No. 20 TCU vs SMU - Postgame Quotes

Sept. 16, 2017

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TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson
Opening Statement
"To be honest with you, we didn't play well on either side. We doubled No. 16 (Courtland Sutton), and he caught one ball. The other guys hurt us. We got to 3-0, and that was the plan. We were a lot better up front this year than when we played them last year. "We need to act like we're on the road when we are at home. Focus in, don't worry about who is in the stands and get ready to play, but they did what I asked them to do."

On Playing SMU, in general
"I get more nervous for the SMU game every year, more than any other ballgame we play. You have a situation where everybody expects you to win, and they are going to be more ready to play against us than most other people who play against us in the state. That combination is always hard, especially if you know your team is not going to get ready to play. Today is what we knew it was going to be, and they tried everything. We got their A game. They've got good wide receivers. You've got to give them credit. We knew we were going to need to be a lot better on offense, but we didn't play very well. It's still not bad to not play very well and score 56. We got one (touchdown) on defense."

Looking ahead
"Jalen (Reagor) gives us another dimension speed wise on the edge. We need Taj (Williams) to keep coming and competing. Turpin was only about 80 percent. Everything is focused on Oklahoma State. We have to have everybody get ready to go. The problem is we acted a lot like the nail today instead of the hammer. When you act like the nail, you get people banged up. I'll be anxious to see what comes along when I see the reports tomorrow when we get ready to start practice.

"I told them you get ready for the games you are supposed to win; the big games take care of themselves. These guys learned a lesson, a valuable lesson. I don't think there was an attention to detail that needed to be. We are not going to be able to play at a high level every week. We've got to learn what wins National Championships is when everybody is into the game at kickoff."

On Defense
"I am proud of the defense. We played well in the red zone. I think we had three times down there and I think they had two or three field goals. If they can keep doing that in the Big 12, we have a chance to have a lot of success. But you got to get lined up right. We gave up two big running plays, one touchdown, because we didn't get lined up. There is a standard here in how we play defense, if you want to play, you play well."

On TCU quarterback Kenny Hill
"He was alright. You can't take sacks. We have to quit giving them negative yards on the play. You've got to get out of the pocket and throw it away. Not every play can you make a miracle play. When you get in trouble, get to the side, get out of the pocket, and throw it away. Go back 2nd and 10, not 2nd and 17." [Looking at his stats]"I'd say it was a pretty good day, I'd like to limit it down to about one sack. His resume right now as we've gone three games he has beat an SEC team, he did what he needed to do, and he didn't play that well offensively today. The second good test is going to be on the road in Stillwater."

TCU quarterback Kenny Hill
On the team's performance:
"We just have little things that we need to clean up, but overall I thought it was a pretty good day."

On the hail mary:
"I think it made a huge difference, it gave us a little something going into halftime and deflated their momentum. That's the first time I've ever been in a game and seen a Hail Mary completed. Reagor was on this sideline saying, `throw it up there and let me make a play' so that's what I did."

On Snell's performance:
"Speed man, that dude can roll. Right when I got it to him and I looked to see where everyone was I knew he was gone. That kid is dynamic."

On Oklahoma State next week:
"We have a whole week to keep working and get better, but I think we can get it done."

TCU defensive end Ben Banogu
On the team's performance:
"I don't necessarily think we took a step back, we just didn't take a step forward. When your stagnant in a conference like this you need to keep moving forward."

On the defense:
"It's good that we got the win, but I feel like our defense came out not as mentally prepared for the game. It's something we need to work on because we have a tough game coming up, and on TV they look pretty good. If we can fix the little stuff and pay more attention to detail I think that we will find ourselves in the place we want to be."

On trick plays:
"They got us and it hurt, but we were able to push that aside and play a lot better in the second, third, and fourth quarters. We worked on them, and they tripped us up in practice. Coach P was warning us that those kinds of plays would happen early in the game because after they do all that stuff there's nothing else that they could do that we haven't seen."

On playing in Stillwater next week:
"I feel like I play a lot better at away games. Distractions aren't really there, you're focused, and more prepared for the task at hand. I think this week we'll do everything that we need to get ready for this game and hopefully we do what we need to do and come back with a victory."

TCU running back Darius Anderson
On the offense in the first half
"It was decent. I felt like we started off slow, but we went in the locker room and talked out some things that needed improvement. In the second half, we went out there and started executing, from blocks, to the perimeter and in the air."

On the Hail Mary before the half
"I was anticipating it and I was eager to see what would happen because I know we have good receivers that do a jump ball, but this was our first time ever doing it. When I saw him go up, I was like oh yeah, I know he has it and it was a great feeling. It got me excited and I was pumped up."

On Kenedy Snell's effect on the team
"Electrifying. Speed. When he gets the ball in his hands, he makes big plays for us and helps us get momentum."

On different styles of players
"We have such a great backfield, but we learn from each other. So, if somebody else does something that's really good, we learn from them and we take that and put that in our game."

TCU safety Nick Orr
On the defensive struggles
"It was trick plays and we should have been more focused. It took us a long time to get going. We have to start the games off better in the future to be the team we want to be."

On the defense after their first three games
"We could have played better this week, but I still feel like we have a chance to be a good defense. This is one game and we have a long season ahead of us with better offenses that we're going to play. We have to make sure we play better next week than we did this week."

On shutting down SMU's Courtland Sutton
"We knew he was their main receiver and the main target coming into the game because he had four touchdowns the last game. We just wanted to make sure that we played better on our side of the ball."

On the Hail Mary before the half
"It was a good energy boost and gave us confidence. Him [Jalen Reagor] doing it right before the half gave us a lot of momentum coming out after half time, so it was a good play."

SMU head coach Chad Morris
On the game:
"Obviously we are playing a very quality opponent in TCU. They are very worthy of where they are and where they are ranked, we've said that all week long. Those guys play extremely hard. They have a great system and have been the top of college football for many many years, since 2008. Gary (Patterson) has built something special here. I have a lot of respect for how they've built this program. They are going to win a lot of games. There is no doubt about that."

"I will say this. I'm extremely proud of our players. I thought our players played hard and never gave up. They fought till the bitter end. The family atmosphere of our culture showed up tonight. As you go through a football season and you go through games, there are ebbs and flows of the game that you go through and you rely on each other to weather the storms and tonight was a storm, obviously. We felt like we were right in there. I thought the 98-yard drive was a back breaker. It gave them the momentum swing. For them to score right before half and then open up the second half. I thought those three possessions right there were critical. It just changed the momentum of the game. But our guys never gave up. They never quit. If our guys continue to do that, we'll win a lot of football games."

"There is no doubt that our football team has gotten better and continues to get better over our third time playing them. I'm pleased where our program is heading. Obviously, we'd love to get the win tonight, but when you play an opponent like TCU and what they've built here, it comes down to four or five plays. We did some really good things, but we did some things that were costly. Very critical mistakes. Four or five plays in a game like this is a momentum change. We've got to learn from it. Our season has to start tomorrow. If we can learn from today, then it will be a win down the road. We can't let TCU beat us twice. We have a very talented and good Arkansas State team coming in Saturday night and we've got to be ready for that. It's a long season, there's a lot of ball left to play. It's all about how our guys respond."

On the hail mary at the end of the first half:
"The game plan was not to kick the ball to (KaVontae) Turpin. We kicked it to him. He got a respectable return. They ran one play to set it up. We missed a tackle. We knew they were going to throw it. Three seconds, that's what you do. We practice it. We put our guys in position. They had one guy jump. We had nobody jump. We practice it. Obviously we have to continue to do better in that regard. How big of a momentum swing was it? I thought it was huge. I really did. I thought it was a pivotal point in the game. You are going to go into halftime with the lead and you give up a Hail Mary and they get the ball to start the second half. They went three straight possessions of scoring the football and that's hard. That's hard for anybody. Much less doing it on the road and playing an opponent like this. We have to get that fixed. That's on me to get that fixed."

SMU quarterback Ben Hicks
On TCU's Hail Mary before the half
"It's hard for it not to affect us. I think we walked in to the locker room and we said, `we can't control that,' especially on offense, we were telling everybody `we can't control that'. It was a big play, but like I said, we can't control that. So, we had to come out and move the ball in the second half. It really didn't matter for us, we just had to just keep playing. I think it affected us a bit, but we had to get past that."

On TCU's momentum
"We talked all week about just playing hard, and then at the end of the game we will look up and see what the score is. I think the guys played so hard, I'm really proud of how we all played. We fought to the bitter end, and it didn't work out the way we wanted it to, but we will learn from it. Offensively, I know how hard we kept playing. I'm proud of the defense too. Rallying the guys wasn't that hard because we wanted to keep playing, and we knew we were right there if we could just keep playing."

On TCU safeties bracketing Courtland Sutton
"We knew they were probably going to do that. But I did get one opportunity one-on-one and I missed him. I've got to take advantage of that. That was one throw which I really wish I could had back tonight. I got him one-on-one with the safety, and he beat him, and I just overthrew him a little bit. It was frustrating, but teams are going to do that. They have done that the last couple years because of how many plays Courtland can make, we've got guys that can do it. Trey had a great game, James had a great game, Myron had a great game. So we've got guys that can do it. It doesn't have to be the Courtland show all the time, but when we get one-on-ones I've got to hit him."

On SMU's trick plays/offensive creativity
"We talked about all week that we weren't going to let up. We were going to come in and let it hang, and just play, and I think Coach Craddock did a great job with the trick plays, and we hit them. On the touchdown to Trey, the flee flicker was huge, it gets us on the board like that, and then Trey made a great throw to Braeden on the next play. We knew we were going to let it all hang out today, and we did. It didn't turn out like we wanted it to, but we played really hard and I'm really proud of everybody."

On the team's development
"We were in the game, we had it. We were down a touchdown going into the fourth quarter. We had it, and that is a huge gap from 33-3 last year, the first year we were pretty close, but I still think we are so much farther along from this year to last year, and especially the first year. We just have to keep getting better. Like I said, we were down six at the start of the fourth quarter, we had a chance to win the game. We just didn't get it done. But seeing how hard the guys played throughout the game just shows how much we've grown as a family and as our culture as Coach Morris likes to say. It's grown tremendously, and I'm really, really proud of how everybody kept playing. Nobody quit out there, I'm really proud of offense, defense and special teams all just kept playing."



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