TCU vs. SMU Postgame Quotes

Sept. 28, 2013

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TCU head coach Gary Patterson
Opening Statement:
"We just wanted to win like I said all week. We were trying to find a way to get back to one point. It wasn't pretty early. They've caused people problems on defense. Again, you can't have penalties. We did what we needed to do. We played great on special teams besides the blocked punt, played great defense and scored with opportunities and we'll go forward. I got after the offense pretty good at halftime. They have to start understanding at some point in time that they have to look at themselves. They did a better job the second half. I would've taken one point, I'm just telling you right now."

On whether he liked the offensive play calling:
"I did. We went vertical, and at some point in time you've got to catch them. Our longest plays were hitches. We break a couple tackles and you go the distance. At some point in time they're contesting and they're knocking the ball and then you've got to catch it. We have to decide that when the ball is in the air it is our ball. It isn't always on the quarterback. We had three of them where they were knocking the ball away and we have to go make plays. The ball was there; you've got to go make plays."

On what he didn't like from the offense in the first half:
"They didn't score. It's as simple as that. Their job is to score one more point. If you're not careful you can sit there and analyze this, that and the other and you're going to get yourself in a lot of trouble. SMU went to a lot more man than they ever had. When they do that we have to go vertical. When you throw vertical and you're one-on-one, you don't have any help and you're not making a play because man allows you to keep too many people in the box to stop the run and to blitz. You have to go make plays at the wide receiver position and finally we did that a little bit."

On big plays by younger players:
"Like I said, people have to be able to step up. You've got to go make plays. You can't fumble punts and you can't get personal fouls on the 12-yard line. You can't go do those kind of things. You have to be mature. The second guy always gets caught. On the last touchdown that was on Sammy Douglas, we put him in because he has to get experience in doing things and he didn't cover the guy on the flat. It is a learning experience. Every week you're growing people up. When we have as young a team as we are you've got to grow people up. I saw (Cameron Echols-Luper) and Ty (Slanina) both grow up and do some things today; blocking, catching the ball and running the right routes. In the first half we were supposed to be running a slant and we're running a curl. The quarterback has no chance when you do that. The young group has to step up and they have to start understanding what we have to do and in the second half they did it. Then you move the football, and we don't have any penalties and good things happen to us and then you get some turnovers. We've been playing TCU football like that for years. I don't know why that is any different. I don't know the score of any of the other games but we hold them under 300 yards of total offense and we score 48 points."

On the nine interceptions in the last two games:
"The guy that really helped us today, and he is going to keep going is Derrick Kindred. Him playing the free safety position allowed us to play more man coverage. We were able to get over the top. When they can come off and you don't contest routes, SMU is as good as there is in the country at being able to run down the field and throw the football. We were able to mix our coverages up. Derrick gave us a bigger body that can run. Him and Sam (Carter) were able to play on those two inside receivers. They still caught their fair share but it is one of those situations where you have to get them off the field. It is all about playing on first down and third down and we were able to do that today."

TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin
On why the team's second half performance was better than in the first:
"It was like we played with more emotion. We were pretty flat and just trying to make some plays with our athletic ability and things weren't going right for us. We were killing ourselves with offsides and personal fouls, but we made some good halftime adjustments and tried to stick to our game plan as well as possible and we came out with the win."

On TCU's difficulties completing passes early:
"It could have been a lot better, but I felt like I was giving the receivers chances to make plays, but SMU did a great job defending those passes."

On how important TCU's first second-half touchdown was:
"It was a big momentum booster. Coming out of halftime, I don't think we scored on the first drive, but our defense kept giving us opportunities by getting us back on the field."

On the strong performances of new guys to the program, like Ty Slanina, Cameron Echols-Luper, and Ja'Juan Story:
"Those guys make those plays in practice, and all you have to do is make them in the game."

On what Coach Patterson told the team at halftime:
"Basically just execute the game plan and have the receivers do what they're supposed to do, like catching the ball or blocking (downfield). My job was to get them in the right position to make plays."

On the wide receivers' slow start in the game:
"It was basically us being off for so long. The first half went by so fast, but once we calmed down and played our type of football we were pretty good."

TCU safety Chris Hackett
On if the second half will become a turnaround for TCU the rest of the season:
"The offense has started off a little slow. We started off a little slow [in every game], but we are doing better on defense, too. We are doing great as a team, period. So as long as the defense plays the way it's been playing and the offense picks it up, we could be pretty good."

On what momentum the team can get before playing at Oklahoma:
"It feels good to come off the break with a win. We have our second conference road game coming up, and it feels good to come out with a win."

On what Coach Patterson said at halftime:
"It was pretty much everyone trying to remain calm and stick to our game plan, and it was good to see us do that when we got back on the field."

On how the defense has been so dominant against SMU the last two seasons:
"Just good game planning. Our coaches do a heck of a job. We just try to do what they tell us to do and actually do it. We have been real good at trying to get more turnovers for our offense to score more points."

On how it feels having a good defensive line in addition to a good secondary:

"It feels good. The defensive linemen are getting back there and putting pressure on the quarterback, which really helps us coverage-wise."

TCU sophomore Derrick Kindred
On Sam Carter's interception return for a touchdown:
"I was real excited. Sam, that's one of my brothers, one of my big brothers. I was real happy for him to get in there and get his second pick."

On Sam Carter and him being put in certain positions to be effective against SMU:
"SMU they did a lot for us. They'd line up three-wide, doing what they had to do to be successful. Coach just put us in good position for us to go make plays. He lined us up like me going down, him (Sam Carter) staying high, things like that."

On it being a break out game for Ty, Ja' Juan, himself and others:
"It was a joy to see everyone contribute to the team, doing what they had to do. Ty and Ja' Juan did their part today."

TCU sophomore B.J. Catalon
On the difference between halves:
"The first half we started off kind of slow. At halftime we all were just like "come on guys, relax and come out and play TCU football." So at halftime we just went in, got everyone together and just focused up. We came back out and played TCU football. We ran the football, throwing the football on offense, just doing the things that we know we can do."

On getting their swagger back:
"I would say just feeding off each other's energy. After one play is made, if defense makes a play, as an offense we have to come back and respond. That's why I say we get our swagger back. As you saw out there, the offense would score and the defense would come out and make a big play, offense would go back out there and do their job. I just say that if we keep continue to do that, that's how we get our swagger back."

SMU Head Coach June Jones
On his team's performance in the second half:
"We played hard the whole game. Unfortunately we made too many mistakes in the second half. I thought when we had that blocked punt, we'd score and we only got a field goal. Unfortunately we just didn't do much in the second half."

On the performance of the receivers:
"I don't recall a whole lot of dropped passes. We had opportunities to make some plays, and we didn't do that."



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