TCU-Navy Postgame Quotes

Nov. 20, 2012

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TCU 47, Navy 45
Fort Worth, Texas (Daniel-Meyer Coliseum)
Nov. 20, 2012
Attendance: 3,829

TCU HEAD COACH Trent Johnson
On TCU’s style of play so far this season:
“I think that early on, teams were taking a look at us and saying they needed to 'slow them down, make them play against the zone, make multiple reads and multiple decisions against our rhythm.’ We're going struggle at times because we're still learning. I want to clarify that with every team I've been on, I've told them that we are going to play as fast as we can and still play well. That means we have to be in man [defense], rebound and take care of the ball. With all that being said, what you have to understand is to win at the elite level and beat good teams, it involves [winning] games at half court. The faster you play, the better players you have, the higher caliber your team is and the deeper your team is. We're not in that position now, and it's obvious that to give ourselves a chance we're going to have to play at a pace where we value the ball, take care of it and make good decisions.”

On Navy's performance:
“I want to give Navy credit. I know Ed [DeChellis] well. He has a young team, and they'll progress through the year. They do a very good job at running their version of the Princeton offense, which makes you defend the majority of the shot clock and check your defensive principles.”

On how the season as a whole has gone in the first five games:
“For us to be 4-1 at this time, that's a very good thing. It shows how far this team has come with a new system and new coaching staff, but also with injuries. I'm not talking about Aaron [Durley] or Amric [Fields]. I'm talking about Adrick [McKinney]. He took some IV's and was at practice with a stomach illness. I would have liked him to play more, and he would have liked to. I'm looking forward to the challenge of getting away from here and getting on the road, because that's the next evaluation to see how far we've come.”


On earning his first start as a Frog:
“Right now, I don’t really care about starting. It is just the rotation we have. I know when I get on the court there is a job that has to be done in the paint, and that is where I can help my teammates.”

On his success in the paint in the second half:
“Coach has been telling us we have to go to the boards, and my teammates and I just have to hype each other up. We help each other rebound the ball. We play a game of who can rebound the most. We all won today, because we won the offensive battle on the boards.”

On playing close games:
“It’s not going to be a blowout every time. Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships. We just have to stick together and stay humble.”



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