Court's in Session with... Ronnie Moss

Sept. 8, 2010

Discuss a little bit of the progression and maturity of your game from your freshman to sophomore season?

"I think last season was a disappointment in terms of wins and losses, but I thought there were a lot of good things that we can take and improve on for this season. Personally, I felt that I matured a lot as a player and learned how to actually slow down and pick my spots on when I needed to score and pass. I think the biggest improvements that I made last season was making good sound decisions consistently. The biggest improvement that I need to make moving forward is being more consistent and aware on defense."
How has the first week of workouts been so far for the team?

"The first week of workouts has been the best that I've been a part of since I've been here. Ever since the team got together in the summer, we've been working hard, especially the freshmen (Jarvis Ray and Amric Fields). Those guys have worked really hard in the weight room and on the court, and all of the new guys have been working hard. It seems now more than ever, we are all working towards the same goal so we are pushing each other really hard everyday in order to get better."
How has the chemistry been with the mix of returning players and newcomers?

"I think that it really started in our first meeting because we all knew one another in one way or another. You could really see the focus on everyone's face during that first meeting. Some of us were teammates or played against one another growing up in AAU and some of us were teammates in high school so there was an instant connection you felt. When you have things to chat about, you grow that instant connection and I think that it is showing in our workouts. Everybody on this team is focused on getting better and helping the person next to them get better, and I think that we are all drawing strength from that."
How much has the intensity and competition increased in workouts with addition of the newcomers?

"Let me tell you, practice is going to be harder than ever, and that's the way you would really want it if you are a competitor. You want the hard practices every day and going against somebody that could take your spot at any given moment. If doesn't help you get better in practice or in games if you are not competing against great talent. Right now, we have 15 guys strong that came here because we all believe in the same goals. They could have played at any other school, but they chose TCU because they want to get better and want all of us to get better."
Is there a big difference in the preparation this season compared to last season with the addition of point guard Hank Thorns?

"I really feel that he's a pure point guard, and I'm more of a combo-guard that can play the one or two. I love playing with him, and he sees the floor really well so I think that he's going to help this team immediately. I feel like good players adjust to the situation around them, and I know that I probably won't play as much point this season, but I'm fine with that. I just want to win and play whatever role I need to in order to help us win games."
For the first time in a long time, everybody is healthy and working out together. How good does it feel seeing everybody working together instead of having a few guys on the sidelines?

"First of all, I was just happy that we were able to play pick-up ball everyday. There were times when we couldn't even play pick-up because we didn't have enough players. Just to see people able to come out on the court and work out, I really feel like that brings a lot of energy to the team. Everybody is encouraging and pushing one another from the court instead of from the sidelines."
Talk a little bit about the difficulty that your workouts have been from the spring to the first week of school?

"Those workouts have been rough, especially early in the morning. However; those are the challenges that get your better and stronger, and they taught us how to be tough. There were honestly times when you wanted to give up, but everybody had a heart of a champion so you just keep working through it. Coach Christian has been trying to change this program and make us tougher and stronger both mentally and physically. These workouts really made pushed us to our max."
Has there been anybody who has really surprised you during workouts?

"Everybody has had their different moments so far, but the one thing that I noticed right from the beginning was we have a lot of talent. I'm really impressed with the freshmen and how quickly they picked up on things and how hard they work everyday. Amric is so long and athletic, and just overshadows you with his arm length. Jarvis is so quick and explosive and is relentless. I think that they know that they need to gain weight so they've been in that weight room and eating heavy faithfully."
What do you think that your role will be this season?

"My main role is to be the leader on the floor along with Hank. I just have to be aggressive and not really change anything up. I need to be more consistent on my shot selection and really improve on my defense. I think that my offense was a lot better than my defense last season, and I want to be known as an all-around player so I need to get better."

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