TCU 83, Texas Tech 68

Nov. 23, 2004

Recap |  Final Stats

Quoting TCU Head Coach Neil Dougherty:
"Our kids deserve to be happy tonight. They played hard and really well, but we need to keep things in perspective. We have to come away with a string of wins if this game is going to mean anything."

On guarding the Tech offense:
"Most teams are scared to guard a Coach Knight team man-to-man because they are patient and run an offense like it's meant to be played. We wanted to come out and show that we were good enough and strong enough to do it."

"We kept the same ideas defensively. Being at home our kids were a step quicker than Tech. Then after we made a couple of shots and got some momentum we were even a step quicker."

On inside production:
"Being able to get production from the guys inside like (Judson) Stubbs, Femi (Ibikunle), and (Marcus) Sloan were keys to getting the open looks for Santee and the other guards."

On guard Marcus Stropshire playing against his former team and Coach Knight:
"Marcus really wanted to come in and play well in front of Coach Knight. He has a tremendous amount of respect for Coach and he wanted to show him that he's a good player."

"The other kids on our team really wanted to come in and win this game for Marcus."

Quotes from guard Marcus Stropshire:
"This is a big step for us. We talked about how important this was for TCU as a program. How it was a statement game for us. It was good to win a game like this."

On the crowd:
"The students and the people in Fort Worth did a good job in coming out to support us. They played a huge part and we fed off their energy from the start."

Quotes from point guard Cory Santee:
"It was good to get a win over Tech because they have been a tournament bound team the last couple of years. This is a building block for us, but we can only enjoy the win tonight because we have to get ready for Old Dominion on Thursday."



"This year we don't want to be a sleeper. We don't want to surprise people, we want to help build a solid foundation for TCU basketball."

Quotes from guard Nile Murry:
"We played a more aggressive style of basketball than what Tech likes to do. We were able to force them into transition and that's the style we like to play. We got them to play an up and down style of play."

Quotes from Texas Tech Head Coach Bobby Knight:
"I thought TCU played better than us and really outplayed us in the first half. With that said, we were still down by only one point."

"I felt like it was important to get off to a good start in the second half and we didn't do it. Their lead went from 4 to 5 and then up to 10. They played even better in the second half and then thoroughly controlled the game."

On keys to the game:
"Their guard play was much better than ours. They were driving to the basket and creating shots for each other."

On comparing TCU's team this year to last year:
"They're a year older, quicker and overall a better TCU team. We felt going into this game that they were going to be a much better team. We wanted to use this game to see where we were or weren't."

Quotes from Texas Tech guard Ronald Ross
"Tonight, we had a lack of communication and we didn't play as a team as we should have. We need to come out with a lot more maturity."

"We knew coming into this game that it was going to be a big game. They really wanted to beat us and we need to do a better job of getting ready to play."

On comparing this year's TCU team to last year's:
"They team is a lot like last year's. The difference is they came to win and we just came to play and you can't do that."

On the TCU defense:
"The TCU defense really stepped up and took advantage of our mistakes."

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