#6 TCU at Kansas State - Postgame Quotes

Oct. 14, 2017

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TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson
On weather delays...
“Our kids really did a good job. We had the same thing happen at Texas a few years ago. So I let them listen to their music and do what they needed to do to keep fired up. We got them sandwiches with ham and some fruit. We ate really early in the morning, so we ate again to keep up our energy. Our nutritionist went to the store and bought items for sandwiches.”

On beating teams that beat you last year...
“Well you have older and younger teams and things don’t usually turn out as well for younger teams as they do for older teams. We have a lot of guys now who have played a lot of football so I wasn’t worried about the panic. They had a lot of enthusiasm going back out to the field.”

On momentum of fourth down tackle...
“It is probably just as big of a tackle on the field as any of them. You roll the dice on the blitz and sometimes you catch them from the back side. If they are coming at you, you are in trouble.

On running game...
I do not think we ran the ball great today. Kansas State has a good defense. They are physical and you have to give their defense a lot of credit for holding us in that ball game.”

On beating alma mater...
“I love the state of Kansas and I love Kansas State. It is all about the three hours and then after that it is about life and I have a lot of friends back here. I knew the honeymoon was over when I came back in 2000 and you get called names. But I have been in Fort Worth longer than I was in Kansas, so it is time to move on.”

TCU Senior Quarterback Kenny Hill
On tough road win...
“It feels good. We came in here just trying to get a win and we accomplished that. It was tough game, really tough on offense and the defense was slow. Overall, we just kept pushing and pushing and we found the endzone a couple times.”

On rain delay...
“It was just coming back here and trying not to get too out of focus and obviously trying to relax a little and taking some of the pressure off, but not get too out of your head where you cannot go back on the field and get the job done. I thought we did a good job today with that. Everyone came out ready to play.”

TCU Senior Wide Receiver John Diarse
On getting up early…
“The coaches did a good job getting our motors going early. From walkthroughs, breakfast, pregame, everyone was set and ready to go. It is one of those things you work on. I feel like everyone came in to the locker room ready to go. The weather delay got us a little bit, it would get anybody. Our team did an awesome job today staying on the task at hand.”

On how delay effected the team…
“When you get the adrenaline going and you know it is game time, then you have a weather delay it kind of dampens your motor. It plays a critical part in your mind. From the players, to the fans, to everyone in gameday operations it puts a damper on it. But like I said, our team did an awesome job of staying locked in.”

TCU Senior Defensive End Mat Boesen
On overall defensive performance?
“We did really well. We had a salty tastes in our mouths from last year when K-State beat us. We came in prepared this year and did a good job.”

On How is this team’s defensive front right now?
“I think it is really good, we have got some talent. We are only six games in and have a lot left to go this season. We are off to a great start and have a lot of potential.”

TCU Junior Safety Ridwan Issahaku
On the preparation for the game today…
“We did a great job of getting up early this morning. People do not understand, but that is a big part of the day. We executed what we did in practice, so it was a good defensive win.”

On Innis Gaines help on defense…
“As a safety, you love it. We saw on film what would work. Innis Gaines] is a great blitzer, and that is one of his strong suits.”

Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder
On the outcome…
"There are some things that I need to get straightened out. I appreciate the fact that they wanted to win, they gave a good effort, there are just some things that are not taking place, that falls in my lap."

On third and fourth down conversions…
"There was a lot of third and fourth downs that we did not convert, I think that we 0-for-7 or 0-for-8 in the first half, so we were just not a good third-down or fourth-down team. In the running game, TCU played very well and we just did not give them the right things to give them the chance."

On Alex Delton's performance…
"Well, Alex really struggled today. As I said, he had a lot of help. In that respect it is not all his fault but he did not play nearly as well as he obviously did the previous week. Not that he did not try, because he sure makes a good effort, and he is a very competitive young man."

On offensive philosophy with change at quarterback…
"Normally you would like for it not to have to change. Alex (Delton) as opposed to Jesse (Ertz) by in large, it stays pretty much the same. Some things we might stay away from a little bit more, with one than the other, but by in large, we have an ample offense and it is important to me that we do the things that our players can do. I was under the assumption our players could do some of the things we were trying to do today. Today that was not the case and consequently we had to be in some other things."

On what it will take to get the offense going…
"I think we will try to get everyone back into it and have the capacity to throw the ball better obviously. We have to be able to run against teams that are going to do some of the things that TCU did against us, most of it was blitz work and movement, that we have done reasonably well against similar concepts the week before. But TCU gave us some secondary pressure that we could not deal with very well."



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