Post-Game Quotes: TCU 28, Baylor 21

Nov. 28, 2015

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Post-Game Quotes
TCU 28, Baylor 21
Amon G. Carter Stadium
Attendance: 47,675

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson

Opening Statement
"First off, I just want to say this: Baylor has a really good football team. Period. Those were bad elements. I'm really proud of Trevone [Boykin]. He probably played at about 75 percent. He'll be a lot better by bowl time. Hopefully Josh [Doctson] will be back. I'm very proud of my team. We came up close, and I bet you all thought I was going to go for two, didn't you? We came up so close last week, and then had an opportunity this week to get back in it and get rewarded for what they've been able to do. Outside of that, we're 10-2. It's an amazing year for these guys for everything they've gone through. It really is. You expect me to be jumping up and down, but I'll be honest with you - I'm tired."

On the last play...
"The problem was that they ran off and on, so we tried to get our big group in, so we ended up with our regular defense, and we called a play that we haven't worked on all week. We basically brought our corners off the edge, and [Julius Lewis] got a hold of [Chafin's] legs. Our kids had been stepping up all night. It's hard for them. [Baylor] had to play with their third quarterback. I truly understand that because we've had to do a lot of that stuff all year. It's been a difficult time for all of them, and they've been tough and haven't made excuses. That's a good Baylor football team. They are very well coached, and it was a very good TCU team tonight. We found a way to win. If you told me it was going to go into overtime, I would've told you, `You're crazy.'" On the defense... "We tweaked some things in our coverage. We watched some things that Oklahoma did, and the kids believed in it, and we were fortunate. Those were pretty tough circumstances down there."

On the rating of the season...
"A. If you just look at all the things we've had to do - with all the players that have been out - it's been outstanding. It's been a whole building success story. Nobody lost faith in what's been going on. The key to it is that we aren't going to make excuses. We'll play and let the chips fall and go about our business."

On this game sticking out...
"The one thing that will stick out won't be so much the ballgame - it'll be the guys that played it. The kids have fought their tails off. You can't start listing everybody and all their contributions for this season to be where it's at right now. From Aaron Green catching the tipped pass to coming back in the Kansas State game, it's been a long season."

On the fans...
"We wouldn't have won this game if it hadn't have been for our student section. The whole stadium was loud, and we needed the help. [The fans] gave it to us - especially the student section. They were outstanding. They've been that way all year. It was definitely a `we' victory - not just a football team's victory."

TCU Junior Josh Carraway

On what it means to beat Baylor...
"It's an awesome feeling. One of the greatest feelings in the world right now... but we're not done. We know we have another bowl game and we know we have to get past this win and look forward to whoever we have to face."

"It's something we've been looking forward to since they handed out the schedule a year ago... we knew it was going to be the last game for a lot of seniors, so we knew it was going to be a special game."

On making big plays
"When I get a chance, I try to do my best, and I think my ten other teammates are going to do their job so I can do my job. It just all works out well."

On TCU defense "Everyone knows that when their name is called, they have to step up, and I think we've done a really good job all season doing that."

"It's awesome that the offense can go out there and sometimes carry us, but at the same time I think it was a bit of both out there tonight, especially when we couldn't get a touchdown and score."

TCU Senior Derrick Kindred

On 10 wins and a chance at a bowl game
"It's awesome. Out of the adversity we had throughout the whole season, a lot of guys had to step up and fight as a team. We came out each and every week trying to do our best, and it showed in this game today."

"It's two digits. We are always happy with getting the next win, and we came out here and fought hard today through all the adversity."

"Last year we had a great team and this season we came in and lost guys each and every week so it was kind of dragging us down but at the same time it was picking us up to encourage one another. This season is more memorable because everyone fought harder to get where we are."

On high points of the season...
"The tough games that we won. Especially games we had to come back from. There is a lot of fight in this team. It proves a lot for the young guys, they've got what it takes."

"Since I've been here we have never made excuses. We just go out there and play ball."

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles
Opening Statement:
"If you like games like tonight, I guess you would think it was a good game. The two teams fought hard and I thought the two teams battled hard. The effort on both sides was extremely (good). I thought our guys played extremely hard. I think at the end of the day, turnovers were the telling tale in the game - you just can't have that many turnovers and win a football game -- especially this late in the year."

On the procedures for balls under weather conditions:
"I think you would have to talk to our equipment team. We tried to keep a dry ball out there every chance we could, but it's hard to do when it's raining the whole game."

On player safety due to weather conditions:
"No, not at all. It's cold and wet. We had guys sliding on the grass a little bit, but safety wasn't an issue."

On weather conditions impact on offense and turnovers:
"I think the elements had a whole lot to do with our play. I thought Chris [Johnson] played hard - I thought he played valiantly. It's just hard to execute in those conditions. I don't know how Boykin's stats were with throwing the ball. It's just hard to be real effective in those conditions."

On when Johnson was hit and fumbled the ball:
"We were actually playing for a field goal. We felt like we had a guy open in the end zone - it just didn't work out."

On Devin's performance in last play:
"He's been good the last few weeks. He's finally gotten healthy - he's a powerful guy. Last play, there probably should've been a different formation - we switched around and changed it at the end. It's not Devin's fault, though. He got us there, and he's going to get us there again."

Baylor Quarterback Chris Johnson

Performance in the weather:
“It was pretty difficult, I mean the rain was coming down pretty hard, just made the ball real slick, hard to grip.”

Start of game in the first two quarters concerning the weather:
“On those first two drives, we were able to pretty much you know, open up our playbook and do whatever we wanted to do as far as the weather was concerned.”

Fumble in red zone (3rd Quarter, field goal range):
“As far as the fumble goes, that’s on me, that’s on me one hundred percent, I mean in a game that we play like tonight, you know when the rain is bad, you really, really have to focus on ball security.”

Art Briles comment about Johnson being close for 3rd down play in 2/OT:
“I wasn’t real sure, being at the bottom of the pile there isn’t a whole lot that you can see till anybody moves and you know you kind of look out to the side to see, so I mean it was kind of close.”

Pass attempts during the game:
“We expected rain coming in but I mean we didn’t expect it to be that way, so we just got to come in and take our shots, when were there because we knew that the intermediate, short, quick game stuff was going to be a bit difficult with the ball being so slick it was going to be harder to get it out quick, so we were just going to try, in the passing game let the receivers run down field, throw it out there and see if they can make a play.”

On Devin Chafin’s performance:
“He played an awesome game, which he does every week, he’s just that kind of running back, he has no reason to hang his head about anything, he played a great game tonight, picking up key first downs when we needed them, just getting those tough yards that we needed, he did a great job the whole game.”

On the jump pass play:
“With me running the ball so much, we just thought that it could be something that we could just hit them with something that they could not be expecting.”



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