Post-Game Quotes: TCU 70, Tulsa 58

Dec. 21, 2013

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Post-Game Quotes
TCU 70, Tulsa 58
Daniel-Meyer Coliseum
Fort Worth, Texas 

Head Coach Trent Johnson
Opening statement:

“Obviously, we knew Tulsa was going to come out extremely hard and physical. They have been playing extremely well. One of the things we talk about as a group is withstanding the opponent's emotional charge early in the game. Tulsa is a good rebounding team. Our guys did a good job at keeping their poise throughout the first half when things got erratic at times. In the second half, I thought Kyan (Anderson) made some plays and managed the team well. Brandon [Parrish] made a lot of good plays offensively and defensively. You can’t say enough about Thomas Montigel. He comes out every day and knows his role whether it’s on scout team or as a backup. He’s an undersized post and has a good drive for us, that’s much needed. I don’t know what our identity is right now. I hope it’s on defense and rebounding. We need help in those areas. I know one thing, we are finding ways to win games and we are getting contributions from everybody. That’s the mark of a good team.”

On how the team reacted to playing Tulsa a second time:
“They are so quick to the ball and athletic. They shot the living tarnation out of the three to start the game. They were beating us off the bounce so we went back into the zone. For the most part, I think we did a good job on that. I thought the defense did a better job and we were able to rebound the ball at crucial times.”

On Brandon Parrish’s slightly different role in the offense:
“Brandon never loses confidence in his shot. He has gotten more confident in rebounding and passing the ball. There are times when he looks tentative, but he is just trying to run our offense and make a better decision. Sometimes he has three reads to make and that’s a process.”

Junior guard Kyan Anderson 
On how the team fared in its second game of the season against Tulsa:
“We knew from the beginning it was going to be a tough one. It’s hard to beat a team twice. I think we regrouped after halftime. Really, we knew what we had to do in the zone, which was try to make them make tough shots. I feel like we did a better job in our zone defense.” 

On if his hot streak will hold up much longer:
“I really do hope so. If I’m gonna get hot this is the time to do it. I feel like I’m staying in the gym as much as I can to keep this streak going and help the team as much as I can. We are just trying to do the right things at the right time.” 

On the team’s 20-for-23 free-throw performance:
“We have shot a lot of free-throws in practice, especially since we knew we weren’t a good team at that last year.” 

On Brandon Parrish’s performance today:
“It’s all repetition. These guys are in the gym as much as everyone else. With him, it’s confidence and believing in every shot you take. I feel like he did that today.” 

Senior guard Thomas Montigel 
On the bench’s role:
“It’s very important to get some of the guys like Kyan [Anderson], Jarvis [Ray] and Karviar [Shepherd], who play a lot of minutes, some rest. Bench play is definitely a huge part in having everybody stay ready.”

On how TCU shut down Tulsa throughout the second half:
“The defense definitely sparks the offense. If you get a few stops and get some momentum then the offense will pick it up some.” 

On where the team’s execution comes from:
“The coaches do a good job at putting us into positions to be successful, so all we have to do is execute.”





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