TCU vs. West Virginia Postgame Quotes

Nov. 2, 2013

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Head Coach Gary Patterson

Opening Statement:
"You have to give credit to West Virginia for coming back and doing the things they did, but to be honest with you we gave one away. That is about as simple as I can tell you how it is."

On what he means by giving one away:
"Fumble on the two yard line, personal foul in overtime. We set ourselves back a couple times and had four turnovers. You're not going to win many ball games doing that. You've got to score points in this league and we didn't start moving the ball until we had to at the end of the game. You have to be able to do it a long time before that."

On how he thought the quarterback played:
"Not well enough, we lost."

On whether he agreed with having Trevone Boykin in at quarterback after getting the ball at the two-yard line:
"Why wouldn't he, he is more of a running back and that is the play they had called."

On whether the defense relaxed on West Virginia's three-play, 87-yard drive:
"No. We had a call to put the end outside and he went inside and the guy ran around the edge and we missed a tackle at the other end. To change your luck you have to do it yourself, you have to take ball games. That is just the way it is. You have to take ball games."

On whether WVU did anything different to start the second half:
"They played zone and then they started blitzing and playing man coverage most of the second half. Then they played soft and we were able to move the ball down the field, get the touchdown, get the field goal and do the things we needed to do. When they pressed matters we didn't handle it very well."

On whether the defense got tired with back-to-back turnovers:
"No. That is their job. You want to be a great program then that is their job. That is the simplest way there is."

TCU quarterback Casey Pachall

On why the team hit a cold streak after scoring 17 points
"It was nothing they did differently. It was just us getting complacent and not having the same intensity that we had in the first two drives, and it resulted in not scoring."

On if one particular thing may have changed the game's momentum
"There were still a few things that I did that I think cost us the game. Each of us can only do so much and we all made mistakes today. Nobody was perfect."

On how a team fighting for a bowl game could let its guard down
"I really can't say because I don't know the answer to that. There's no telling what it could be, but it's something that each of our players need to look deep inside themselves and ask if they really love playing the game or not and whether they want to come back the next weekend with the same intensity."

On other reasons for the team's complacency early
"It may possibly be that we haven't scored points that quick than we have in a while. [The players] were happy about it and didn't want to do more. They didn't want to go above and beyond to score more points."

On the receivers' improved performance
"The receivers had a really good day. Throughout the week they really had it wrapped around their mind that they had to step it up, whether it was blocking, catching, or running the routes. I felt they did a very good job with that."

TCU cornerback Jason Verrett

On the success of the defense in the first half of the game:
"First off, I'll just give credit to West Virginia. But it's another week we didn't finish. I take a little fault at my pass interference that I got. Chris Hackett got an interception. You know, that would've been a game changer. But mainly, like I said, we didn't find a way to finish."

On the loss to West Virginia:
"We fall back to get it into overtime and then find a way to finish. It comes down to whoever wants it more. Looks like they wanted it more."

"It hurts. We got an interception, Paul Dawson got down to like the 2-yard line and we fumbled it right there. That would have been another game changer. When it comes down to it, we have to do our part, and we didn't finish defensively. We lost to the team and it hurt."

On what has to change to improve the performance:
"It's going to come down to more leadership in the locker room. These last three games - we have two on the road, which are going to be tough. Then again it's going to come down to just the finish. That's all we can do, is finish. All we can do to get to a bowl game."

On the leadership in the team:
"We have enough, I feel, but it's always improvement, more room for improvement. Like I said, we have to finish. I mean, it hurts losing games like this. That's my main thing - just trying to do my part, and find a way to help the team win."

WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen

Opening Statement:
"That game was pretty similar to what it was last year. Last year when we were in that situation, they needed to win and we needed to win. We're in the same spot and they found a way to win at the end. So I am really proud of our guys as far as understanding that situation. Two teams needing to win. Two teams in a similar situation. We found a way to get the win."

On the performance of running back Charles Sims:
"He can handle about anything that we throw at him. Charles is a special player. We've been saying that since he arrived here. He's a special player in the running game. He's a special player in the passing game. There are no other backs in the country that do as much as he does."



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