well for 40 minutes and winning the game is encouraging to me.”

On Oklahoma State’s guards:
“They are bigger, stronger and faster. I felt like we could have picked it up a little bit more on defense. I would not say that was the key factor of tonight, but they did score a lot in the paint.”

On what he told his team about Nash and Smart:
“I played with Nash and Marcus and Phil. I told them they were going to come out and be strong and physical against us. They were going to come out and try to beat us in the paint. It comes down to us being physical and guarding.”

On TCU’s struggles late in the first half:
“I think the biggest thing is just us getting away from doing what we were doing earlier in the game. Sometimes we tend to get away from what coach is saying, and we try and run off and do our own thing. That is not always good, especially early. That is why teams run out on us.”

Opening statement:
“We’re glad to get a road win.  It’s good to come out and get a win, but I thought we just played in a lot of spurts.  We didn’t execute consistently the way I wanted, but you’ve got to give TCU a lot of credit.  They did a wonderful job of controlling the pace of the game.  We didn’t get off to a great start.  We gave up too many early second shots.  Again, we went on a couple spurts I thought was the difference in the game.  We passed the ball well in certain circumstances and got some open shots.  I like that we shot 55 percent.  Just glad we got the win.  Glad we got the road win.  Period.”

On reminding the players of TCU’s win against Kansas:
“It’s an easy one to use, obviously.  It’s the truth…this TCU team, they’ve battled some injuries.  But there are some things that give you some problems versus them.  They’ve got some guys inside that are just a load to handle and their guards can get hot.  Trent does a good job, a very good job, with this team and everything they’ve been through.  We reminded them a lot about if you’re not ready to playing focused and locked in, anybody can win.  Anything can happen.  I’m worried about every game, but these games can jump up and bite you.  They’re all difficult.  But I told them, I’m glad we won.  There’s something to be said for that.  There are some things that I wasn’t happy about too.”

On why things went well for him today:
“I think it started off with defense.  I’m just thankful for my teammates.  They’re team players.   You see guys like that, and it’s a winning attitude. They’d do anything to win.”

On friends and family in the stands for the Flower Mound native:
“It was just fun to come home and see all your friends and family in the stands, and it kind of makes you want to just play a little harder.  It was great to see a bunch of friends and family from back home come out to the game.”

On the win:
“Anytime you go on the road in the Big 12, anything is possible.  After seeing them beat Kansas here, that definitely caught our attention and we knew we had to prepare to win.  They’re capable of beating us.”

On how often they were reminded of TCU’s win against Kansas leading into this game:
“Every second.  We’re always talking about. (If) it can happen to Kansas, it can happen to us. We respect TCU a lot with what they do.  We respect them a lot with what they did against Kansas. We put our heads together and came out with a win.”



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