TCU vs. WVU Postgame Quotes

Oct. 29, 2015

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TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson

Opening statement
"We're 8-0. Now it's time to work on being 9-0. This time of year, that's all you need to worry about. I keep telling you to appreciate Trevone Boykin and Josh Doctson. They are pretty special people."

On the season...
"I've been talking to them about taking it game-by-game. It's like I told them in the locker room - we only had one loss last year. That's all it takes. There's a very fine line to all of it. Now we've got Oklahoma State on the road. We didn't have Ja'Juan Story tonight. We didn't have Emmanuel Porter. Corey O'Meally didn't practice all week, but he played tonight. This group has just kept fighting through and doing the things that teams do. Fortunately for us, we wanted to get a win, and now you have four days until you have a hard practice day next Tuesday. The rest is just as important as the preparation. That was a physical game tonight."

On Boykin's rushing touchdown...
"I didn't watch. I saw what was going to happen, and I couldn't watch. As soon as I saw that there were three of them, I knew there were only two outcomes - either he goes down, or he does that. I was hoping he'd get down, but obviously he didn't. I'll promise you this - I bet he's glad tomorrow is Friday. He ran as much as he did in the Minnesota game, and for about three days after that, he didn't move very well. He's going to be sore."

On the appreciation of great players
"It's not just [Boykin and Doctson]. There are a lot of good players out there. I think sometimes that we get so caught up in the playoffs, but they play and then they're gone. Coaches are the worst [about that]. You win and then you get to the next game, and you don't really let it soak in what they just did. For me, as I've gotten older, I just really appreciate when I get a chance to watch a good player on any team."

TCU Senior Quarterback Trevone Boykin

On getting a high-five from Dana Holgerson:

"It just shows the level of respect we have for each other. He's an awesome coach and he probably feels the same way about me as a player, but he's doing great things over there in Morgantown and for that situation to go down was kind of unreal."

On TCU's defense:

"They stepped up huge, I mean to play a team like this and knowing our past history and how the games go down, it was a big motivation for those guys and those young guys on defense."

On how he played today:

"Like I said I'm just one of the eleven guys that's out there and it takes the guys without the ball to make plays happen."

Chemistry between he and Josh Doctson:

"He's a great receiver; he's probably the best receiver in college football right now, and it's hard to argue with the numbers he's putting up and the plays he's making. You really can't ask for much more as a quarterback for a guy like that, than just try to put the ball in the air and let him make the play."

On how Dana Holgerson called him the best player in college football:

"I feel blessed, I feel honored, and for a guy like that, with the reputation he has and his resume, for him to say stuff like that is really so unreal that I'm so blessed to be in this situation and have this opportunity. I try to take full advantage of it and keep pushing this team forward as far as we can go."

TCU Senior Wide Receiver Josh Doctson

On how TCU played in the spotlight:

"We just have so much energy. The young guys, I really think they thrive on all that energy that they get from the crowd and seeing the offense and all the seniors putting in work. It just goes well for us."

On he and Trevone's chemistry:

"We connect like that. He just trusts me and I trust him, and we make it happen."

On his talent progression:

"I told myself when I got here, I was going to play my heart out and I was going to capitalize on every opportunity I got. You know, I'm so thankful for Coach P (Patterson) for giving me the chance to play here and I feel like I've maximized my opportunity here."

TCU's Travin Howard:
On what impacted the defense's performance: 

"I feel like the [defense] is growing together. It was a home field advantage. We always play well when we're home and we've got the crowd on our side. We just need to work on playing better on the road."

On looking ahead to big games against Oklahoma and Baylor:
"We're ready to get it going. I want to start practice and get prepared for Oklahoma State."

TCU's Denzel Johnson:
On the whole team's contribution to the win:
"Collectively, I feel like it was a good win for us. We had a few young guys on defense who weren't used to a lot of playing time, and they stepped up and played well. Knowing that we have depth in all positions is going to help us down the road. Offense did their thing as well, so it was a good win."

On preparing for West Virginia:
"I feel like the bye week helped us a lot. It let us get healthier and gave us a few extra practices to work on things before playing West Virginia. All of [West Virginia's] receivers are fast and have good ball skills. The quarterback is pretty athletic and a quick guy who can scramble and throw on the run. Their whole team is athletic."

West Virginia Head Coach Dana Holgorsen

Opening Statement
"Congratulations to TCU, they're deserving of a top 5 ranking. We lost to a really good football team. I'm tired of saying it, but it's true. With all due respect to Cory Coleman two weeks ago, (Trevone) Boykin is the best player in college football. He's a phenomenal football player and I'm glad we never have to see him again and with that, he's going to play for a long time. Our guys are hurt, they're beat up, they're disappointed and I don't think we played our best. I know we'll keep fighting and I understand what the situation is and we understand no one is going to feel sorry for us and we don't want anyone to but I know our guys will keep fighting and we'll get back to work on Saturday and get prepared for Texas Tech. The season is long from over."

On the high five to Boykin on the sideline
"He was right there and I just saw him make every one of our players miss. He's a phenomenal player. I'm glad we don't have to play him anymore. He's a great kid and we've competed hard against each other for four years and he made one of the best plays I've seen in a while and he was right there so I didn't know what the hell else to do. I could've started yelling at our guys but what good is that going to do. I mean congratulations bud you made a hell of a play."

On dropped passes
"It was pretty apparent the first half and some of the second half. You have to make those plays and we've got to call better plays and coach our schemes. Some of has to fall on the players as far as making those plays as well. It was pretty apparent in the first half, we had a bunch of dropped balls in the first few plays both offensively and defensively. They made those plays on their side."

On the WVU offense
"Our game plan was to run the ball and we ran it just okay but not our best. Some of those dropped balls could've been touchdowns and interceptions, that keeps you in a game like this. We could've played it safe and lost 31-7 and played it close but if you want to play and win against a team like TCU or Baylor or even what looks like Oklahoma at this point you have to try to score. I've been saying we have to try and improve offensively to where we can score and I've been failing at my job to get that done offensively. Were not scoring enough to win a game like this. The only way you can score is if you make plays like that."

West Virginia's Isaiah Bruce

On the move to defensive end...
"They approached me about it after the Baylor game, I was excited about it just because I felt I could help the team more out on the field regardless what position I played. I took it on head on."

On his play...
"I think I played decent. I was getting doubled teamed a lot, it made it a lot harder but it takes a little getting used too, I think I did pretty good."

On Boykin's talent...
"It was definitely a challenge. Anytime you play a (dual-threat) quarterback like that, you've got be really good at tackling, you know you can't afford for him to get outside of the pocket and miss tackles because at that point you can't do much about it."

WVU Safety KJ Dillon

On how to come back from a tough stretch of losses
“We just have to get back to work and break the film down and figure out what we have to do to improve. I’m passionate about this game. This is all I have to my name so I’m going to drag my teammates along with me whether they like it or not. Even though we took a hit it’s all about getting up.”

On his opinion of the top 5 teams
“I think all of the teams run the same plays. They’re either going to take it deep or set it down, that’s pretty much the whole concept. Not one team or player really stands out.”

On things that contributed to their loss... 
“Third down penalties killed us... The third down penalties definitely did set us back because we were in a good position but then the penalties totally messed us up. The pass interference call was very frustrating for me because right before the ref called me for it I asked him what his guidelines were and I followed them. But there’s nothing you can do about that.”



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