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Sept. 12, 2009

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Virginia vs. TCU

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson Quotes

On the win:
"We are glad to get the first game out of the way and get a victory. Evidenced by those last three minutes, crazy things can happen on the road. We felt like Virginia would be a dangerous team, based on what happened last week, and we still think that way."

On TCU's offense:
"We have to throw the ball better. We had some guys open and didn't hit them. As we get down the road, we are going to have to make those plays. We can't just run the ball."

On playing the first game:
"Crazy things can happen in first games, and this was our first game. We didn't want to beat ourselves. Going on the road and beating an ACC team is a tough thing to do. We feel fortunate to go home with a victory."

On converting third downs:
"We are not going to be very happy when we get home because we were 1-for-11 on third downs. We need to do a better job on third down. Fortunately, we were able to get first downs on other downs."

On Virginia's offense:
"We had five weeks to get ready for Virginia. They are so diversified on offense. It got us ready for the rest of the season. I was proud of our kids, and they handled the no-huddle well."

TCU Player Quotes

TCU junior quarterback Andy Dalton
On TCU's offense in its first game:

"It was good to come out with a win for the first game. Offense, we were up and down, sometimes we'd come in and there were a few three and outs that you never want on offense, but you know, that's part of the game. I really think we came in and bounced back and had some good plays."

On his early mistakes in the game:
"There are a couple throws I wish I had back but I guess it was the first game, I was probably going too fast for things."

On Matthew Tucker and Ed Wesley:
"You know, it's great to see these young guys go in and really carry the ball really well. They're explosive backs who can handle a lot of things and we really got to see what they can do today."

TCU senior defensive end Jerry Hughes
On getting the first game out of the way:

"We prepared awesome for this game. We were looking forward to getting out there and getting to showcase our talents, and that's exactly what happened. Offense executed well, defense came out there and did the same thing."

On UVa as competition:
"Virginia came out there and played a tough first half. They came out there and played tough. We had an early turnover that hurt us, but once we got those jitters out of the way, everybody just started working together."

On UVa double-teaming:
"When they first started up, it kind of threw me for a loop but from then on, I just kind of got used to it and worked around it."

TCU senior linebacker Daryl Washington
On TCU's defense:

"We came in with a gameplan and we executed it. I give a lot of credit to d-line"

On having Jerry (Hughes) up front on defense:
"It makes it a lot easier, because it gives us time to cover easily and with the wide base Virginia has, they were good upfront tonight, and helped us tremendously. It gave us time to settle in and just do what we had to do."

On younger players' performance:
"I talked to Tyler (Luttrell) a while ago and said, "You know, you might like defense. So just try it out." You know, he didn't want to play and it took a bit for him to get his rhythm going. He likes it now, and I told him, 'You know, you want to hit somebody, here's a chance to.' Tank (Carder), he's just unbelievable. He showed up tonight and did a great job."

On this game as a statement:
"Any time you're playing against an ACC team or any team, going into their house is always tough. You want to be able to execute your defense well, so we weren't ready to look at Virginia as underdogs. We kind of see ourselves as underdogs so we ignored it and just took care of the job and had some good plays."

UVa Player Quotes

UVa sophomore cornerback Chase Minnifield
On what the team will take away from this game:
"I think we can take a few things away from this game. The fact that we never quit playing says a lot. We are just going to keep working and keep going tomorrow."

UVa senior linebacker Denzel Burrell
On the positive aspects of the game:

"We can build on some things. We knew they were a spread offense, and they came in and did what they wanted to do and what we had expected from them."

"I really think there are some things we can take back from this game, like not giving up and fighting until the end. We did not allow points when a lot of other defenses would have probably given in."

On TCU's first touchdown:
"That was a really tough break, especially with the call, but you just have to bounce back and get it out of your head. You have to play every down and you cannot think about things that are in the past."

"It was tough, but we stayed in and kept fighting and I'm proud of everyone for the fight we brought."

On the rest of the season and sticking together:
"We still have tons of football left, and that is the beauty of it. This is just one game, and we are in the hole at 0-2 but we can come out of it just as quickly next week."

"The locker room stands together, and it is a tough loss for all of us. We are just going to get in there tomorrow, watch some film and get this out of our heads. We are going to work hard and have a helpful week of practice."

Virginia sophomore safety Corey Mosley
On matching up with TCU:

"We knew what they wanted to do going into the game. They wanted to make first downs, take care of the ball, and eventually put points on the board. We just wanted to keep everything in front of us and let our athletes make plays."

On late hit call:
"I am a pretty aggressive player, and that's something we preach on defense. We want everyone to be aggressive and look to make plays. I had to just keep my focus and worry about the next play. Hopefully next time we won't get that yellow flag."

Virginia senior linebacker Aaron Clark
On TCU offense:

"They have a lot of very good players on their team and today they came to play. We didn't accomplish what we set out to do, and they did, so hats off to them."

On looking ahead:
"You have to have a short memory. We have to keep working hard, and strive to get better as a team."

On fake punt attempt:
" Sometimes you have to try things, and unfortunately for us, it didn't work out. We definitely have to execute better next time."

Virginia freshman wide receiver Tim Smith
On fourth quarter touchdown catch:

"They called a play, and I ran a route. Jameel made a great throw and I was able to make a play. That's my job."

On TCU defense:
"They mixed up coverages, showed us cover two, cover eight, and pressed us a little. They gave us a number of different looks. Next time we just have to execute better."



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