TCU vs Jackson State - Quotes

Sept. 3, 2017

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TCU head coach Gary Patterson
Opening statement:
"It was good to see a lot of kids get a chance to play. There's a lot of things we need to clean up, but it was fun. We had a couple guys get nicked up, but outside of that I think we were good. Hopefully Kyle [Hicks] will be back next week. It was good to see Nixon get some reps at running back. We really got a chance to play everyone on the bench. This team's pretty athletic, especially at the running back and quarter back positions, so they'll win ball games."

On what he told the defense after the opening drive:
"You got to play, you can't just walk out there. I also started calling it quicker. I was waiting to see the formations and they we're running their people everywhere, so I just started calling it and letting our kids adjust to it."

On the quarterback play:
"I didn't like the interception to start the second half. We've got to get better at just dropping back, moving around, throwing quick, do the things we need to do to run the offense. Those are just things we need to do."

"On the offense, there's a lot of weapons we can use. Snell is like a Turpin, or a Gray. He's got wiggle, he can play in the backfield or as a wideout. Turpin will play more next week."

"We held Gladney, Innis, and Niko out until the second half. It was good to see our twos start the game and then those guys paled in the second half. Same thing with Turpin, he had to sit out two or three series to start the game. It's a privilege not entitlement."

On multiple players scoring touchdowns:
"It's good, but that just means we're going to practice harder tomorrow. Arkansas played on Thursday night so they got some more rest, so not having to play they guys more than thirty play makes a big deal. They won't be as sore tomorrow and it helps us get a better practice and for Tuesday's practice."

"We'll only keep gaining confidence. I thought Ty Summers was exactly what I thought he'd be. All our ends can play defense. I think you saw tonight, we've got some guys who can run and that going to help us out a lot."

"Montrel played better than I thought he would. I thought Rico looked a little gun-shy on the first series but he made a couple plays. Obviously, he picked up the fumble and that helps with confidence for later on."

On freshman quarterback Shawn Robinson:
"I thought he was a little like a deer in headlights. He fumbled a snap, but the more he plays the better he will get. We were slowing it way down and we practice tempo so he had to wait until twelve seconds on the clock to snap and that's a little harder than you think it is. I thought the slant was a great throw to Tre Hights on the play action."

On the play of the offensive line:
"They're a 1AA team with some good players and Coach Hughes does a good job. We rotated people and got after it, but we need to get better. If we do this next week then I'll get fired up, but for now we have to go in and get ready to go because this next one is a test."

On Kenedy Snell:
"He's doing a lot of good things. And with guys like him, Desmond, and Turpin all at that position, it makes us excited. And having guys like him help us keep Turpin and other players healthy."

On if the game gives the team confidence:
"We have a lot more than we did walking off the field last year against South Dakota State last year. This is an older football team now and being able to add in some young guys in tonight."

On Kenny Hill:
"Kenny runs the offense and the kids trust him."

On win No. 150:
"That means I can get to win number 151. I'll be excited if I can get to 160 by the end of the season. That would make me a lot more excited than 150. For us that means we can keep on doing what we're doing and stay here a little longer. I was proud of the group tonight and that's what I told them in the locker room. The team wasn't that excited to be honest because they knew that's what we were supposed to do. That impressed me more than anything else."

TCU senior quarterback Kenny Hill
On Desmon White's game:
"He's been one of the most consistent guys all camp, he's really taken off this camp. To see him come out and have a game like this is big time. I'm excited for him to keep going."

On team performance:
"We executed the game plan well, but the competition will step up next week and we know that, we're ready to get back to work and keep going."

TCU junior linebacker Arico Evans
On fumble recovery for touchdown:
"It really wasn't me who made the play. My teammates made the play, honestly. I was just there. My teammates had key blocks. I scored off their blocks."

TCU senior wide receiver Desmon White
On difference between Kenny Hill this year and Kenny Hill last year:
"He's confident, he's ready. He knows his receivers. He knows our strengths and I think that helps us a lot."

On advice to younger players:
"Stay focused...anything can happen during a game. Anybody can go down [and] you need to come in and make plays for us."

TCU junior safety Ridwan Issahaku
On second team defensive players going in the game to keep the shutout:
"They worked as hard as we did, so you know, going on the field they know it's personal to them as well."

Jackson State head coach Tony Hughes
On the play of his team:
"In the first half, the first drive, we looked like we were going to win a National Championship, we drove the ball down the field, we kind of botched that drive at the end, couldn't score in the red zone. We faked a punt hoping to inspire us, to ignite us, to do something to get us going. The key to games like this(playing an FBS team) is tackling. We missed so many tackles and gave them long touchdowns. You can't miss tackles against good teams. We also said `we couldn't turn the ball over' and not just turn the ball over, but let those turnovers be points against us. Second half we couldn't move the ball at all. We tightened up on defense in the second quarter. They made some plays and it came back to tackling and execution, offensively we couldn't move the ball. Moving forward, we have to get ready to play Tennessee State. The attitude of our team is fantastic, our kids are upbeat and I think we have the chance to have a good football team.

"They are what I thought they would be. They are well coached. They execute well. Defensively, they play a lot of players and just keep coming after you and they play with the spirit of their head coach, a hard nosed, tough, disciplinarian. They play clean. They don't do a lot in the kicking game. They do what they do and make plays.

On the first drive stalling:
"Our kids were fired up, they were into the game, we looked like we were ready to conquer the world. We have to be able to finish those types of drives in the future."

On his quarterbacks:
"In the first drive, Brent (Lyles) played well, I saw him do some goods things out there. Then we put Jarrad (Hayes) out there and he had the pick-six that went against us. Then we put the other two in there to get some experience and we have to evaluate everything we do on both sides of the ball so that we can find who we are, get an identity, move forward, and play well in conference play."

Jackson State senior defensive lineman Khalil Johnson
On making adjustments in the second half:
"We just had to get adjusted to the game speed. Once we realized what they couldn't handle, we had to come in at halftime and make adjustments. We started off the game not tackling so well so we had to come in at halftime and reinforce that. We had to step up and play better."

On TCU's speed on offense:
"I think everybody had to adjust to it. They run the tempo offense. Once we adjusted to it, we had a couple three-and-outs in there."

On the defensive struggles:
"We just didn't tackle. We have to put a big emphasis on tackling. We also have to make them turn the ball over. We had one turnover today and they had two. We lost the turnover battle. We have to start winning the turnover battle and put the offense in better position."



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